WILD MAN Hard Shell Bicycle Bag 6.2″ Reflective Rainproof Touch Screen Phone Case Bag Bike Top Tube Bag Cycling Accessories

Color: PBB30
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Model Number:
About 200g
220*80*85 MM
Features 1:
Rubber Waterproof Zipper
Features 2:
EVA Hard Shell
Features 3:
Carbon Texture PU
Features 4:
Sensitive Touch Screen
Features 5:
Pressure Shock Absorption
Features 6:
Rainproof Waterproof Fabric

Product Description

Brand Name: WILD MAN

For Adults Only

Material: PU+EVA

Size: About 220*80*85 MM

Weight: About 200g

Capacity : 1L

Suitable for:

Regular Screen Phone: 4.7-6.2 inch screen phone

Full Screen Mobile Phone: 6-6.5 inch screen mobile phone

Suitable For Mobile Phone Body Size: 160mm*90mm*9mm


EVA hard shell

Carbon texture PU

Sensitive touch screen

Rainproof waterproof fabric

Pressure shock absorption

Rubber waterproof zipper

Suitable for mountain bike road cycling8501

Cold forming

Rainproof fabric

Hard shell

TPU sensitive touch screen

Rubber waterproof zipper

TPU sensitive touch screen

Hard shell bag

Suitable for full screen mobile phones of 6.5 inches and below

Make full use of the mobile app to make the phone achieve common riding functions.

Cycling code table function

Riding speed function

Cycling navigation

Listen to music by link to headphones

Rainproof and Waterproof

Large space design for storing accessories

Headphone jack design, you can also connect the mobile power cord.

Night safety warning reflective pattern to improve night riding safety

When the bicycle is riding, the bike bag does not touch the legs.

Expert Review

Review by: Stella L.
I have to unveil I’m a problematic customer.

Having been taking an interest in the notion of online buying for some time already, I still can’t waive off a persistent feeling that the item I’ve legally got with my own lawfully earned will be passed to me quite a few months after processing the payment. Or it will arrive on time but the utilization will result in a weird rash on my skin. Or I will end up fighting an invincible strange smell that stays for weeks and accompanies me and my closest ones any place we go. Or it will easily fall apart in my hands leaving bewildered, irked, and deceived, which is peculiarly dismaying when the product was purchased with a secret thought to be used as a present or something like that.

So I presume it’s not that hard to imagine how enourmously blessed and joyous I felt to see the WILD MAN Hard Shell Bicycle Bag 6.2" Reflective Rainproof Touch Screen Phone Case Bag Bike Top Tube Bag Cycling Accessories I ordered from the seller was delivered to me some 19 days after the payment transaction. It wasn’t out of action or faulty or kind of that, it was packed up in a neat manner, and following a thorough investigation it looks like the product is working effortlessly, just as described. It looks tremendous, it smells normal, it feels nice, so, in sum, the sum I paid didn’t go for nought.

Had it not been purchased as a present, I would promptly find WILD MAN Hard Shell Bicycle Bag 6.2" Reflective Rainproof Touch Screen Phone Case Bag Bike Top Tube Bag Cycling Accessories a right use in my own flat though I guess it is just a wonderful reason to acquirea new one one day in future.

And beyond doubt, it’s more than obligatory to mention that thecost is really fair, and the acquisition, after all, shows a good value for the money. I’m thankful to the seller!
Overall Rating
Review Summary

To my enourmous happiness, the item exceeded all my numerous expectations and happened to be a terrific acquisition.

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  • S***v
    Verified buyer

    Fast delivery in time. Track in Russia is tracked.

    Verified buyer

    Good product + I recommend + Thank you

    Verified buyer

    TopWare for my Note 4

    Verified buyer

    Good bag! The main thing is that any phone can fit!

    Verified buyer

    All right shipping fast

    Verified buyer

    Make you satisfied. Original goods Rea. Well written with key

    Verified buyer

    The product is as described. Quality met my expectations. Thank you

    Verified buyer

    Great quality, fast shipping

    Verified buyer


    Verified buyer

    Satisfying a lot.

    Verified buyer

    Товар качественный, пришёл быстро.

    Verified buyer

    Good bag. The tests under the jet of water from under the tap went well. In the summer I will test on the bike.

    Verified buyer

    The goods in the end did not come, the money was returned.

    Verified buyer

    البضائع متسقة مع الوصف ، شحنة سريعة

    Verified buyer

    Product arrived the 10 days. Well finished and roomy.

    Verified buyer

    Fast shipping good stuff much fine ~

    Verified buyer

    Goods consistent with the description. Good quality. Fast shipping and delivery-to Warsaw 10 days of purchase.

    Verified buyer

    Super! Fast shipping! Bag fire! Waiting for spring/summer to try it out! For Honor 8X fits perfectly!

    Verified buyer

    So much nicer

    Verified buyer

    Product is super, no.1. Thank you.

    Verified buyer

    Very good product. Samsung Note 9 fits perfectly

    Verified buyer

    Minden rendben törtent

    Verified buyer

    Great thing. here is only a drill button turn on the phone problem

    Verified buyer

    Good bag, Redmi Note 7 fit together with the case

    Verified buyer

    Many Thanks!!!

    Verified buyer

    Infuses even Xiomi them Max 2

    Verified buyer

    I get there a lot sooner than I know. All right

    Verified buyer

    Good things make you satisfied

    Verified buyer

    I arrive very fast it looks very good the material, it is firm on the sides, the transparent plastic where the cell phone goes seems very thin and delicate to me. The good thing is, in case of breaking it can be changed. I like it!

    Verified buyer

    The bag was medium rigidity. I thought it would be some kind of plastic, but no. She creases. The size of the bag is small and not small. This bag size is most suitable for bicycle. The quality of the bag is high. The seams are sewn neatly. The bag looks beautiful and expensive. There is one minus. The back Velcro is shorter than the front for a few centimeters. I have an electric bike with a battery inside the frame. Frame width 10 cm. The front Velcro fits well, and the Back Velcro is not enough of these several centimeters. I had to sew another longer instead of the Back Velcro. It was really hard for the bag manufacturer to sew and back a long Velcro so that the bag fit any bicycles. It's a little upset. Zippers on the bag are small good soft. Work without jerks and stubs. The seller is excellent! Quickly sent me a bag. I advise this seller. The bag reached me in perfect condition faster than I thought.

    Verified buyer

    In tyum. OBL. It's been less than a month. The bag is good, the screen of the phone carries the film reacts to the touch.

    Verified buyer

    Excellent, resistant, good material, very comfortable for standing pedaling, I liked it a lot, thanks

    Verified buyer

    Quickly, beautiful did not fit the mounts,

    Verified buyer

    Only 14 to Lithuania all super perfectly conveniently wakes up on the bike, posmatrel all like a roomy bag but the smell is flat along with the Rizina it's мелоч as for this price just super, the seller sent the stepson immediately without delay here and in hand, so the seller is super and the goods too, as I put on the frame to write to show how to eat

    Verified buyer

    Great bag. The quality of manufacture is high, transparent plastic in the compartment under the phone perfectly transmits pressing on the screen, nothing tupit and does not lag... The bag is installed on the cantry lead and with aggressive driving you can hit it with your feet, but in general it absolutely does not interfere and it can carry any junk to which you need prompt access.

    Verified buyer

    Looks great, and the quality is very good.

    Verified buyer

    A good thing, the photo does not work

    Verified buyer

    Incredibly pleased with the acquisition, the bag is sooo high quality, under my phone came perfectly. Materials, shape, everyone is happy, Velcro puffs are made with a margin in length, cut to its size frame, installed, very happy.

    Verified buyer

    Normal bag a little bit of mint was and so everything is good

    Verified buyer

    Good quality prodact. Strong and durable. 6 inch mobile phone fits perfectly, and touch screen works smothly through mask. Stands firmly on a bike. Quite spacious item, can fit bunch of thing for bike tours. Best recommendation! Thanks!

    Verified buyer

    all ok

    Verified buyer

    Good bag, attach conveniently.

    Verified buyer

    Fast delivery goods compliant with zdjeciem and ooisem

    Verified buyer

    Good quality!

    Verified buyer

    The bag is good, the phone fits, through the film it works, lightning like reliable, water does not pass. But! 1. keep in mind that the straps leave scratches on the frame from friction, you need to use either an insulating tape or tape in places of contact with the frame. 2. the frame size l is too big. Standing on the traffic lights, the groin rests right in the edge of the bag, which is not convenient

    Verified buyer

    Upon receipt of the goods is satisfied. Packed well. Kind of new product. The bag is long enough-i have a frame m. When i sit on the bike i touch her knee. But this is a question not to the goods, but to the size of the frame. The transverse pipe should be long enough-the size m and above. The material is quality, in the rain, i think, will not get wet. Control the phone through the protective film can be without problems.

    Verified buyer

    Price contrast nicer ~

    Verified buyer

    I arrive within the. date indicated. The seller sent the product fast The bag is large and looks sturdy

    Verified buyer

    The fixing strap on the handlebar stem is located a little too high, otherwise the product is of excellent quality.

    Verified buyer

    Everything is normal as in the description Seller well done

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