Unboxing Cubby the Curious Bear from Hasbro

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[VidSitePro id=37 ]hi I’m Laurie I’m here today with Layla her and of course our friend for real cubby this is a sponsored Hasbro unboxing video so we’re gonna get to open up cubby together I’m super excited are you yeah have you ever wanted to own a pet bear or take care of a pet bear before definitely definitely what kinds of things do you think that you would do with a pet bear umm I’d snuggle with ya because they’re really cuddly I think they look cuddly thank you maybe real bears aren’t super fun to cuddle with I don’t know but that’s why we have 20 bears right so let’s take a look at the box obviously we can see cubby inside the package so we know what he’s gonna look like what do you think about his cute look alternates you can see him oh so cute and cuddly and big yes he’s very big perfect for like getting a nice big hug with and actually there are some leaf shaped openings on the top of this I’m gonna turn this so you can reach your hand in and you’ll be able to feel cubby so soft yeah I like that so that’s a fun little like try me feature that they have on the top of the box it has one hundred-plus sound and motion combination so this guy’s gonna talk to us he’s gonna move what else do we see on the box he’s gonna play peek-a-boo with us so he reacts to your voice looks like you can feed him he comes with an accessory and there’s a nighttime mode so I wonder what that means we’ll have to find that out when we open this up which I think maybe we’re ready to do are you ready yeah okay let’s do it alright so this guy is cubby the curious bear and we are very curious as to see what he can do so I’m gonna take my scissors and just cut the tape along the top and then I think we’ll be able to pull him out there’s a lot of tape do you know Leila why they packaged toys so securely like this they don’t run away yes sometimes it feels like they they must think the toys are going to run away but this one doesn’t have come with batteries so I know it’s not going anywhere because they can’t do anything without the batteries here we go all right I’m gonna bring us down should we try to pull it out oh no oh it’s taped here to do oh my goodness okay I think I can fill up this part and we’ll get these little tabs here on the side okay maybe now we can pull all right you ready all ready and there we go oh wait instruction is always important I’ll take those okay this part of the box we no longer need and here is cubby and here’s all the stuff on the back that we have to get through all right I can actually cut out some of these accessories here alright so I’ll give this to you what do you think that is he’s drink ooh like a honeycomb bottle oh and another part came off Oh cute so that you can keep his fur looking nice and tidy see if I can pull this out this is another part that looks like it goes with the bottle and the brush well honeycomb treats that’s cute and then I’m just gonna cut all these plastic pieces [Applause] most of these are folding the tabs in and then pushing through so if you have ever opened up a toy before that looks like this and you went what now you know what you’re supposed to do years of toy industry experience that way you can help your parents now when they open up all your Christmas presents for you if you like no mom and dad you’re doing it wrong yeah I’m gonna try he is secure he’s not gonna run away this one’s hard okay I still think there’s plastic here just be tight oh alright he’s off we just have to take off a couple more extra pieces that were like is that tie it isn’t an elastic here take the scissors and cut it there we go get rid of all these little pieces that we don’t need oh so soft I love him just like this without even doing anything he’s adorable alright so let’s look at the instructions and see what we have to do next it’s our pet care guide we need four C batteries those are not included do you want to take a look at this and see what else you can tell me as I insert the day is November 7 Oh that’s coming up soon and his talent is following his nose his favorite snack is honeycomb of course his hobbyist camping indoors or out that’s any daydreams about exciting adventures with you oh that’s so nice he sounds like he’s gonna be a really cool friend what else what can we do with him what are the instructions say once we get the batteries in what can we do feed him his bottle or treat and then tickle his tummy talk to him or blow on his nose Pat his cheeks or top of his head or press his left paw okay so he’s got some sensors on his face he’s got a paw sensor a tummy sensor he can move his head eyes ears nose mouth and arms and he can make a lot of funny sounds I can’t wait to get these in here so we can turn him on almost done okay put this back here so the battery compartment is on his back he does something cool when you play music oh that is something I haven’t tried yet that’s cool I wonder if he what do you think he’s gonna do hmm maybe he’s gonna yeah maybe he’ll dance that sounds like the most logical thing so we’ll have to see all right that is nice and secure that’s turned him on is he on the odd mood all right cuz there is a there are three modes here there’s a line and a moon and a circle so we want him to play your pet slide switch to on position to conserve battery life switch it to the circle off position one nine use and then I better sit him up before it turn him out first so this is pretty cool because he was in a seated position right in the package you can move his legs so he’s sitting sitting or standing up just pretty awesome there you go let’s get all this stuff out of it so he has plenty of room to move around okay so what do you do first with cubby um let’s give him his special treat okay go for it I think he likes it I did too I love those eating noises oh how he’s bringing his hands up to his face now it’s time to give him a drink okay God that have something to drink after you eat he’s thirsty cubby what’s brushes all right that sounds like a good idea he’s been uh he’s been so cooped up inside that box we need to let his fur breeze get some air very nice so I like that this accessory is three and one and everything goes right back together he’s got the comb you’ve got the little honey pot you’ve got his little honeycomb snack which is super duper cute all right so what else can we do with cubby pat his cheap books or on the top of his head okay I think he likes that that sounds like a nice little happy a happy COO let’s tickle in oh that’s a good idea oh we just proud I love you do you like being tickled cubby he does all right let’s stand him up and see if we can get him to do anything see some stuff a little bit better there we go and he stands on his own um we haven’t played pic of it with him yet should we do that press his left paw where’d you go Lindsey Berryessa he’s so cute always playing it again he likes this game Abby where are you let’s see we can tickle him and then oh wow he’s kind of singing that’s pretty cool we can also lay him down in his back and he’ll fall asleep which is different from nighttime mode so this is just if you want to pretend to put cubby to sleep good night cubby good night it takes a while to fall asleep kind of like me sometimes right even the same oh there he goes very good night cookie good night but if you want to take a nap alongside him we can wake him up and switch him into nighttime mode and that’s by switching the little selector on this back to the moon and in that mode all of the sensors are inactive so you and cubby can actually take a little a little rest together he’s gonna make play some really soft little lullaby music for you for about five minutes then you have a nice little cubby the bear to sleep with so cute yeah like that [Music] that’s really soothing um I like that a lot we should probably turn them back into the regular mode before we you both fall asleep all right so just turn that over to the low line yeah there is again okay have we done almost everything but let’s try um I’ll start talking to him it says that you should be about six inches away from his face so just you know okay whatever you want to cubby probably like like here maybe hi cubby hi let’s ask heavy if he wants to play today how big do you want to play today that seems like an odd to me I think yeah I think that was it so he’s not responding with like specific things to what we’re saying he’s just kind of babbling and responding to our sound which is pretty cool you want to try to like blow into space and see if we get him to sneeze here we go unless you oh my goodness alright let’s see if I can press the spot and see if we’ll do anything else that little dance that was kind of a little dance right I [Music] think that’s yes I think that is yes so the last thing we haven’t done is tried to place some music for cubby so maybe we should see if we can get some cool music so he can you try to dance along with us that would be cool all right so cubby we’re gonna try to make you dance let’s play some music for you [Music] [Applause] [Music] I kind of think is trying to sing along [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that’s pretty cool so he’ll recognize the sound of the music just like he’s recognizing the sound of our voices and still do some motions and reactions that’s so cute I just want to give up my hug oh okay you give him a hug he’s he’s for love he’s for the kids but I like him too alright so those are all the really fun features of cubby and we still have lots more to discover in terms of responses and the movement so it’s really exciting and fun to pretend to care for your own baby bear cub right here maybe he’s hungry I could feed him a little bit more so while we continue caring for a cubby we want to thank you for joining us today for this embossing you can see more information about cubby on ttpm and we will see you guys next time bye cubby says bye – say bye cubby

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