Topeak Wedge Dry Bag Reviews by Customers

Topeak Wedge Dry Bag Reviews by Customers

What are customers saying about the Topeak Wedge Dry Bag with Fixer 41 customer reviews

  • Price:$32.87 – $46.95
  • Wt. 235 g / 8.27 oz
  • Capacity 1.5 L / 91.5 ci
  • Material 210 Denier and 420 Denier Nylon Waterproof Fabric, Sonically Welded Seams
  • Insulation Rigid EVA Foam
  • Attachments QuickClick (F25)
Topeak Wedge Dry Bag Reviews by Customers

David J. Gal 5.0 out of 5 starsIf you’ve ever been caught in the rain with a cell phone, you might want this

August 30, 2013 Size: 6.9×4.3×4.5-Inch Verified Purchase

I originally got this for my road bike that didn’t have the option of installing a trunk rack, and it’s been a great & lightweight addition for all sorts of rides.

I actually just did a metric century with it over some steep urban terrain, so I wanted to be sure I had not only enough space for food/fuel, but also supplies in case I got a flat. Here’s what I was able to fit in this bag (fairly easily) to help you better visualize it:

Topeak Wedge Dry Bag Reviews by Customers

– 1 spare 700×23 tube in box
– 1 small ‘shiny object’ CO2 injector
– 2 x CO2 cartridges
– 1 Topeak ‘mini 9’ bike tool
– 1 tube of electrolyte tablets (the size of a tube of that Airborne vitamin C stuff)
– 2 x Clif energy gel packs
– 1 tube chapstick
– 1 homemade coconut/rice block in paper-foil (about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″)
– 1 x iPod shuffle w/ earbuds (for after the group ride)
– 1 slim wallet (just ID, 1 health insurance card, 1 credit card, and some cash)

I probably could’ve squeezed a little more in there but I didn’t feel like overpacking. I feel like the next size up might look a little ridiculous hanging off your seat, but who knows. Personal preference.

Some nice little touches that I wasn’t immediately aware of are 1) the inner cargo side walls are lined with mesh netting to separate items (and keep your smartphone screen from getting scratched by your keys), and 2) the rear exterior flap has a little loop of material that you can clip a blinky/reflector on. Pretty nice.

Topeak Wedge Dry Bag Reviews by Customers

retlod 4.0 out of 5 starsDry…But Stiff and Noisy

October 24, 2015 Size: 6.9×4.3×4.5-Inch Verified Purchase

On the plus side, it’s waterproof. Well, it might not keep stuff dry if it were submerged, but noting is getting wet in there if you’re just out for a ride. The Fixer attachment is awesome–easy to use and secure. Now I only need one kit for my bikes since I have another one of these: Topeak F25 Wedge Pack Fixer. On the minus side, the seat post loop is really long. So long, in fact, that it starts to rub against the insides of your legs. I ended up just cutting it off so it’s only anchored under the seat. The Fixer is so secure that it still stays in place. I also don’t like that the inside is hard plastic. This makes stuffing it difficult because it won’t take on the shape of your belongings. It also makes it noisy as all the stuff inside rattles around. Oh well, I’d rather have something that keeps water out and is easy to just hose off if it gets muddy.

ira g goldschmidt 4.0 out of 5 starsThe Best Waterproof Bag As Long As It Fits Your Seat post/Saddle Combination

June 28, 2016 Size: 6.9×4.3×4.5-Inch Verified Purchase

I’d call this a perfect bag if it fits your saddle & seat post combination. Unfortunately, it does not fit on my bike since my seat is located very forward on the seat post mount (and the rails at the rear-end of my seat are too wide for the “fixer” to fit). Too bad the “fixer” couldn’t be designed with more flexibility in its mounting options. Otherwise the fixer approach is superior to a strap-mount type since it provides some separation between the bag and the underside of the seat post or saddle (which are great contact points for having the bag’s material abraded away and destroying it’s waterproofness).

I ended up instead with the medium-size strap-mount version and am very pleased (I added some stick-on felt to prevent abrasion at a couple of the seatpoint/saddle contact points). It is a perfect size for a multitool (plus a small bag of important nuts/bolts, chain links…), a couple of tubes, two CO2 cartridges, and a CO2 inflator, with some added room for a bar, wallet and/or keys. It also tucks nicely under the seat and does not contact my inner thighs while pedaling. Then there’s knowing that even a brief rainstorm won’t require me to dry out my bag and all of its contents (a small price to pay for the slightly more complicated bag interior access vs. a zipper).

R in Atlanta 3.0 out of 5 starsGood bag but wouldn’t buy again

July 17, 2018 Size: 6.9×4.3×4.5-Inch Verified Purchase

Solid bag that is excellent for keeping your stuff completely dry. Will fit a little more than your standard “small” saddle bag, and because its waterproof, no concerns about storing your phone.

Wouldn’t buy again because as some other reviewers have noted, it is a little wider so will occasionally rub the back of thighs when riding (for me this was more annoying than causing any significant issues). Also, back tab that allows you to attach a rear light fell off (seemed like it was glued on vs stitched in, so will easily fall off after a while).

Gregory P. Bergman 5.0 out of 5 starsbut I love the size and waterproof aspect of this bag

July 24, 2017 Size: 6.9×4.3×4.5-Inch Verified Purchase

My mini pump doesn’t quite fit (it’s now mounted to the side of a bottle cage), but I love the size and waterproof aspect of this bag. It holds a tube, lever, multi-tool, patch kit, cash/I.D., and small cable bike lock. Without the lock I could fit another spare tube. I really like this mount style — no more wobble or sway!

John Gifford 5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome seat bag

October 19, 2016 Size: 5.9×3.5×3.5-Inch Verified Purchase

I love this bag, seems to be pretty water tight, and it mounts very solidly to the seat, you almost don’t even need the velcro strap for the seat post. I ended up purchasing a second mounting kit to put it on my mountain bike. Though I’m not sure when I would use on the mountain bike, the connection is certainly solid enough to handle trails. I currently fit in it: One 25x700c tube, two air cylinders, two park tools tire levers, one small patch kit and a crank bro’s M17 tool, there isn’t a lot of room left over, but it’s not too tight.

coors247 5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect size and fit.

March 21, 2019 Size: 9.1×4.3×5.1-Inch Verified Purchase

Perfect fit. Perfect size for 2 27.5 mountain bike tubes plus some essential tools with room to spare.

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