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The Topeak Fuel Tank is an easily accessible top tube bag which can store all your riding essentials in a place that is easy to reach for. Engineered with 420 Denier Nylon straps with a PVC Sponge outer material for longevity and style. There is a cable port so you can charge your mounted smart phone while riding! There is a divided main compartment with two (one on the medium) inner mesh pockets to keep your tools and snacks organized. Available in multiple sizes. The medium has a .5 liter capacity and weighs 120g. The large has a .75 liter capacity and weighs 150g.

Read What are customers saying about the Topeak Fuel Tank

TR 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Storage Pouch for Bicycles

August 17, 2016 Size: Large Verified Purchase

I highly recommend this pack. If you are looking at the medium version I would recommend you consider the large one or purchase both and return the one that you do not want. The large one is only slightly larger then the medium but holds a lot more. I had purchased several different top frame bags from different vendors and this one was far superior than the rest. My concerns from the description were this would be too big and heavy. It was far from that. I was concerned it would be too wide and my legs would rib against it and that was not the case. it keeps its form and remains slim. Maybe in a few years it will lose it shape and bulge out at the sides – I will worry about that then. As for the comments about it not being waterproof – I do not know what that means. No, in a typhoon and torrential rains your contents are doomed. In a drizzle I cannot guarantee that the contents will not get wet but none of mine has gotten wet so far. If it is that much of a concern then put your stuff in a ziplock bag (or individual items in individual bags) before putting them in the pouch. I can tell you that my phone got wetter in my Jersey pocket form sweat seeping through my shirt then the stuff got in the pouch during a drizzle.

I rode a 100 mile century with the large one and there was a lot of room in it and it was not obtrusive. I had with me a ton of stuff in it including two spare batteries (The USB chargeable batteries that can charge other devices), extra battery for my GoPro, cables to charge my GoPro, Watch, Bike computer, and my phone, suntan lotion (travel size), chafing cream and a few packets of Gu. As an FYI – Tools, inner tube, missing link etc.. went under the seat in a small pouch and my wallet, keys, phone and other items went in my Jersey pockets.

I have included a photo of my bike with the pouch on it. I apologize for the graffiti wall behind the bike in the photo. You can see the pouch on the top bar in front of the handle bars. It is not big at all.

Read What are customers saying about the Topeak Fuel Tank

Stew 5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Stuff Bag…

June 10, 2015 Size: Medium Verified Purchase

review image

This is awesome. I have the 2015 Trek Farley 6 and it sits nicely up against the head stock without interfering with steering movement (thanks to the adjustable velcro straps:). Theres a good amount of room inside and, it fits my keys, bike multi-tool, iPhone 6 (Possibly a 6+) and either glasses or gloves. Great minimalistic addition to any bike.

gr2 5.0 out of 5 starsHigh quality product. Didn't work as I wanted. But, works in an alternate position

April 7, 2019 Size: Medium Verified Purchase (Please read the entire review)

I was skeptical how this bag would work as advertised. It is made exceptionally well. There's plenty of room on the inside. It has a small pouch for keys. My smartphone barely fits. I wouldn't recommend it for large smartphones. The Velcro closures were placed just right. It has enough room to hold extra food, emergency supplies, and other stuff you would normally store in your jersey pockets. When I got it, I installed it on the top tube of my road bike and secured around the stem using the given Velcro straps. When I tried it for the first time, the first thing I did was to ride out of the saddle. It became apparent that the bag was interfering with the motion of my legs. More specifically, my quads. When I was in the saddle, it would occasionally rub the inside of my quads. I ended up removing it and never used it in that configuration again. I decided to keep it as I thought I might have another use for it, such as on my mountain bike. After thinking about it for a few days, I had an idea. I thought it might fit in a different orientation, on a different part of my bike. I was able to install it under the downtube, behind the front wheel and in front of the bottom bracket. It has about an inch of clearance on the left and right crank arms and chain rings. And about an inch of clearance from the front tire. In order to keep it from sliding down, I secured it to the front water bottle cage. The way I installed it, it does not chafe when I remove and insert the bottle into the cage. I tried it for the first time recently and it worked like a charm! No chafing, no interference with the componentry. The only drawback is accessibility. In this orientation, you can't reach and grab something out of the bag. Also, the zipper faces down. That means you have to invert the bike to unzip it and access the contents. I decided to keep it for my extended rides that require additional food and supplies. I hope this helps others that have the same issues as myself. I've decided to give it five stars as I believe I will make good use of it.

Edit: I've gone through a few rides with the bag in the configuration I've mentioned above. My experience has been favorable. I brought it along for a ride when I had arm warmers on. I decided to remove them and put them in the Topeak bag. It wasn't necessary to invert the bike to access it. With minimal force, I was able to swing the bag to one side and that was enough to open the zipper and put the contents inside. I then pushed the bag back into its position behind the front wheel and that did the trick. It works like a charm. (just remember to close the zipper).

Pedal Pusher 5.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly tested and highly recommended!

May 5, 2016 Size: Large Verified Purchase

I used an XLAB X-Large Rocket Pocket Bag for a while but i needed a lot more room when I started doing gravel centuries and this bag was the answer. I can fit at least 1/3 more food and stuff in this one and it's also big enough to carry my iPhone 6 Plus. One handed operation is essential on squirrelly gravel and the zip down the middle works flawlessly for quick, safe access and you don't feel like things are going to spill out even when it's open all the way. The top tube straps could be a couple inches longer for me, but that's just because I like to use them to strap a tire tube underneath, but it still works and it would be easy enough to make it work if your top tube is larger. I thought this might be too big at first but it doesn't get in the way, it stays upright even when loaded up, and the capacity is fantastic. Haven't had a chance to test it's rainproofness but it seems like it would be pretty dry. And the price is about half of some of the other larger quality tank bags. It's about 3 inches wide so if you get a bag that's any wider than that then you're going to start rubbing it with your knees and that would drive me crazy.

Eric Lindroth 5.0 out of 5 stars Great little frame bag

January 22, 2017 Size: Large Verified Purchase

Great carrier for tools and my phone. Has nice little pockets and movable dividers inside. I was getting sick of sweaty back with mountain biking with a back pack. Now water bottles in cages and necessities in small frame bags like this one. It's great.

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