Top 5 2020 Road Superbikes

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[VidSitePro id=118 ]Much like super cars super bikes are only affordable for a lucky few however that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ugly over what brands can do when money is absolutely not a concern whether you prefer boutique ultralight carbon or a razor-sharp race machine we think this list has some of the most amazing super bikes for 2020 now we normally don’t say we’ve saved the best until last when running through top five skids bikes shop but for this article we had to make an exception this really is one that’s worth waiting for.

Pinarello dogma f12 well of course it’s the Pinarello dogma f12 x-lite the italian brands latest lightweight option which saves around a hundred grams in the frame when compared to a standard dogma f12 they’re only available by special order a very Superbike way of doing things and come with a rider weight limit of 85 kilograms Pinarello says it has achieved this weight saving by using and get ready for this Tory akka t 1100 UD dream carbon dream carbon now we’re sure you’ll let us know in the comments how pearly we have pronounced this but regardless of how wrong we got it there’s no doubt it sounds very expensive oh and speaking of expensive the X like trim and disc frame sets cost a full 1000 pounds more than their standard f12 counterparts coming in at six thousand pounds and six thousand two hundred pounds respectively this means a complete build will come in well past the ten thousand pound mark rare and eye watering lis expensive the dogma F 12 X like sure sounds like a super to us.

Moving on from rare Italian exotica we now head over to the good ol US of A will you’ll find the parley z0 unlike most modern road bikes the said zero is 100% custom made to order and as such parley is able to optimize the performance characteristics and technical requirements of each bike to match the individual rider that means that your bike or should that be super bike is totally designed for you parlays tube joining process is unique and we quote the z0 joining process is more precise and more costly and unmatched in strength using only carbon fiber to fuse each tube to another in a manner that yields a wholly unified structure with almost zero redundant material whatever that means it sounds incredibly high-end and incredibly expensive a quick look on parlays website shows that there’s plenty of options for custom paint when you buy one so whether you want to stand out from the crowd or go for something more subtle the z0 could be just the ticket Konoha is something of a Marmite brand people either love them or I hate them but one thing is for sure it’s new v3 RS with a full Campagnolo EPS 12 speed group set and wheels looks to be about a superduper as super bikes come the v3 RS is the Italian brands take on a modern Road race bike with dropped seat stays and truncated aerofoil tube shapes as you would expect from any brands latest release it’s claimed to be lighter stiffer and more comfortable than the previous generation fortunately for all of you rim break aficionados the v3 RS is one of the few recent top-tier road bike releases that will still offer both a rim and disc brake option unusually for such a super super bike the v3 RS offers tire clearances of up to 30 millimeters although a Colnago engineer did tell us at the launch of the bike but a disc version could fit up to thirty two millimeter tires so surely this means you can take your Superbike gravel racing right well we probably wouldn’t recommend taking a ten thousand pound plus road bike down your favorite gravel trails but those bigger tires will sure make for a comfy ride when you’re cruising to the local Superbike Illuminati Meetup [Music] our next bike well just look at it hope and Lotus have collaborated to create the hbt a track bike that is quite unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before and is due to be raced by Team GB at for 2020 Tokyo Olympics the hbt takes full advantage of the UCI x’d new rules that allow forks and seat stays to be up to 8 centimeters wide creating a wildly flared profile around each wheel that is said to massively reduce drag the conch pit flows into an insanely wide dual crown fork that extends above the head tube the fork legs themselves have a very narrow profile from the front but a much wider than a typical fork the wide profile creates a truly cavernous space around to the super narrow track tires this void is extremely striking and has presumably been used to reduce drag things become wild again as you move to the rear with the wide seat stays extending way above the top tube to join the seat tube at the clamp again the space around the rear wheel is remarkable and creates a profile that is totally unique the press release for the new bike claims that as with all equipment that is to be used in the Olympics the HBT will be available to the public though there is absolutely no word on availability or pricing but as you’d expect from something which looks so striking we expect it to be lots and lots and lots and lots so what is the most superest superbike in all the land lo and behold the tsubasa crow now you could be forgiven for not having heard of Tsubasa before let alone seeing one in the wild as they’re made in very limited quantities by a nice chap who lives in London called EDA Venus and Venus were sorry for pronouncing your name wrong Tsubasa works exclusively with carbon fibre and every frame can be fully customized to the riders needs whether that’s custom geometry or frame stiffness compliance bottom brackets cable routing seat posts you get the idea if you are lucky enough to own one of these bikes it will be totally unique to you the frames finish is also incredibly striking as there’s no paint this is achieved by using resin in the prepreg layers that is UV and chemical resistant which eliminates the need to apply a base layer paint or a clear coat whether you like it or not is purely down to personal preference but we personally think that it looks absolutely amazing what do you think of our list did we get it right or should we have picked something else as always let us know in the comments.

January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020

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