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[VidSitePro id=91 ]yes it’s that time of year again when we start casting our eyes forward to see what we think are the most interesting road bikes of 2020 with 2019 being a year packed full of hot releases on the road this list is stacked with some top competition so in no particular order here are our top 5 road bikes of 2020 and as always if you want to see more content like this don’t forget to Like and subscribe and click the little bell icon so that every time we upload a video you will get a notification anyway let’s get on with the show Cannondale has released some seriously nice bikes of late with their system 6 Aero bike the all-new super 6 evil race bike and the top stone gravel bike however we think the most interesting release of all is the drastic reworking of its classic CAD aluminium road bike platform releasing the thoroughly modern CAD 13 back in July now purists will argue that the new CAD 13 with his dropped seat stays at Aero optimized tubing has lost some of the soul that the older more traditionally shaped CAD 12 had and we do kind of agree but that’s progress and while it may have lost some of its old-school charm we hope that the gains in comfort and performance more than make up for it the new count 13 is available in various specs from the eye-watering ly expensive to the more value focused options that the old CAD 12 was known and loved for from go fast aluminium bikes we now head to the cobbles of Flanders and Roubaix where you will most likely see the new tractor money being used in 2020 this third-generation domani has a revised isospeed layout that was first seen on the Madone massively increased tyre clearances neat integrated storage some general error improvements oh and it’s discs only this may make the rim break diehards angry but we think the general trend is heading towards nearly all tops back road bikes being disc only and hopefully by now most of us can agree that in most circumstances that’s probably a good thing as with all top-end track bikes the new domani is available through the brands project one customization program which offers some incredibly striking color schemes now obviously a striking paint scheme is going to come with an equally striking price and no doubt you’ll let us know in the comments that you could buy an incredibly nice car for the price of a top-end project one domani which can easily come in for as much as 12,000 pounds but the whole car thing is boring we want you to use your imagination and let us know in the comments about something that’s actually really interesting that you could buy for the price of a top-end project one Damali the winner will receive our undying love and 1 million bike radar gold stars now we’re back to pure go-fast no-holds-barred race bikes with Scott mute addict are see the old addict had remained relatively unchanged since 2014 which is an age in the ever-evolving landscape of road bikes so we weren’t particularly surprised when an all-new model was unveiled in 2019 just like the domani it’s disc only and as you’d expect there’s plenty of claims around increased stiffness and improved Aero optimization however perhaps the most interesting development with the new bike is how incredibly clean the integration is the one piece cockpit features fully internally routed cables and that includes disc brake hoses which means the front of the bike looks remarkably clean and we presume it is a tiny bit more aerodynamic all bikes in the addict range also come with fashionably wide 28 mil wide tires so we think the addict is a prime example of where road bikes are heading in the future with even greater integration wider tires and disc brakes while we’re sure it’ll be a nightmare for home mechanics the model road look is undoubtedly nice and we suspect the bike is very fast to boot back to those bone-jarring cobbles and we have the new specialized Roubaix when the outgoing future shock equipped Roubaix was first released in 2016 it certainly turned heads but many people felt the future shock loot were kind of ugly fast forward to today and it seems specialised has listened as the new Roubaix has a much cleaner overall look while still retaining a fully reworked Future Shop suspension system that even has a lock out in fact specialized claims the goal with the new Roubaix was to take it back to its racing roots buy and yes you have guessed it correctly making it more aerodynamic it’s also pretty light for such a feature-rich frame with an S Works frame claiming to weigh under 900 grams that’s an impressive figure for a Comfort focused bike we expect you’ll be seeing much more of the Roubaix under the likes of Peter Sagan during the spring classics of early 2020 20:20 looks to be the year that Colnago finally goes mainstream with its all-new v3 RS just like recent releases from the likes of Scott and Cannondale the v3 RS features the predictable design recipe of dropped seat states truncated aerofoil to profiles and ever-increasing levels of integration unlike other brands latest releases which are available as discs only you can still buy a v3 RS with rim rings hooray for rim brakes it’s also pretty light with a clean frame way of 790 grams for a ready to paint size small and that’s with its permanent hardware so think the likes of your front derailleur mount and dropouts just like most of the bikes in this list the v3 RS doesn’t come cheap but if you want some no-expense-spared Italian passion II then this could be the bike for you what do you think of our list did we get it right or should we have picked something else as always let us know in the comments.

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