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[VidSitePro id=18 ]It’s nearly autumn and that means almost every 2020 mountain bike is out in the world though not all of them were in the shops quite yet so we thought we’d run through five of the most interesting or at least most important mountain bikes you’ll see on the trails in 2020 we’re not going to throw a bikes into the mix here not because they’re not mountain bikes but because we’ve got to draw the line somewhere as always if you want to see more content like this

In no particular order here we go with our top 2020 mountain bikes on the face of it intense his trail bike lineup is a lot simpler for 2020 with just one model the primer available the primer has 140 millimeters of travel at the back and 150 millimeters up front geometry is reasonably up-to-date though not revolutionary and Bill kits look pretty nice as well however intents are offering the primer with three different wheel size options to make sure that there’s something there for every type of trail rider there’s a 29 inch wheel version a 27 point five inch wheel version and a mullet bike or 279 as they’re calling it this comes with a chunkier 27.5 inch rear wheel tire combo and a wide 29 inch wheel up front we’ve seen mullet bikes in the downhill world and on numerous ebikes but we think this is the first production trail bike in recent years at least to mix wheels up though we’ve no doubt you’ll point out in the comments who we’ve missed out interestingly this mullet bike comes with a slightly burlier build than the others and looks prime pun intended for the UK market if there was ever a bike to define a bicycle genre it has to be the specialized enduro with a new version coming out in 2019 the enduro is now 20 years old and right back to the forefront of aggressive enduro design the enduro has always been a bike designed to get up hills okay and then hammer on the way back down the new 29 inch and carbon frame only enduro has taken heavy influences from the demo downhill bike with a low-slung shock and forward positioned main pivot to give the smoothest ride possible over rough chunky ground this specialized claims helps riders maintain momentum which is key to getting down hills as fast as possible.

They also claimed that the enduro is perfectly happy getting back to the top of the hill though from our first initial rides we don’t think you’re going to be setting any kom while 29 inch wheels are certainly enjoying their time innocent yet he isn’t forgetting the smaller wheel size with two new 27.5 inch bikes been launched in 2019 SB 140 and SB 1 65 have well you guessed it 140 millimeters and 165 millimeters of rear wheel travel respectively this clearly focuses their intentions towards descending both bikes employee yet is switch infinity linkage system which uses a vertically mounted shuttle to manipulate the main pivot location of the rear suspension as it moves through its trouble the goal being to give plenty of anti-squat around the SAG point for effective pedaling characteristics while letting the anti-squat fall away dramatically towards the end of the stroke this means much less pedal kickback on bigger hits to keep you well and controlled.

The referee gets with the addition of the SP 140 and SB 165 to the range it’s fair to say that Yeti has a mountain bike to fit pretty much any wheel and travel desire you have so long as your pockets are deep enough on the face of it the new Occam from our bear is simply a very very accomplished trail bike the suspension is good the shape of the bike is entirely contemporary and the kit plugged into the frames whether that’s the alloy all the carbon versions also represents good value for money and on riding the bike we found that it was a stellar performer both up and down on smooth and rough terrain orbea also have something called their Myo program and as far as we can tell this makes the akhom the most customizable mountain bike on the market not only does all bear let you select from a number of options for some of the key components on each model.

The Maya program also lets you select the color of your bike in fact with various areas of the frame colored differently we’ve calculated that there’s over a million color combinations available on the new aachen and this service is free of charge if you’re happy to wait a couple of extra weeks for your new ride [Music] our last bike isn’t a trail bike but an XC bike designed for life between the tapes lo and behold the Trek super caliber the super caliber has been hidden in plain sight though the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted it at the recent cross-country World Championships but now treks embargo on the bike has lifted we can tell you a bit more about it the frame weighs just 1,900 grams with the shock and hardware making it lighter than most conventional full suspension frames however the compromise is that you get 60 millimeters of rear-wheel travel instead of the usual 100 Trek claims that this gives you the best of both worlds with full suspension performance and hard tail efficiency the geometry is refreshingly modern with a 69 degree head angle and 74 degree seat angle crucially for the long distance races amongst you is that the ISO stripped suspension linkage allows you to fit two water bottles into the frame could this be the perfect marathon machine in 2020 we’ll have to wait and see what do you think to our list did we get it right or should we have pitched something else.

October 16, 2019

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