Top 5 2020 Gravel Bikes

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[VidSitePro id=122 ]Love them or hate them it’s fair to say that gravel bikes or is that adventure road bike packing or multi-discipline utility cinder track bikes are here to stay designed possibly for roadies who gets sick in their mouth at the idea of a mountain bike but still want to bike they’ll let them get off road we’re seeing plenty of interesting innovation in next year’s lineups here in no particular order are five gravel grinders we’re excited about for 2020 and as always if you want to see more content like this don’t forget to Like subscribe and click the little bear icon so that every time we upload a video you will get a notification so without further ado let’s get mildly dirty [Music] Canada is a big place and it has a lot of gravel roads so it’s no surprise that Canadian mountain bike brand da Vinci fancies a piece of the gravel pie for 2020 da Vinci is spoiling us with a 12 strong hatchet range with a twin rocks chainstay design that’ll let you run tires with a maximum width of 45 millimeters for a 700 C wheel or a 2.1 inch tire in 650b the hatchet could easily take you deep into grizzly country but before they eat you were sure the Bears will appreciate the four carbon models and eight aluminium framed models in the hatchet range with their incredible strength Grizzlies probably don’t care about bike way that we puny humans of course do for a complete bike we weighed a medium sized hatchet grx limited with standard 40 millimeter tires at 9.3 2 kilograms gravel riding adventures are thirsty work but luckily there are three bottle cage mounting points on the hatchet and if you like your bikes fully loaded there’s a top tube fuel accessory bear repellent bag mount as well Cannondale has been gravel grinding from the beginning releasing bikes such as the groundbreaking lefty Oliver equipped slate the new top stone carbon is another reasonably radical do-it-all machine and Cannondale claims they’ve made one of the most comfortable gravel bikes available to that end say hello to the new kingpin suspension system Cannondale claims that the radically dropped seat stays plus a pivot where those stays join the seat tube subtle kinks near the dropouts and leaf springs shaping at the bottom of the seat tube will offer you 30 millimeters of rear travel interestingly the Cannondale top stones fork has a 55 millimeter offset for comparison the Cannondale sign-ups uses a 45 millimeter offset Cannondale claims this keeps the steering feeling light and agile even with big volume tires and loaded with luggage while adding stability in the rough the top stone is compatible with 700 C and 650 P wheels with a generous tire allowance up to 40 and 48 millimeters respectively the new hologram hg 22 2 + ready carbon wheel set uses Mavericks speed release axles which lets you remove the wheel without having to completely remove the axle meaning you won’t drop it in muddy puddles the top stone also features the wheel sensor that debuted on Canon Dale’s urban Treadwell bikes developed in partnership with Garmin it works in conjunction with Cannondale zone app and gives you a ton of measurements including how much co2 and fuel you haven’t created wasted by not driving this should help to make you feel extra smug whilst you’re out on your next gravel adventure five years on from its launch the new GT grid now has the kind of pseudo suspension design that’s de rigueur on just about every modern gravel bike GT has cleverly used its signature triple triangle to create more Koosh the long low drop these days are no longer attached to the seat tube as the brands boffins discovered that leaving the stays unbound at the seat tube increased compliance those seat stays which are possibly a finished you’ll see on any current production carbon bike are actually solid rather than hollow being made from carbon coated glass fiber just like every gravel bike that’s worth its salt you can attach lots of water bottles and lots of racks fenders and even trendy handlebar bags to the grade meaning it’ll be able to take on just about any Instagram based gravel adventure that you can throw at it bmc’s earth is an all-new and neatly integrated gravel bike that adopts the soft tail micro suspension from the swiss firms cross country mountain bike hardtail lineup the bike’s unconventional name is explained as a comment on the lack of UCI rules governing the design of gravel bikes so earth is an abbreviation of unrestricted burrows is also a common swiss boys name meaning bare and yes that is another mention of bears and were very sorry if we’re pronouncing errors wrong the earth has a geometry that BMC terms gravel plus which places it squarely between its road and mountain bikes it claims is designed to be fun and highly capable on technically challenging terrain and a perfect gravel racer the elephant in the room is the MTT system which provides 10 millimeters of travel at the rear the elastomer is sourced from the motor industry so is claimed to be impervious to digression from sun weather and age and weighs in around 80 grams interestingly there’s also routing for a front hub dynamo through the fork and head tube which should appeal to adventurers and commuters alike a sparrow is a Spanish word for rough and coming from Cervelo a brand that’s never made anything but bikes built for speed it doesn’t take much imagination to guess the espero is first and foremost a racing machine the 1100 gram claimed weight of the frame is testament to the bikes performance intentions the bike is aimed squarely at competitive riders looking at events such as the Gran duro or the dirty Kansa for the racing kicks and for reasons of fairness it’s also worth mentioning that like da Vinci surveiling a DM brand so in theory the bike could be used to ride away from bears quickly yes more bears so many bears tire clearances are generous with the 700 C setup allowing for 42 millimeter tires and the 650 B version has 49 millimeter clearances despite all of the talk of the bike being racy it doesn’t skimp on fixtures and fittings the frame features three bottle cage bosses a bolt-on tube guard above the bottom bracket shell a fuel box mount on the top tube internal cable routing and routing for a dropper post did we get our selection all wrong should we have picked something else as always let us know in the comments.

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