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[VidSitePro id=46 ]so part of the work of a bite tester is always kind of experimenting trying out the latest trends and just tweaking things to see what difference it makes if you know when I’ve got a long term uhrin I’m always working through sort of different ideas different concepts that I’m I’ve seen on other bikes or just pop into my head and one trend that’s definitely really quite big at the moment his mullet bikes which is bikes to the twenty nine front wheel um twenty seven half-inch back wheel and I’ve kind of taught you through yeah first impressions with a bit of trail riding right now come on Tilly so any idea behind mother is physics at the front alright yeah at the back so you got that bear cooking faster rolling twenty-nine your tire at the front and then 27.5 about 2.6 at the rear so bit more slip hangout and also it picks up the front wheel slightly smaller than normal tips the angles back close the center of gravity and because he’s a light wheel when you snap it like that acceleration she’ll be better as well Oh fun to ride just good kind of action acts like almost attraction fuse on the back the back end is a lot easier to break out but I used to get sideways accelerates up this quickly bit more agile I would say definitely superior I don’t think it rolls faster but I keep on experimenting and keep feeding back because he’s definitely a fun way to ride it places likes to hammer definitely

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