The Calibre Sentry – a fast, big and slack enduro racer for just £2000!

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[VidSitePro id=44 ]hey wide open so it is the day of the Birmingham Bike Show today why ya be London bike show – so it’s the 21st of March today it’s actually January but we’re going forward in time and we’re looking at a bike that is currently in January top secret this is Mike from caliber bikes hell yeah and he’s brought us the new caliber century to show us which is a 2,000 pound 29 inch 150 hundred and sixty million euro bike which i think is super interesting and i hope you guys do as well so Mike tell us a bit about caliber first of all well so caliber we’ve been around for five years now and I suppose we’ve had really good success with the thousand pound yeah boss no it’s kind of where when everything going and we’re a few other successes and like some of the hard tails and stuff like that as well and I suppose yeah like you know what we’ve kind of known for is value for money and kind of good geometry and side of things as well so and this bikes basically the next step for caliber really yeah so you guys have always made affordable bikes have any less than a thousand pounds yeah maybe a little bit more than that in some cases what made you decide right it’s time to take on take on the big dogs weighs more just as weighs calibers just kind of started at the bottom and moved its way up and we’ve kind of got to the point where there was no more space in between the current bikes so the only place he’s used to go upwards so and then I suppose the other side of things was you know we wanted a an enduro bike that we could all ride most of the guys in the caliber team like you know ride good more sort of aggressive terrain in the peaks and and do a bit of racing here and there so it’s kind of you know selfishly another bike for ourselves again I think so you wanted a bike with caliber right on it yeah yeah basically I’m fed up and my mates giving me stick racing other people’s bikes oh yeah so project started two years ago while two years to the 21st of March almost of the depth of day and yeah like you know we’re finally now at a point where we can come and show it to you guys and hopefully everyone watch the bike and we can have another success cool and first of all I was interested in the people behind the bikes for the bikes even so what’s your what’s your background in mountain biking in the bike industry and designing bikes so you saw I started riding I was like 12 done in the West Country backwards of mountain bikes were fairly basic you know all the bells and whistles are we currently out just love the sport kind of you know just did it for me basically did race across country covers all of his out really and then side racing downhill and cross-country on the same bike just putting the subtle down basically yeah and then bike industry wise I work for Alex Morton improper name for a little while then got a university degree in in sort of computer aided design and side of things which I met you at University randomly yeah and yeah from there I was really lucky got a junior role for product management at rally and quickly became European product manager for Diamondback which is pretty awesome looking after all the BMX bikes or the male bikes and stuff as well worked with people like my nasty and some pilgrim like Samson trying to think you over all together guys yeah yeah like to lose there and you know so good you know some really good people to sort of work with and learn an awful lot in those those years and then when went to go outdoors to sort of shore up their cycle side of things and then started caliber like say five years ago and just over five years ago and then yeah kind of gone strength to strengthen now that is basically my my sole focus is he’s creating these bikes for caliber come on I think that’s probably saying people don’t realize is calibers owned by go outdoors rather than being its own little company yeah it’s kind of a bit of a weird scenario because yes we’re owned by going but we run very much as a single entity you know we obviously have you know people that we have to kind of a rapport to like any side of things but we are kind of given a lot of free rein and you know like for instance this bike you know it’s quite a you know a big thing to do for someone might go but there’s a lot of trust there from though from the guys and that the Roenick that we know what we’re doing obviously it helps having the success we’ve had in the recent years to come above us to kind of go you know we want to push the price points and push the brand if you see it I mean and yeah I think that we’ve we’ve done a good job of it it must be quite different working with a bike company where you’ve come from having dealer like a dealer network and online sales to go into single yeah it’s it’s different and for me it’s it’s a lot better like I can really focus on what the consumer wants when I was in my past roles you had basically two people who you had to look please call all the times and if there’s a really good analogy so when I was the European specs the European guys really like to really blinged out rear derailleur yeah and then they were quite happy tab like sub tab product on the other sort of things so from outside shot it looked like the bike was X or Y brand or the model number and then in the UK I much prefer having like the whole kind of group set it’s designed to work together if you say it means and then like yeah with the dealers and stuff where we calibre I can really focus on just you know making the product right for the consumers end use and and really kind of spend a lot of time and effort on that as opposed to trying to please both dealer and consumer and stuff at art so and then obviously the consumer has the added benefit of that direct to their model but still having at this time it will be about 66 stores nationwide yeah and then obviously the international side of the business as well so you can or pretty much any country in the world can purchase a caliber for the go website right so let’s talk about what everyone’s probably most interested in the caliber sedentary what made you first of all made you pick that 2,000 pound price point like you’ve always gone for a thousand pound max bike for a certain type of rider yeah why mm I think was just a number I had in my head I think of what we could probably achieve a race or any bike out of the box yeah you know certain parts obviously have a certain value and we wanted to bite that literally you could take out the box build it and then race it and enjoy a race and yeah in my mindset 2,000 pound was you know the target to hit really you know side of things so yeah it was always there to have that point so talk us through it so this is the mid this is the mid spec one the two grand gets you it’s the dogs so this is the two thousand pound mid spec version taught me tell us what some talks about the geometry first of all yeah so geometry wise you know the UK’s we’ve got quite a hotbed of have got a progressive geometry yeah a lot of brands doing it and and but kind of you seem to pay like a bit of a premium for it there’s a few big of rounds now we’ve kind of latched on to that and that’s that’s really good to see so I really wanted to kind of bring that more progressive geometry to a price point that you know effectively quite a lot of brands you get this geometry but pay nearly two thousand pound for the frame for instance yeah so I wanted to complete my rest yeah I wanted to complete bike for that so yeah geometry was you know 29 over 150 rare 161 64 head angle you’ve got three three 5bb height so nice and low really provides obviously more like in the bike feel and it gives the bike the ability just while three things and sort of not unsettle the rider you’ve got on this medium 465 reach on a 70 60 angle so it’s actually pretty long and pretty slack compared to what’s Wells out there most most size larges that we see a 460 470 yeah so you’ve bumped it down a size and yeah and yeah and then we’ve got we offer it in four sizes so like so this is the medium we’ve got a small a large and an extra large as well so I’m really hopeful that we can bring that progressive geometry to to all the heights of rider what’s the reach on the XL it’s 505 so then 70 60 angle again see cheap I thought my head I don’t know but yeah I think the increases over a small amount so all of the bikes put together they have a very similar look in terms of the stand over height and everything as well cool and so you’ve got top tell us about the bits on the bike yes we can wanted that kind of race out of the box and so we really didn’t wanna compromise so you know you’ve got a legal group set from NX so you’ve got the ability to climb up you know in between stages or just you know on a big day on the bike with you mates we’re using Rock shop front and rear so we’ve got the the area on the front with a short offset which makes a massive difference in this this progressive geometry it gives a more sort of stable feel at speed through the rough stuff and then on the climbs you get like a less of the flip flop yeah so you’ve got less rider input you can just concentrate on sitting on this steep seat angle and just keep your legs turning it’s it’s quite an easy bike just to keep keep climbing up a court finishing kit and then you know one point that we chatted about with the tires yeah so these are the WTV tires you’ve got a trail boss 2.4 in the back and a vigilante 2.6 and there’s any generation two tire so that kind of reef just old redid the tread patterns a little bit yeah but important more important is that they’re the tough high grip casing your arm so sort of you know we’re in January so the winter months they really do hook up in the wet can the roots but then obviously the tough casing enables you that that race out of the box you’re not having to go and put some more expensive tires on because they’re two films or something similar yeah we get so many bikes they’re three times the price of this that they turn up with tires that probably spec for a range of abilities you know everyone we always get them as they are just going to put a double down on it Aurra yeah you know I can’t I can’t speak but I can speculate maybe that you know for instance these these tires do white quite a considerable amount more than the like tire so I suppose if you’re kind of looking for that showroom weight yeah it’s an opportunity to kind of get that down but then you know this is 2,000 pound which is a lot of money to then go and have to shell out maybe 100 120 pound for some tires that are worthy of the riding you want to do just seems like a ludicrous thing to ask the consumer today so I’d rather just have the right tire on obviously condition wise you’re never going to get it right but I find these are all really good mix for most conditions okay cool so I’m going to a little bit of depth here so you talked about fork offset before and that’s something that’s on a lot of people’s minds at the moment yeah just give us the quick layman’s explanation to fork offset why oh yeah I’m probably gonna get myself in all sorts and lots with basically you’re getting an increased trail it’s kind of thick in all honesty it can kind of give if you take the mathematical side of it panicking give a different feel to actually how it is because the mathematical side of it obviously he’s like a two-dimensional feel where obviously wiring a bike is a four dimensional aspect the riders way he’s constantly moving but I’d say I did a test day with the rock shock in our van and we test rated both saemmul identical fork in the two different offsets and I really did feel the difference on the descending in terms of that having the front wheel less knocked off of if it’s line and then on the climbs like you say there’s less rider input getting the bike to kind of get where you want it to go you just concentrate on almost riding on your fingertips basically and just keep those legs spinning okay so we talked a little bit before when um company about the suspension platform the bike and how you design the shark and tune the shark yeah talk to us about that a little bit and so basically on one of the prototypes I just tried to get a bit too clever and then we had a really really really low leverage ratio and then basically working with RockShox we basically just got too low and the oil wasn’t moving through the shop fast enough yeah so for lighter riders we have some more test riders it gave like a really over damped feel so we worked with rock shock and we’ve managed to overcome that and we’ve made some changes to the pivot locations and also shortened just the stroke of the shock from 65 to 62 and a half and that just increased the leverage ratio and increased the oil flow and then we work with rock shock to create tuned for that rear shock and yeah go from that cool and then the actual suspension design and the platform how would you explain that mm oh it’s a single pivot basically with a rocker actuation and then you’ve got this clevis client as well that just creates you know a nice tidy sort of feel everything’s nice and compact fairly low and central to the bike as well create that kind of all those heavier points and low in center of the bike of a lower center of gravity last thing before we going right let’s just have a quick chat about the development of the bike because you’ve brought some prototypes and yes I’m really interested to see a bike that you’ve actually designed rather than just picked it out of a catalogue and start some stickers on yeah there’s a lot of color space because of our price points and and our relatively newness to the market yeah I suppose there’s a misconception that we just kind of like someone wants to call it card catalog aided design and which I thought was brilliant you’ve done I’ve done in the past for sure and yeah no no Saul no so this bike there’s 19 different parts on this bike that were all bespoke to us and cost us an awful lot of money in terms of forging and you know you’ll see the development for that so smooth one of the first prototypes was this this frame here which is a bit of a monster so this quite quite funny story basically we we test rode a load of bikes and we found some numbers that we liked and some geometry and we started pulling out a 2d 3d card and basically got writer’s block and this is where we’ve got to so I can send you that the 3d cards and you can see that it’s this bike it’s unrideable it’s obviously agricultural is a nice way of putting it but what it enabled me to do Caracas oh really I’d got to a point where I didn’t know how to progress the project I work a lot better when I’ve got something in my hands and I can physically look around it and see it so you know those you’ve taken supposes my drawings on it and there’s coffee spilled on it and now on yeah yeah change the thing they’re so gone there’s no special jewelry yeah and now you know that it really kind of really kick-started the project and enables us to move on to something that was able to be ridden and this was on it was on display at the bike show yeah so like yeah this was just to kind of give everyone a little taste the flavor that there was something coming and we were always like one or two steps ahead of what we showed yeah you know obviously so yeah we just kind of thought a really exciting other way at a point where we could talk about it prototype today which is just the front triangle this one’s quite again another funny story so this side having the reach numbers that we wanted the seat angle head angles that kind of sort of things but a few errors both on my part on on production meant that the effective top sheet was far too short so when you were running you just followed your knees were hanging there all the time so we quickly got another frame being produced and changed a few things to fix the problems but we still rode the bike week is on the descent looks like yeah yeah you know it it still you know gave us something that we could kind of really test basically and kind of have some feedback on so even though we knew there was some pretty big things wrong with it yeah we kind of still wanted to ride it but you can start to see some things you know we got this curvature top tube and we changed kind of much more like Boston er you know and the seat mass there you know and a few things kind of started to evolve from that which is quite interesting Kazumi we went back and then prototype three issues so this one got a real hammer in by myself and by Ally Baron one of our riders so he took out two more zine and raised in a tional zon it and loads of other stuff Warnie you see a bowl here that you’ve ripped up him in more zine and got a text message from and going have you got any replacement bolts I’m like no it’s a one-off so go find a hardware and but you’ve got operational again so Fairplay but this kind of again cavus like something really kind of that we could ride and kind of this is where this is the bike that we found that our leverage ratio was too low and this is the bike that we did testing the workshop on so although fundamentally doesn’t look identical to the bike it’s now in production the geometry numbers and everything were there are there abouts basically and we saw really then fine-tuned aesthetically I suppose and you can kind of see how agricultural the links to what the production one is yeah and on the production one the shock mounts here we went back to like year to the original thing and you know this is quite nice to see that the original frame had some really important yeah alright cool so we’ve talked to be the bike the development of it so I suppose final question is how do you how do you make a bike for two thousand pounds when everyone else makes bikes for six thousand pounds or ten thousand pounds or well yeah you know I don’t I don’t you know I’m sure everyone could if they were only two yeah for us it’s just you know it like you say I wanted to bring more people into the sport and keep them there and I’m kind of hopeful that’s what things like Artie cubed and and boss not have done yeah and then yeah unlike enduro races or a more top riding you know three four or five thousand pound these a lot of money two thousand pounds is a lot of money yeah Bo if we can bring more people in and keep them there then I think that’s a good thing and if people want to go up in the higher realms and that’s just how you fine as well so all right cool well good luck with it Graham we’re talking about the future for us now but they should be out today available to buy on pretty soon yeah yeah so that we kind of available so shortly after this but yeah but you can come to the London Bike Show and physically see both the specs of the bikes and talk to me or any of the other guys and yeah cool if you guys got any questions about caliber bikes about sentry about the partner about anything like that just whack them in the comments we’ll make sure might get to look at them you answer out of you yeah yeah otherwise look out for our review we’re gonna go and ride the out of it for the next month or so and then see how we get on with it like you guys know what we think Thanks

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