The Best Bikes For 2020

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[VidSitePro id=19 ]It has been another fantastic year for bike launches and we’ve seen well over 13 brand new bikes throughout the year so we decided to compile the hottest bikes just for you in this article we’ll be focusing on the road here
it’s eye watering lis expensive but arguably the Pinarello document f12 is one of the hottest bikes this year I’ve even managed to test one and I can tell you it’s an out-and-out thoroughbred racing bike no wonder team in EOS ride it don’t forget also this bike is won the Tour de France already a new integrated most stem and handlebar hides the cables to offer Aero savings cleaning up the lines at the same time a tuned fork and down tube offers a total of eight seconds saved for every 10 miles ridden now that doesn’t sound like much but it all adds up the domani treks endurance bike has had a makeover for 2020 with the brand looking to achieve better versatility integration and aerodynamics the latter borrowing much tech and knowledge from the very fast and highly rated Trek Madone the domani was the first bike with treks ISO speed technology which is designed to offer compliance at the rear third generation of the system sits in the top-end SLR version and will be repositioned like the Madone in the top tube this track says– offers 27% increase in compliance as well as the option to fine tune your ride it’s the first time the domani has looked to be all things to all riders and whilst it offers plenty of row pro s the whopping 38 C tire clearance suggests it’ll handle the rough stuff too lots at this year’s Eurobike is the all-rounder lightweight bike with arrow details caught the 525 it’s the bike ridden by ag2r La Mondial World Tour team why is it called the 525 well because that’s the number of race wins eddy merckx had in his pro career as you’d expect the design has majored on arrow features with the Flanders bike value wind tunnel used to hone the front end aerodynamics in particular some of the Aero features can be seen at the front with the integrated cockpit and at the rear the seat post has an aero profile and there’s also a top cap to the seat post seat tube junction designed to smooth the airflow despite the aero details however that Eddy Merckx 5 to 5 has a claimed weight of under 7 kilograms matching the best light weight Pro bikes like the Scott addict RC and the Wilier SLR the American brand wants to change up the Roubaix get away from the slow endurance name it made for itself over the years and set about spicing up the Rubies ride so specialized claim that the new version of the Roubaix is around 20 to 24 seconds faster compared to the old version that’s around 8 to 10 seconds faster than the current tarmac the top models also have a new updated hydraulic actuated suspension at the front and proved in the future shocks control I’ve been riding this bike and it truly is so much faster than the previous version the live avail is now 10 years old cow time flies but still remains an important pike especially as live a woman’s specific brand is sticking by its guns regarding female riders needing a female specific bike think specialized here with its unisex platforms and its latest bike wants to push the performance endurance envelope suggestion can be fast and comfortable super wide 32c tires will absorb much of the road buzz whilst the overdrive to steer technology will help the ride fill responsive and agile both the Cannondale CAD and the super six Rangers have been favorites amongst and cycling weekly testers over the years and this year both have been updated the Kevlar team promises to offer more comfort and more speed for an aluminium bike and what was already a 10 out of 10 scoring machine this is very exciting the most impressive thing here though is aerodynamics Cannondale who are arguably the pioneers of aero aluminium think back to its bikes in the late 90s using its famous smart form technology has managed to shape its tubing to help reduce drag claiming a clear 30% decrease in drag over the previous version the main thing for the new super 6 evo was to maintain its great handling characteristics that all bike testers use as a benchmark for other bikes what let the super 6 down previously was aerodynamics but that shouldn’t be a problem now with the American brand claiming it’s 9 watts more efficient than the specialized tarmac and a massive 40 Watts over the trekker Monda [Music] this break bikes have traditionally struggled to get down to the UCI weight limit but that isn’t an issue for the new Wilier zero SLR which weighs six point eight kilograms on the nose according to the brand that is with twenty eight millimeter tires on clinton wheels this bike could be even lighter this featherweight bike isn’t lacking in performance either with the brand suggesting that stiffness to weight has increased by 24% this has been made achieve walk by Wilier using a new high modulus carbon fiber with a crystal polymer incorporated into the resin that with a multi-directional fiber mesh also helps damper the ride say is video is this one of the lightest disc brake bikes in the world well the canyon ultimate CF evo is certainly the lightest the german brand has ever produced good thing too as it’s the preferred racing bike of the movie star team and the 2018 spanish world champion alejandro valverde can you claim the frameset weighs a mere 641 grams for a size medium and with the fork hitting the scales at 285 grams which is amazing considering it’s a disparate bike put it all together with new lightweight parts like the new Canyon CP 20 integrated carbon cockpit integrated carbon derailleur melts titanium screws even aluminium through axles bolted to a 25th anniversary set of GTS with wheels and it all comes together under six kilograms which is just amazing that’ll definitely save you a bit of effort up those clients so there you have it our top picks the hottest bikes of 2020 now if there’s anything you like in particular do let us know in the comment section below .

October 16, 2019
October 16, 2019

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