The All-New Specialized 2020 Enduro | First Look & Ride

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[VidSitePro id=85 ]everyone my casimir here from pink bike today we’re gonna take a look at another brand new bike new specialize in Deraa [Music] euros been mainstay and specialized lineup for years and years but this year it gets a complete overhaul brand new frame design that looks a lot like the new demo downhill bike that’s been having some really good results in the World Cup so it is how do you see right here 170 millimeters travel front and rear 29 inch wheels only and a carbon frame all mate could be aluminum in the future but for right now just carbon it’s the biggest and slacks enduro that we’ve seen yet I use a 29 inch wheels up front we’re looking at sixty three point nine degree head angle in the low setting we got 442 millimeter chainstays 76 degree C dengle and as far as sizing goes they’ve gone with their S sizing system let’s talk about in the Stumpjumper Evo so basically the idea is that you can choose your bike based on the reach number rather than something like c2 pipe so on this bike there is four sizes s 2 3 4 5 and that starts out the reach number of 437 millimeters too small all the way up to 511 millimeter reach for the s5 pretty good range in there as I mention before suspension design completely different for this bike it’s based off what you first saw on the new demo basically they wanted to increase the bikes ability to just carry momentum so the way a bike him hold it speed plow through big roots and rocks without getting hung up the previous generation had a little tendency the axial path kind of the rear wheel will go forward a little too quickly slight change that a bit it’s not a super drastic rearward path but basically as the wheel goes through his travel it’s going it doesn’t go forward as quickly so that just allows the bike to keep that speed going when you hit a big bump in addition to modifying the axle path they’ve also made an effort to increase the amount of anti-squat that the bike has this one has 40% more anti-squat than the previous generation enduro that’s just designed to give it better pedaling performance even though it’s a big travel bike they still wanted to be able to pedal well without bobbing just feeling too much increase it’s not a progressiveness so it just ramps up more at the end of the stroke so the increased progression along with the increase the anti-squat are two things that people had you know some of the quibbles with on the previous generation so welcome change there as for complete models this bike starts at $4,500 goes all the way up to 9 $750 s-works version got that specialized swap box you can hold all your gummy bear snacks old burritos everything just goes right in there it also comes a little handy tool I don’t know the top cap head tube so you can really just hop on this bike toss your water bottle on get out there and you don’t have to bring a pack if you don’t want to drown shorter eyes with always nice to see other details just have super clean internal cable routing brush size does a good job making it easy to run that break cable or derailleur cable and you need to thread it in pops out the other end there’s no you know with fishing line or bent spokes or anything like that super simple you also got a little fender to protect that rear shock get a nice chain flat protector specializes the first one that I know of they came out with the chain stay protector that has little ridges on it just really helps quiet that Jane down it’s flapping against the chains Dave this bike does have a little geometry flip-chip sixty three point nine degrees is too slack for you you can steeping it up a little bit to a still flack sixty-four point three degrees i’ve been able to put a decent amount of time in on this new bike started out in Northstar California riding some a dusty rocky blown-out trails down there more recently here in Whistler basically it’s a big bike and it’s built just to go fast you know the previous enduros they’re kind of become a friendly bike you just hop on it ride had a lot of travel but it didn’t really have that sense of urgency it just wants you to go faster and reward you when you go faster let’s turn mini downhill bike gets tossed around a lot kind of those cliches but in this case I’d say it’s appropriate and mini is really underselling I mean this thing is about as close to a downhill bike as you can get without going with a full on dual crown fork and load them more travel but you could easily take on anything the bike park the rowdiest trails and pretty impressive what they’ve done here there you had a brand new specialized enduro 29er 170 million to travel big wheels what do you guys think this gonna be your next bike let us know in the comments below thanks.

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