The All-New 2021 Specialized Rockhopper Review

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Reborn to be a killer entry level Mountain bike

[VidSitePro id=136 ]on this James the bike guy we’re taking a look at the 2021 specialized rock hopper this is the brand-new entry-level specialized rock hopper and it’s a pretty neat bike it’s going to combine the outgoing pitch as well as the outgoing rock hopper into one bike that’s a great place to start or the higher level models are a great place for a rider that’s been going at it.

For a while now we’re going to go into some of the features and design as well as what’s changed about this 2021 rock hopper

checking out this rock hopper one of the neat things about this bike is it’s going to be the combination of the specialized pitch and the rock hopper of yesteryear so the rock hopper and the pitch have almost shared a category for a while and most of that is because the old rock hopper was only slightly more cross country than the pitch was trail and what that made for was a little bit of a blurred line between the two bikes and most people chose the two different bikes based on wheel size.

The rock hopper was only 29 and the pitch was only 27 five and that made for a rider who wanted the smaller wheels especially in a smaller frame size choose the pitch and larger riders oftentimes ended up with a rock hopper now as sports like naica high school mountain biking become more popular specialized really saw an opportunity to make a better bike for a lot of different riders and that’s what we have here so the specialized rock hopper is actually going to run the same a 1 aluminum which has manipulated tubing all the way from the lowest price point to the highest price point in their lineup it’s also going to be either 2 by or 1 by with more modern geometry and on the higher level bikes you’re going to have a couple of options with air Forks.

That’s going to make this bike a pretty good place to start if you’re an early rider too but also affordable place if you’re looking for a better quality mountain bike to be out on the trails with now I talked about the wheel size being an important thing and that’s where this is going to vary from previous generations.

This bike is going to be available all the way from a double extra small up to a double extra-large and on the double extra small it’s going to be running a 26 inch wheel size on the extra small to medium it’s going to be a 650 B or 27 and a half inch wheel size and medium to double extra-large it’s gonna be a 29 that means in the medium frame size this bike is going to be available both in 2075 or 29 that’s because specialized saw that in that frame size there was a pretty even split between what people were preferring and of course on the larger and smaller ends more often than not people were choosing the wheel size that matched up with the frame size.

What we’re looking at here is going to be the small size of the base model specialized Rockhopper and that means it’s going to be running some 650b by 2.3 inch ground control tires and looking at this bike you’re gonna of course notice that it’s got a sloping top tube the top tube slopes down to help give riders a little bit more room getting over the bike and that becomes more horizontal the larger the frame size of course but this aluminum a one frame is going to be set up with internal cable routing an inch and an eighth straight steer tube it’s going to then be set up with 9 by 135 standard spacing on the rear and then up front it’s going to be 9 by 100 standard spacing as well making for a pretty easy bike to be able to get replacement parts for without spending too much money on them for the fork the base models set up with the SR sunt or XC e fork this is going to be a 28 millimeter stanchion fork it does have preload adjustment there is no lockout on it but it should be a pretty serviceable fork the drivetrain on this bike is a course gonna be a 2×8 drivetrain as this is the beginning model running a torn ATX rear derailleur and then up front this has the stout to buy crank set with a Shimano front derailleur and the stout crank set is non-replaceable chain rings but it’s aluminum arms and it’s running on a threaded 73 millimeter bottom bracket and a neat thing back here is while this comes with a 30.9 aluminum rigid seat post it does have internal cable routing should you want to add a dropper to it it’s going to have the specialized bridge saddle which should give a nice comfortable perch on it

And then up front for cockpit this bikes going to be set up with an aluminum wider handlebar and then it’s going to have an aluminum stem that’s nice things to see on a bike of this level it’s also going to be set up with these micro shift shifters so specialized is running these because they’re going to operate the two by drive train very well you’ve got an index finger adjustment to make it go to a harder gear a thumb button to make it go to an easier gear on the rear and by having that gearing indicator it’s gonna mean that a newer rider is going to more easily understand what gear they’re in gonna have standard aluminum brake levers which are going to be operating these mechanical disc brakes it’s going to be six bolt with 160 millimeter rotors and well it’s not a hydraulic setup the next level up of this bike is still going to be a to bi drivetrain but you’re going to get a hydraulic setup as well as a 30 millimeter stanchion fork so it’s pretty neat to see that through the small price jumps between these bikes there’s gonna be a pretty big jump as far as performance is concerned so now that we’ve taken a look at this more modern specialized rock hopper let’s go ahead and find out what this bike weighs the actual weight on the specialized rock copper and a size small comes in at thirty point two three pounds.

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