The 2019 Trek Domane SL6 Disc Endurance Ultegra Road Bike + Weight

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[VidSitePro id=89 ]We’re taking a look at the 2019 Trek domani sl6 so this is a beautiful SL six disc Trek domani six meaning that this trek domani is set up with Shimano Altera components SL means that this is the mid-level frameset full carbon frame carbon fiber fork and of course an SL six also comes with a carbon fiber seat so taking a look at this frame this has been around for a little bit of time now but this is treks endurance geometry bike meaning it’s gonna be a little more upright than their a Monda series a little more stable as well but that really allows this bike to do an awesome job of being highly comfortable and really set up for some long miles in the saddle to make those long miles a little more possible we’ve got in the front end something called ISO speed what ISO speed is is it’s actually a bearing set that’s inside of here that allows the handlebar to flex forward that’s going to give you some comfort when you go over some bumps because that front end is actually going to be able to flex a little in the back we’ve got rear ISO speed this has been around since the very first generation of the trek domani what this is is this is a bearing and a shaft that goes through that helps hold the seat tube onto the frame while being totally dis coupled meaning it’s actually not molded together it’s held together by that variant interface and then of course to complete out some of the comfort here you’ve got the seat mast the reason they do is seat mast is the cap goes on top you don’t have overlapping material inside of the frame which allows the rear end to be even more compliant and even more comfortable also looking at this frame we got to talk about tire clearance so while this is not necessarily a gravel grinder it certainly can you can see that this will fit up to 30 five millimeter tires and stock on the bike it’s gonna come with these Bontrager are two thirty two millimeter tires so it’s really set up for nice comfortable high-volume tires really just looking for a bike that’s gonna be able to enjoy those long miles and keep you comfortable as we said it’s an SL six which means this is going to have the Shimano el tigre drivetrain and Trek does all tegra all the way from the shifters shifter and brake setup on the bike down to the crank front derailleur as well as rear derailleur and cassette so you’ve got an 11 32 on the back nice climbing gears and at 50 34 stock up front other things to note this bike is actually going to come with the Bontrager paradigm and wheel set this is a tubeless ready wheel set it’s of a wider variety so it’s going to have nice support for the wider tires that this bike is expecting and overall it’s really just going to be an awesome set up neat things with the frame is you’re gonna have internal cable routing you’re gonna have these nice big openings where this is actually where your water bottle would go but the whole cover can come off to be able to service the bike and then Bontrager is gonna be the outfit of your cockpit and your handlebar so if we take a look at those two items here you’ll see this is set up with Bontrager x’ elite iso zone which is they’re more comfortable handlebar it’s got some padding in it and elite blender stems so you can run their mounts for all different sort of accessories and then of course a Bontrager saddle mount it up to this bike so now that we’ve taken a look at some of the features on the bike let’s go ahead grab our scale and we’ll see exactly what this bicycle weighs with our scale here you’re gonna see that this domanecomes in and weighs only nineteen point one eight pounds so thanks for watching this video on the trek domane SL six-disc go ahead and let me know in the comments below what you think about this track domane.

November 9, 2019
November 9, 2019

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