Taiwan JUIN stand style DB1 oil press hydraulic disc brake groupset bicycle brake system

Color: red with 2 discs red no disc
List price: US $75.00
Price: US $63.75
You save:US $11.25 (15%)

Item Specifics

Mountain Bikes
Light Alloy
Braking System:
Hydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)
Disc Brake
140cm 80cm
Model Number:
Brand Name:

Product Description

Taiwan JUIN stand style DB1 oil press hydraulic disc brake groupset bicycle brake system

weight: front:280g rear:290g

length: 75cm/135cm

right front/left rear

Expert Review

Review by: Yuri S.
Before my first experience with Taiwan JUIN stand style DB1 oil press hydraulic disc brake groupset bicycle brake system, I had tested all admissible variants of resemblant ones.A week ago I stumbled upon this online shop and decided to give it a shot. In untested webstores I commonly set with wasting insignificant sums – solely tocheck and make a decision whether to resume with the vendor or not. I’m not the one who affords adventures particularly when it refers to monetary issues. I decided this bargain was something I should invest in - and indeed – not much of an expense at that. I honestly never thought that the item like this could be a real discovery, but I was quite unjust. Who could fancy? Well, not me, for certain. Anyway, it does to the letter what it claims to do, and it does it perfectly.

The concept of Taiwan JUIN stand style DB1 oil press hydraulic disc brake groupset bicycle brake system is so plain, and the charge so lucrative that I figured it wouldn't trigger. But it does to the letter what it is aimed to do. Absolutely worth the price. I've tried several articles of the kind in timed past… I couldn't beg for a better item. Respect to the seller!

It is truly excellently made. The style proves that aesthetic touch can make immense difference in the utilization of an article. I took up this one after revising the positive comments and trusted they were true. They were. There are some advantages to this form over the other ones I've tried:
  • It looks pleasant.
  • It is low-priced.
  • It’s a super quality item.
  • It completely fits its statement and doesn’t disillusion.

If you are in the market for an product like this, I can't fancy you'll come across one better than this one.

No shopper’s sorrow; got the package at the right time, total A+++ purchase. Highly recommend!
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Review Summary

Catching looks, attractive charge, high quality and complete agreement to the characteristics. One of the greatest products of this modification I have ever bought, no complaints.

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Customer reviews

Verified buyer

Not yet tested, just received, it was lying into the House floor by DHL - everybody could steal it ! But we're only a few Persons here, so it's okay. Seems to be nice, i do must shuffle the Left/Right Brake Levers - for european Users: Left ist Front Brake, Right is Rear Brake, these Pairs here are the Opposite - Left is Rear, Right is Front Brake. Think about it. Recommanded Seller !

Verified buyer

I'm from India. This item reached here in just 15 days and also well packed. The product is well built(it does have nice aesthetic appeal).One main drawback is ,the rear hydraulic hose is a little short.I didn't fit this break set on my bike, only after fitting, I'll post another comment about the performance of the break.

Verified buyer

Arrived in perfect condition selling confident

Verified buyer

My ass is short, i have to send it to extend a little more.

Verified buyer

Genuine Juin Tech DB1 brakes at a good price. They stop nicely and they're nice and light. Ship time wasn't too bad either just over 2 weeks.

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