Specialized Nailed the 27.5+ Hardtail 2020

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Specialized Fuse All New Feature Review & Actual Weight

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on this James the bike guy we take a look at a killer new bike from specialized this is the 2020 totally revised specialized fuse so we’re gonna take a look at some of the features talk about the frame design why this one totally gets it nailed and then of course we’ll find out what it weighs so be sure to click the subscribe button and watch along with me to check out this new bike to give some backstory on the specialized views it’s a twenty seventy five plus trail bike meaning twenty seven five wheels 2.8 or 3.0 tires in it and it’s been around for several years now specialize has carried the same original frame through quite a few different component iterations on the bike and while other brands like Trek with the Rosco and others like that have come out in competition now what’s really neat is in 2020 specialized has taken all the revisions that other companies and riders have been looking for out of their entry-level 27 5 plus bikes and have dialed it into this one and in fact at a pretty reasonable price at the time of posting that specializes running these four 1250 and we’ll go over the features in the specs but that is a really great value of this bike now the cornerstone of this bike is of course its frame and this is using specialized a1 aluminum so this is a very nicely made aluminum frame it’s gonna have a tapered inch and an eighth two inch and a half head tube it’s gonna go down to a seventy three millimeter threaded bottom bracket but what’s really neat about this is it’s gonna be a much nicer geometry than before so this bike is actually gonna be set up with 130 millimetres of front travel with a 66 degree headtube angle so nice and slack headtube angle and on all sizes it’s actually running a 74 degrees C tube angle so that means this bike is gonna be at home descending and it’s still gonna climb pretty well and with a 430 millimeter chain stay in the back it’s still going to be playful enough to lots of front the other huge upgrade for 2020 as they go away from boost QR to now boost through axles so this is a true 148 boost in the rear end and then of course the Judi silver which we’ll get into later has a 110 millimeter boost front hub now of course the bike is going to be set up with totally internal cable routing it’s a really nice setup on this bike and then it’s gonna run 30.9 seat tube a 30.9 seat post which is of course internally drop or post routed I really like how they’ve smoothed out the welds on this bike and just the look of this thing is really awesome now for Drive Transpac it’s gonna be set up with a day or 10 speed rear derailleur and that’s gonna go through and 1142 son race cassette which is linked up to stout three piece crank with a thirty-two narrow wide chain ring so a basic drivetrain but a really nice setup for this type of bike now four wheels this is going to be set up with specialized own stout tubeless rims with a scout hub and in the back it’s going to be twenty eight hole with 14 gauge spokes and then up front it’s gonna be a twenty-four hole with the same tubeless ready stout 38 millimeter wide rim now for tires it’s running the grid version of the tires so the more durable tubeless ready versions but up front you’ve got the butcher grid and a 27 5 by 2.8 and then in the back you’ve got one of my favorite new trail tires for the rear the slaughter so this is a 2.8 as well nice knobs on the outside and then of course that kind of faster rolling knob system in the center for a seat post this is running the trans x 30.9 sea post and an extra small the small this is going to have a hundred millimeter of travel and medium and larger it’s going to come with 120 so tons of seat post and then of course you’ve got the bridge 1:48 saddle on the bike for cockpit parts this is going to be a stout cockpit so a 31-point eight millimeter stem as well as handlebar and the handlebar itself is going to be seven hundred and eighty millimeters wide and the medium through extra-large and then 750 on the small and extra small four controls of course you’ve got that Shimano Deore ten speed shifter and then of course it’s going to be set up with the tech tro m to 75 hydraulic disc brakes now these are set up with a 180 millimeter rotor up front and then a 160 millimeter rotor in the rear now for the fork this is where especially at its price point you get a hella nice fork so this is actually set up with a rock shock Judi silver TK that means this is an air spring fork with a 42 millimeter offset and 130 millimeters of travel basically you’re going to get set up with a turnkey lockout and then you’ve actually got an adjustable air spring so this is an air fork on an entry-level price point what size bike now riding this around I was really amazed at how well this road you can definitely tell that they’ve fixed the geometry on the bike the front end is certainly quite a bit longer and it feels a bit more confident so now that we’ve taken a look at all of the specs and features of the 20 20 specialized views let’s go ahead and find out what it weighs the specialised views and a size large is going to come in and weigh 31.9 pounds so go ahead and let me know your thoughts on this newly revised 2020 specialized views let me know if you think that it’s a real worthy upgrade what would have you like to see different and then while you’re at it.

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