Shimano SM-CB90 Inline Cable Quick-Release Adjuster for Direct Mount SM CB90 Road Brakes

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The SM-CB90 Brake Cable Adjuster is perfect for your direct mount brake setup. Once fitted, opening the lever on the cable adjuster releases your brakes, allowing for easy removal. This little unit works well on all road bikes, but is especially useful on bikes with direct mount brakes that have no quick release.

For Adults Only

Applicable to the following brakes: 5810-R 6810-R 9010-R R7010-R R8010-R R9110-R.

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Review by: Caroline T.
Foremost, one could say that Shimano SM-CB90 Inline Cable Quick-Release Adjuster for Direct Mount SM CB90 Road Brakes is excellently manufactured. Currently it’s hard to run into something of suitable quality for such a price. The material feels good and strong and the stuff can serve you for a long while. For me it is important in products of this sort. when surfing the internet, you can find lots of products for a high price but the quality nevertheless turns out to be considerably worse. In that respect, it’s pointless considering the price of the product.

Another thing is that the the thing is really comfortable. To my thinking, this property is one of the first things pay respect to. I once happened to buy something that looked as a high-quality product but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Some people also take into account the design of the item. I think many people would agree, the given stuff looks pretty though this is a matter of preferences.

In contrast with other similar models I often see on other sites, I can say this one is front rank. Its price-quality trade-off is very nice. This quality is definitely worth the expense. I don’t like to pay more than needed when there’s stuff of similar quality for better price.

Beyond that, I can assure you the merchandise is undoubtedly worth its price. I’m glad I ran into it and bought it.
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The model is a definitely worth the posted price. The quality together with such a low price makes this model a good deal.

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