SHIMANO L02A Pads 105 ULTEGRA R7070 R8070 R9170 L03A L04C Cooling Fin Ice Tech Brake Pad ROAD BR RS505 RS805 ROAD disc brake

Color: L03A NO Spring 4 SET L03A Resin 4 SET
List price: US $55.85
Price: US $44.68
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Braking System:
Hydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)
Model Number:
2 piston
ROAD Bikes

Product Description

NEW 2019 L03A (Resin) Ice Tech Resin Disc Brake Pads

For Adults Only

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
2018 paragraph L02A
NEW 2019 L03A (Resin) Ice Tech Resin Disc Brake Pads
Genuine replacement pads
Ice-Tech heat radiation cooling fins
Aluminium backing plate
Suitable for BR-RS505, BR-RS805, BR-R7070, BR-R8070, BR-R9170 Shimano ROAD bike disc brakes.

Expert Review

Review by: Jake F.
For starters, you could say that the merchandise is excellently manufactured. At these days it isn’t often that you obtain something of fair quality for such a bargain price. The material is good and strong so the item can serve you quite a while. I consider it very significant in items of this kind. when surfing the internet, I often see lots of products for an unfair price but the quality normally turns out to be low. To that end, there’s not much sense keeping in mind its price.

I should also say that the the merch is really comfortable. From my perspective, this thing is one of the first things that draws my attention. I sometimes happened to pay for something made of high-quality materials but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Some also take into account the eye appeal of the product. I think many people would agree, the given thing looks quite pretty though you may disagree.

When compared to other similar models I came across elsewhere, I’d say this one is the best. Its price-quality trade-off is more than attractive. This quality is for certain worth the money. I don’t like to pay more when there’s stuff of the same quality for this cheap.

Finally, I believe the stuff is surely worth its price. I’m lucky I saw it and acquired it.
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The stuff is a for sure worth the posted price. High quality along with this price makes this stuff a good purchase.

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    Verified buyer

    Good vendor to purchase from satisfied with product

    Verified buyer

    They look like what they say.

    Verified buyer

    Parts in good order received first-class material! Thanks for the correct shipment.

    Verified buyer

    The pads look great! I haven’t tested them though

    Verified buyer

    L03A x 4. All good. I’ll be buying more if they keep the price nice & low..

    Verified buyer

    All OK. Thank You

    Verified buyer

    All Perfect!!!

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