Scott Addict RC Road Bike 2020 Review

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[VidSitePro id=49 ]Today we are here at kids bikes shop and this is the product sound of the all-news got Eric Darcy my name is liam and I’m the head of engineering in the road back department and I gonna introduce to you now the all-new edit RC
when we went into the development of this new bike we had one single development target which was first quickly defined but at the same time we already knew that it’s pretty hard to achieve we want to come up with the best performing road bike on the market when we are looking at the at the new addict when it when it came to due to the geometry the goal was to make the bike ready for modern tire specs the the bike is specified with 28 millimeter tires on 21 C rims this opens up actually two challenges first is for sure the clearance you have to have to have enough clearance but at the second point due to the bigger volumes of the tires the whole bicycle raises up a little bit here we said okay we want we still want to have this race ready geometry which we all like and which we are used to have so the approach we took was to have a longer fork with a shorter head tube and the lower bottom bracket like this we insure that the bicycle and has enough clearance for the for the modern tire spec but at the same time we are still on the race track the geometry which we used to have
I’ve only wrote it once or twice already now so it’s still really fresh but for me it’s a great bike the first thing I noticed was once I got out of the suit it’s really the stiffness in the bottom there differently compared to the old back and I already thought like I say the bike was the best bike I’ve used all my races I’ve won have been on this bike when it comes to integration we followed a completely new approach we patented a completely new concept of cable integration which is called the eccentric bicycle fork shaft as you can see the bike looks stunningly clean so there’s no wire exposed and not at one single speck level so there’s both electronical shifting mechanical shifting and hydraulic braking is integrated at all spec levels the heart of this integration is as a set our very own pattern and maybe it’s a little bit easier to explain if I explain it on the cup model the theory behind us that we have an eccentric steerer shaft as you can see here so in the center the rotational axis of the fork is exactly exactly concentric to the rotational axis of the bottom bearing on the top this looks a little bit different the rotational axis of the steerer has a slight offset of three millimeters towards the rotational axis of the top bearing and this combination of a one and a quarter-inch steerer with a three millimeter offset inside a 11.5 in top two pair top bearing gives us an enough space to guide the the cables internally into the frame because you can actually see right here talking about aerodynamics there is no wire exposed in front of the of the cockpit and this for sure has positive influence of the generator track of the whole bicycle but we didn’t stop there we even went further and applied our patented f1 Aero foil on all the main sections of the main tubes as you can see here before they had you the down tube to see tube the seat post and the seat stays have our patented fo.1 arrow shape but still we want to ensure the real amount of comfort which the rider needs to to stay fast over long term so for that we also did three different approaches we lowered the seed stairs to increase the defects generated in the seated area we also applied a D shape and cross section on the seat post and on the seat tube on top of that we also applied our comfort or optimized layup inside the seated area or inside the comfort area of the bicycle super very nice I think it’s a really nice move for the for the brand is a really fast one but also climbing the world so I don’t know where I can put this bike in climber or it spring bike because he’s good for both having comfort is nice as mentioned but for sure you want to have a certain amount of stiffness in order to make sure that your pedal stroke is really converted into acceleration and for that we also had three different approaches we had the the two oversized bearings in the top and on the bottom of the of the head tube like this we could create a maximized connection towards the top tube and towards the down to you also in the bottom bracket we tried to maximize the connection towards the down tube and towards the sea tube and this gives a Richard structured towards the bottom bracket area we also applied our stiffness optimized layup all along the stiffness backbone of the bicycle so like this revealing and distinguished the functions of the color of the carbon layup the top one is made to have enough compliance when it comes when it becomes rough on the street whereas the bottom one really provides the immediate lateral stiffness you need for being fast [Music] we also put a lot of effort into the lightweight aspect we we had basically three different approaches we applied our that ones modeling molding structure the second one is that we really applied a completely hollow frame kit and the third one is that we we took really special care to every single little detail for the hollow molded structure for instance you can have a look at the sandwich hanger the rear end is molded completely hollow and then we’re gonna have a machine with step in the right in the middle and then we take the the rd hanger not just for the function of having of keeping the rear derailer we also give it the the function of providing the the structural function of the sandwich construction right here the same we followed also on the front in the fork so it is really a one over send Lee hollow structure and the last thing about the details is for instance you can you can see this on the on the seed club the new super minimalistic seat clamp is at a weight of 12 gram this is light but it’s not the end of being light we could also reduce the weight of the seat post significantly in comparison to an to an equal shaped seat post we were able to save 66 grams just by reducing the weight of the amount the amount of weight in the seat post and in the seat clamp and this isn’t really watered what in our eyes provides the perfect road bike when it comes to road bike racing .

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