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Schwinn SmartStart bikes are made to fit your child’s proportions

Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike customer reviews

What is Schwinn SmartStart? It is a complete redesign of bike geometry to better match a child’s body type to create a more comfortable, ideal riding position. This includes a lighter bike frame for added control, smaller grip diameters to match smaller hands, and a more narrow pedal position to match children’s smaller hips. Other kids bikes are just shrunken down versions of adult bikes.

On a SmartStart bike, there will be less wobble while the child pedals so they will feel more confident and comfortable while going through the learning process. Plus, the seat angle was changed so as the seat is raised the reach distance to the handlebar also increases; meaning that the bike will fit your child longer.

The Faster Way to Fun!

  • Right Size: Bikes optimized to fit children for a more comfortable ride
  • Pedal Better: Narrower pedal position matches the width of a child’s hips
  • Comfort Fit: Seat and grips designed to support a child’s proportions
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Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bicycle with SmartStart

Schwinn Elm with 12-Inch WheelsFits children 2 – 4 years old, or 28 – 38 inches tall. Adjustable saddle and a slack seat-tube angle allow the bike to grow with your child and comes with training wheels.Schwinn Elm with 16-Inch WheelsFits children 3 – 5 years old, or 38 – 48 inches tall. Adjustable saddle and a slack seat-tube angle allow the bike to grow with your child.Schwinn Elm with 20-Inch WheelsFits children 6 years old and up, or 48 – 60 inches tall. Adjustable saddle and a slack seat-tube angle allow the bike to grow with your child.
Schwinn, Bike, Bicycle, Kids Bikes, Schwinn Koen, Schwinn Elm, Family Bikes

Founded in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois, the Schwinn mission has been to develop bicycles that allow people to experience the confidence and freedom that comes from riding a bike.

Over the last century, the bicycles, designs, and riders have evolved, but our commitment to the Schwinn mission has remained strong. Schwinn is excited to be on this journey with you.

As we continue to build upon our heritage of being America’s most loved bicycle brand; we look forward to another century of sharing our bicycles with explorers of all ages. You can trust that you have our continued dedication to the quality and innovation that has become synonymous with the Schwinn name.

Let’s go!

customer reviews

mommy of2 5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy, well made, beautiful color, hand and foot breaks. Awesome!

December 28, 2018 Color: Teal Style: 20″ Wheels Verified Purchase

Exactly what we were looking for! We got this for our 7 year old daughter for Christmas. She really wanted a teal colored bike and this really fit the bill perfectly. We saw others and had her sit on and try lots of other style bikes to make sure we would get one she’d be confident and comfortable riding. She’s still getting comfortable riding bikes without training wheels (we live in a rural area where there’s a lot of dirt and the only place she can ride is in the street which makes it difficult for me to keep an eye on her all the time). Anyway, so I believe she still needs the foot breaks until she transitions to a hand break only bike. This was the only bike I could find that was all the things we needed, right color, and it has the hand and foot breaks. We found that the BMX style bikes were uncomfortable for her because you have to lean farther forward on them to reach the handles. This one gives you a more upright posture while riding and has a more cushioned seat than the BMX style bikes that we tried. Obviously she hasn’t been able to ride it much but roll it around the house a bit because it’s winter time and there’s a lot of snow outside, but it looks like a very well made and sturdy bike that I expect to last for many years. She loves it, and I love it. My husband put it together in maybe 20 minutes or less. Definitely recommend. The price tag was a bit more than I wanted to spend on a bike, but for the quality and it having everything we were looking for, it was definitely worth it. Shipping was fast, no complaints.

Bryan Dang 2.0 out of 5 starsBeware, some pieces are poorly made

December 2, 2018 Color: Teal Style: 18″ Wheels Verified Purchase

When I received my package, the box looked fine but when I proceeded to open it and assemble the bike I noticed that the basket had an enormous crack on the side. Which really made me question the quality of this purchase. I can’t review how the bike feels when riding because its currently wrapped and won’t be ridden until Christmas morning. I will leave another review once my niece rides this bike. If there was a way for the company to send a replacement for the basket, that would be great.

kathryn 4.0 out of 5 starsGreat little bike but some questionable pieces

December 7, 2018 Color: Pink Style: 14″ Wheels Verified Purchase

Bought 3 of these for my 3 little girls for Christmas. Just put them together. 2 of them each had one defective piece. One washer was misshapen and one basket was cracked. As always, Amazon is fixing my problem (sending replacement for free) so don’t let this stop you from purchasing but do not wait until Christmas Eve to put it together. Seems like pretty great and adorable bike. Sure my kids will love.

Amazon Customer 1.0 out of 5 starsDisappointed. Broken beyond repair.

June 4, 2019 Color: Teal Style: 18″ Wheels Verified Purchase

This bike is adorable, but as it broke after maybe half a dozen uses, I cannot recommend it.

My husband assembled it. It wasn’t terribly difficult, but took a bit more time than we thought it should have. After three uses, the peddles were lose. What?! We tightened them back up and made sure everything else was still secure so our five-year old didn’t take a tumble because something came apart. A ride or two after that, a piece fell off as she was riding and into the inside of the chain area. I don’t even know how to describe what happened. It looks like the chain slipped, but there’s a piece that’s missing that’s now irretrievable.

I’m seriously disappointed by this. I thought by buying a Schwinn we could avoid issues just like this. Guess not. And I can’t seem to find a way to either return or exchange the bike, which is really upsetting as it’s unusable.

Corban 1.0 out of 5 starsNot worth the cost, returned for refund

June 3, 2019 Color: Pink Style: 14″ Wheels Verified Purchase

I would think this bike was better quality than the local value store but i was mistaken. Assembly was easy for anyone with any mechanical know how. However the quality of the hubs, bearings or anything that rotated for that matter were horrible. My 4 year old daughter had to strain to ride this thing on a flat hard surface. I did everything i could (except disassemble the hubs) with no improvements. This thing would roll to a stop going downhill! Horrible workmanship.
The brakes are probably worth $2 total! Horrible quality, absolutely subpar for what i would want to trust to keep my baby safe.
Returning for a refund and will get something that actually rolls!

Heather Ayers 5.0 out of 5 starsAlways a win with Schwinn!

January 14, 2019 Color: Teal Style: 18″ Wheels Verified Purchase

Assembly was minimal and well explained! Front basket was a little flimsy but an accessory that was highly desired by my girl! She hit the streets like a pro, despite the ice and snow. This mom is looking forward to summer bike rides as a family this year!

Brynnie 1.0 out of 5 starsThanks for ruining our daughter’s birthday.

March 10, 2019 Color: Teal Style: 20″ Wheels Verified Purchase

Hey Schwinn, thanks for ruining our 8 yr old daughter’s birthday. Fork connecting to steering wheel arrived severely bent and the bike isn’t derivable. Hope this didn’t happen to anyone else.

Culinary Arts 5.0 out of 5 starsGood bike, good value

April 30, 2019 Color: Pink Style: 16″ Wheels Verified Purchase

Fabulous bike! The assembly was pretty easy if you didn’t try to follow the directions! Took us about 20 minutes. Everything arrived in good condition with no damage as some of the previous reviews had. We ordered the pink and the color is very vibrant. The 16” is perfect for our tall 4 year old. She is about 4’. It does have a lot of growing room too with the seat almost all the way down on the lowest setting. Easy to pedal and brakes on the pedals and the handle. We added a bell and streamers for some whimsy that the bike lacked by itself. It is much better quality than the cheap big box bikes with the Disney characters but a lot less expensive than the local bike shop.

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