REVIEW: 2020 Trek Verve 1 – Hybrid Bike BRAND NEW

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Hi I’m Liam from Kids bikes shop we just got some Trek 2020 bikes in I wanted to take a minute to show you one this is called the verb 1 it’s what you would call a hybrid bike or a fitness bike it’s aluminum frame 21 speeds Shimano components this bike and also as you can see through here disc brakes so you get all of the the high-tech features of way more expensive bikes at a reasonable entry-level price this bike was designed for someone that’s kind of just getting back into biking maybe wants to do a little fitness riding just some fun around the neighborhood that you know their last bike was maybe a beach cruiser type of a bike but now they want to ride a little more so it’s designed to still sit very upright a nice wide comfortable seat but then you get all the performance advantages of of the more enthusiast type bikes so you get all the comfort of the beach cruiser but the ease and efficiency of a nice lightweight aluminum bike tires on this fairly wide again none beach cruiser wide but not skinny racer you can change out these if you want to go narrower as you get more into performance easily switched out to a narrower tire need be if you’re looking for a bike want to get out there and haven’t been on a bike in awhile and you know your goal is maybe to work up to going 10 or 15 miles on a ride be efficient but also comforts an issue definitely come in and of the verb 1 thanks.

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