Rad Runner High End Affordable e-Bike?

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[VidSitePro id=127 ]hello my name is Jack and I’m kin and today we’re gonna be doing an in-depth review of rad power bikes rad rubber stay tuned for our scorecard at the end [Music] this model is the rad runner rad power bikes is an established electric bike company who have been making electric bikes since 2007 their newest model however is two years in the making which is something I really like about this company they took their time to make a solid product the base price of the rad runner is $12.99 they have worked hard to make this an affordable ebike offering I think $1,300 for a bike with these specs is an incredible deal let’s take a closer look and see if they had to sacrifice anything to be able to get there we are riding the black model but they offer a forest green option as well the build quality is superb especially for this price point it feels like something that’s going to last for a long time there is a big open space here to step through which makes it easy to get on and off the bicycle set up was painless we only had to assemble a few pieces and we were up and running in under 15 minutes guided by a great step-by-step video I found the seat to be a bit too small and hard but not everyone who rode the bike felt that way we also received the passenger package from rad power bikes so I was able to sit further back on the passenger seat to get more comfort out of the bike that package includes the rear seat fold down pegs and acrylic wheel guard the bike has a payload capacity of 300 pounds meaning you can carry around a lot of stuff or pick up a friend which is not something I would normally think of doing on a bike the screen from their previous bikes has been changed to an LED indicator in order to keep the price down I did miss being able to see how fast I was going but it was a reasonable sacrifice to make and I actually enjoyed the simplicity of it the tires are custom Kenda krad 20 inch by 3.3 inch which gives it a low riding moped feel with a tight turning radius typically a fat tire is 4 inches wide and I think it’s impressive that they worked with Kenda to customize and hone in on exactly what they wanted for their bike so with electric bikes there’s thing pedal-assist could you explain that to me how that works yeah totally so when you’re putting any kind of force into it there’s sensors in here that will translate whatever you’re doing into signals for the computer to tell the motor how much force to put out and so how come it’s not like as I’m pedaling pedaling pedaling yeah so this bike has a cool cadence sensor on here so when you’re pedaling you’re putting in a harder for us at the bottom of each footstep right yeah so this accounts for that and give you a smoother linear electric boost so Wow you’re not feeling like a a big rocket yeah I noticed s it’s pretty smooth like jazz riding the bike is simple if you want to ride without motor assistance then you just ride it like a normal bike they also have a zero assist function which allows you to pedal without assists but the throttle is still available if you want the pedal assist press the power button and wait until the display turns on then using the plus and minus buttons adjust the level of pedal assist you want zero is no pedal assist and four is the highest level removing and installing the battery is fairly straightforward turn the key to the unlock position then remove the key and pull the battery out of the bike to replace it simply reverse that process this is a great feature because you can charge wherever is most convenient to charge the bike open the charging port and plug in the cable rad runner is powered by a 48 volt 14 amp hour 672 watt hour battery with lithium nca 18 650 samsung 35 e sells rated for 800 charge cycles so 800 charge cycles should I be worried about something well if you think about it 800 charge cycles if you charge this every day you go to work then you’ll get three years out of the better the frame is made out of 6061 aluminium a lightweight yet strong material and the base model bike weighs in at 65 pounds this isn’t going on the back of your car with your standard bike rack if you want to move it around that way we recommend buying an e bike specific rack if you have the trunk space the front tire and handlebars aren’t too much of a hassle to remove the seat is adjustable and uses a standard mount so you could replace it with a shock post for more comfort to turn on the headlight press the button with a headlight picture there is also a walk assist mode to walk the bike with low motor assistance which I found helpful for walking it up Hills the rad runner uses a 750 watt brushless buffet geared hub motor with 80 Newton meters of torque five-to-one planetary gear reduction all of that means this is a beefy motor if you are riding with your friends and they’re all better bikers than you you’re going to be able to keep up the stated range of the bike is 25 to 45 miles but keep in mind this is under optimal conditions with lots of pedaling acceleration using the throttle in the highest mode will get you up to speed quicker than other bikes we’ve used and pedaling with the assist on will do it even quicker than that the tech rope cable brakes are high quality and with the 180 millimeter diameter rotors I was able to stop with confidence the bike only has one 5216 gear so you won’t be able to gear down to get up a tough hill without the motor engaged but I found the ratio to be a good middle-of-the-road choice the rad runner is designed as a utility bike and is accessible for many users even though they lowered the price on the bike rad power bikes has maintained an excellent product one of my biggest ripes with the bike is the type of seat and its forward positioning which they seem to have designed to allow room for rear cargo or a passenger so I would definitely recommend the passenger seat package to help get in a better position but that’s just me some of our other testers liked the set up check out rad power bikes website where they have tons of affordable add-on accessories some of our favorites that really stood out were the center console giving it a moped look and storage for odds and ends the over wheel fenders in the passenger seat I almost want to start delivering food just to use the insulated delivery bag even the two-point spring-loaded kickstand helps the bike from tipping over when loaded up we rate products one to ten on our six point scale we give the rad runner a seven for comfort the seat did bother me for build quality 9 they even included a customized gear guard to protect it in case it falls over aesthetics 8 a utilitarian style bike that works for everyone performance extras and unique features 9 they offer a ton of accessories at affordable prices overall value is 9 the rad runner at its price point offers quality and versatility that we haven’t seen from other similarly priced bikes thanks for watching now you know for more 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