Rad Power Bikes RadRover Fat Electric Bike Review

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[VidSitePro id=125 ]hello and welcome to electric bike report my name is Pete and this is the rad power bikes rad Rover Fat Tire electric bike in for testing interview spike has four inch wide fat tires and 750 watts of power it’s a pretty interesting bike so this is a video overview and I’ll have the full review for you at electric bike report com so with that let’s take a look at some of the details all right let’s take a look at these big fat tires these are the 26 inch by 4 inch wide Kenda juggernaut tires and let’s just talk about fat tires in general these are really interesting because they’re built for all sorts of terrain and that’s sand snow mud hard pack pavement that you really can ride on on almost anything with these fat tires they have so much air volume that they have a built-in suspension effect they can be run at these lower pressures so that you can really mold over the Train you’re riding on they have such a large tread patch on the ground that you just get amazing traction so overall you know fat bikes themselves are just pretty fun for for riding an all-terrain and they definitely have a pretty bold look to them as well these are Kenda juggernaut tires themselves have a fairly low tread profile and you know the good for off-road but they’re also good for just cruising around town so you can see the the clearance and the frame here so definitely some clearance for mud and snow riding but overall you know these are just a lot of fun to ride on now let’s take a closer look at the frame here this is a 6061 aluminum frame and you can see that the tubes have a pretty unique shape to them and that’s the hydroformed tubing and what they’re able to do is really sculpt these tubes so that you can get like a nice stand over height here so the rad rover can fit a wide range of riders it also helps to place material at high stress areas like the head tube see nice solid connection of the top tube and down tube at the head tube you can also see that they’ve shaped the down tube to grow out a pretty flat surface area for the battery to mount on the down tube and that’s a really nice location for the battery because it is a pretty centered and low weight distribution of the battery which is just good for overall bike handling and you can also see some internal cable routing on the top tube and the down tube there same thing on on this side you can see it here on the the top tube and right here at the head to our is this Bolton connection and this is for a front rack or basket that rad power bikes sells separately and so you can have a really sturdy connection for that cargo rack or basket same thing is true on the back of the rad rover you got nice connection points for a rear rack so you can carry cargo you know when you’re just out running errands or commuting or when you’re out on that adventure ride with the rad Rover here so anyway it’s just some nice detailing on the frame and on the back of the seat tube here is the controller for the main ebike system just below the battery pack are two bolts for the water bottle cage that you can mount on the bottom of the down tube so just nice to see that you can put a water bottle on the rad rover here alright so here’s a closer look at the rst suspension Fork this has 80 millimeters of travel which is about 3.2 inches of travel and the preload is adjusted on the right side as we’re looking at it here and and then on the left side is the lock out and that you can use if you’re riding on you know pretty smooth roads and you really don’t need the suspension that just provides a little more efficient ride overall and you can also see that the suspension Fork has quite a bit of clearance there for these four inch wide Kenda tires and also has the front headlight that runs off of the main ebike battery so one of the big upgrades for 2018 is this high-capacity 48 volt 14 amp hour battery pack that uses Samsung cells and it’s a lithium pack that has 672 watt hours definitely provides quite a bit of range for the rad rover and you can see the full range test results in part 2 of this review at electric bike report calm on this side is the rubber that covers the charging port for the battery and just over here that’s the lock for the battery so you can unlock the battery with the supplied keys and remove it by sliding it up and off the downtube there so here’s a look at the battery when it’s been removed from the bike with the charger here plugged in on this side you can see the two keys that are supplied with the bike at the top of the battery pack is a charge level indicator so when you push that button you can see how much charge the battery has and just on this side here you can see that’s where the charger is plugged in the charger itself it’s about the size of a laptop charger and it takes about five to six hours to fully charge an empty battery pack and this can be charged on the bike as well there’s a look at the frame with the battery removed this is the battery connection on the downtube and you can also see that a flattened area of the downtube so it really creates a nice platform for the battery attachment a closer look at the 750 watt geared rear hub motor from BA Fang it’s a fairly compact motor considering that it is 750 watts it’s pretty well behind the largest cog a cog set and here’s a look at the disc brake side of the motor this will provide assistance up to 20 miles per hour and it’s got pedal assist and a throttle option so that makes this a class 2 electric bike now let’s take a look at the drivetrain first of all you’ve got these nice wide platform pedals they’re aluminum pedals from wellgo they have a nice grippy surface to them and then I got the cranks with the double chain ring guard so this really helps to keep the chain on the chain ring and you can see just behind the cranks there is the cadence sensor for the pedal assist so that senses when you’re pedaling and provides the proportional assist based on the pedal assist level you’ve selected and then on the back here is the Shimano Acera rear derailleur that shifts through the 7-speed cogset in the back there’s a closer look at the Tetro aries mechanical disc brakes they have 180 millimeter rotors on the front as the back of the bike and the brake levers themselves have sensors built into them so when you grab the brakes any kind of assist will stop and that’s pedal assist or throttle and the idea is that you know keep motoring along when you don’t mean to so it’s a nice safety feature so here’s a closer look at the Velo plush saddle has a fairly wide profile to it and one of the unique things it is on the back of the saddle it has a handle so that helps with maneuvering the rider over or picking it up and also just below that you can see the rear LED tail light and it’s powered by two triple A batteries and it has a solid and a flashing mode alright let’s take a look at the controls on the rad Rover first of all on the left side of the handlebar these are the ergonomic grips with sort of a faux leather finish the Tetra mechanical disc brake lever on the front and as you engage the brake levers it’ll stop all the pedal assist there’s the built-in bell right there the control pad here that cycles through information on the display and so on the display here you’ve got the battery level in the upper left here the odometer there’s also trip distance as you hit the center button of the control pad the current speed and then the pedal assist levels and so I’m going through and hitting the up and down buttons there’s five different levels of pedal assist and then there’s also zero which is no assist then there’s watts that the motor is contributing to the ride and it’s really interesting as you cycle through the different pedal assist levels to see how much power the motor is providing and then over here on the right side is the Shimano shifter so as you hit this button it goes down the COG set and this goes up the COG set there’s the twist grip throttle here and this is pretty interesting because there’s a on/off button so you can turn the throttle off if you’re not using it and that’s a nice safety feature so that you know you don’t accidentally twist the throttle and the bike goes when you don’t want it to you but you turn it on and and then engaged and then there’s the rear petrol brake lever and then the faux leather grip on the right side so another change for 2018 is wrap our bikes went with a more upright handlebar and shorter stem that is also a bit more upright just for a very comfortable ride position and last but not least is the kickstand and this has a nice solid platform at the bottom and solid connections the frame – okay so that is the overview of the rad power bikes rad rover phat electric bike you can check out the full review at electric bike report com that includes a bunch of detailed pictures ride characteristics range test results pros cons and overall thoughts.

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