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[VidSitePro id=124 ]hey guys to help run the forums post the website and travel we’ve introduced a universal service fee for in-depth coverage including this video my goal is to be unbiased and transparent it’s a privilege to serve you this is not an endorsement let’s get into it hey guys we’re on an adventure in Seattle we’re hanging out at like a little pocket park it’s beautiful but it’s been raining all day so I’m just gonna jump right into this and we’ll do our best we are looking at the 2019 rad mini and this is the high-step version it only comes in black and it’s got that cool double tube kind of a stronger maybe a little bit more masculine style which which is cool some of the upgrades over 2018 is that it has reflective side wall stripes I really like that they’ve got an integrated rear light whereas before it was battery-powered and they’ve got these brake levers that have motor inhibitors but they also make that rear light go bright right isn’t that cool and there’s even like a little flashing mode which is just awesome I rarely rarely see that on like any electric bikes we do have a 20-18 version over here and it’s in white they no longer come in white for the high step but they have these really cool step through but the versions over here pretty well reinforced I’m actually a big fan of those those don’t come in black so basically for 2018 it’s like white step through black high-step got it black white and now we’re looking at the 2018 which might still be floating around a little bit but there is one little difference that I really I didn’t appreciate at first I was just kind of noticing that the disc brake caliper it’s mounted like back here whereas on the 2019 versions it’s down here and I was like huh what difference does that make and they said well you know this cable see how it’s like kind of in the way of this rack and stuff it’s a little bit more crowded back here and if you want to add fenders and stuff the fenders mounting down here and they do have that extra threaded eyelet for your own rack if you didn’t want to use the rad official racks but they just said you know it’s it’s a little bit it’s a little bit better if we mount it down here and then they’ve got these conical washers that help to Center it and reduce kind of the scraping noise it’s just a nicer a nicer design overall so I wanted to point that out everything about these bikes has really been scrutinized it’s neat to see I’m gonna jump back in to the other one but before I do you can see there’s a fender upgrade that’s really nice we’ve got the optional rear rack here with a child seat attached I like that and they’ve gone to black so for 2019 and beyond they’re just there’s no more white racks so I think that’s it you can see the older light here and you actually had to physically turn it on and off you couldn’t really control it from up there it was totally separate and it has those independent disposable cells which is like man you know you’ve got this really awesome high-capacity battery pack this thing is great it’s got Samsung 18 650 cells in there I think they’re the 35 II so they’re pretty high energy density and it’s a 48 volt pack so a little bit higher voltage efficient on the electricity throughput and 14 amp hours so it’s like 672 watt hours pretty high capacity there’s a charger floating around here somewhere do you guys know where that is there it is there it is this is my grad bo he’s one of the cofounders of the company how’s it going man hey good how are you this company named after you know rad means wheel in German really what has anyone asked you that before yeah of course and and so it’s also the famous BMX movie and also when people would see our first prototypes that did not have the word rat on them they would say man that’s rad that’s right dude I like that like that’s what we were talking about chargers earlier in the day cuz this is like a two amp charger and they there are some companies that have like faster chargers for amp or whatever but you were telling me that this helps to it the lifespan of the cells lasts a little bit longer if you’re not like really you know putting energy into lower the lower charger current increases psycho life of the batteries and two amps is still totally sufficient for most people yeah with a high-capacity battery pack you can get get these packs aftermarket like 550 bucks they weigh about 7.7 pounds which is pretty good and I feel like the size on these is nice sometimes you’re getting these batteries that are super long or maybe kind of angular edges this one’s plastic and it’s nice and smooth and stuff do we have the keys for one of these bikes maybe you can pop a battery off while I’m back over here at the at the bike I like the way that they protect their batteries you can see that the frame like wraps around it slow it keeps the battery wait and that’s just good for handling and everything it also allows you to lower the seat height a little bit you can’t get quite as low on the seat height with the high step as you can on the step through I think that’s 29 inches for the minimum Sam Sann over height and of course the the stand over height I mean is 16 inches but minimum saddle height is 29 so this this is good if you’re someone who’s a little more petite or or whatever you got the battery off sweet yeah so it kind of slides on and locks into position and I think coming back here to the the brackets it’s got like three bolt points so it’s not just like two it’s not it’s a little bit sturdier than yeah we really try to go over a kill they’re the same thing with the interface fit here and I removed one of the fuse holder caps so you can kind of see we have externally replaceable charge and discharge fuses which is great just for serviceability and just in case anything happens and so you don’t necessarily have to send the bike in or work on with the service team that’s a wonderful feature aluminum alloy frame really appreciate that it’s gonna give you some strength and then the double tubing design is kind of nice so you don’t get the frame flex look at the gussets and stuff they do a really good job just trying to give you a lot of strength 350 millimeter length on that seat post 27.2 diameter which is very common so you could replace that with a suspension seatpost rad power bikes does sell one it’s a pro max and that gives you a little bit more cushion I love the saddle it’s actually very comfortable it’s got a handle built in and then with this suspension fork this thing is just great when you combine that with the tires and the knobs it really just soaks up the bumps and for smaller wheel diameters bumps can be a bigger deal because you have kind of a higher attack angle it just kind of Rams things instead of kind of smoothing over them so for me this is one of my favorite folding electric bikes even though it’s a little bit heavier it’s about 67 pounds 68 pounds if you want to get the step through because I think they had to add more frame material to just keep the frame from flexing but the point being I’m willing to trade a little bit more weight for comfort you can take off that battery pack to reduce that like seven pounds and you can take off this front wheel it does have quick release down here the wheels are a little bit heavier because the tires these these were done custom for rad power bikes they’ve got this reflective sidewall stripe and then they’ve got the K shield puncture which is great no one wants to have to change a flat tire if you can help it so I like that the way that the headlights set up by default it’s mounted to the moving portion of the suspension fork but I you know I’m always trying to look for like well what could be improved on these things and it’s really I feel like this is a pretty good light you know it’s fairly bright it’s not gonna hit the fender they’ve got it raised up a little bit and then we’ve got this knurled bolt pattern here so it actually doesn’t slide so I decide quite as easily as some of the cheaper ones that I’ve seen it’s metal it’s really clamped down well and then if you add that front rack it actually mounts to the base of the rack which we can see over here right so there’s the headlight it’s mounted out in the front now verses down here it would have been colliding so it’s not gonna point where you steer but at least you still got the light and it comes with a little extender cable and then you can put cargo up here they’ve got a bunch of different racks whole bunch of stuff back at the website and a lot of the bags and things have reflective sidewalls as well or reflective fabrics built in so I really appreciate that an alternative for the light would have been like up here but then you know if you’ve got something really tall they’ve got this huge like peat subcarrier thing and that can get blocked so I think they’ve done a good job and I like the the rack interface is mounted to the frame because it’s not going to tip and impact your steering so a lot of the accessories have done done a really good job that way it’s I mean look at that thing it’s like a mini cargo bike very impressed with that so coming back to the weight everything’s done pretty well low and center pretty well-protected strong we do have a telescoping stem so it can rise a little bit and give you a more upright seating position but it’s got a locking point now so it can’t overextend which can kind of tighten these cables and even cause some disconnects so they’ve created some safety or self-protection mechanisms in there which I appreciate and at the back of the bike we got the slap guard we’ve got this 11 to 34 tooth this is a freewheel but that’s a great range a lot of times I’m seeing Shimano Turney that’s sort of an entry-level part and maybe it’s 14 to 28 to that they’ve they’ve got much wider here 11 to 34 that’s really gonna help you climb and look how nice this looks so this is like nickel-plated it’s gonna last a little bit longer it freewheels really nicely sounds great and then there’s that fat bike specific but Fang it’s actually designed for rad power bikes and kind of labeled for them 750 watt continuous planetary geared hub motor in the rear extra thick black spokes to match those rims just really nice setup and it kind of hides behind the cassette now really nicely we’ve got this alloy guard so you’re not gonna snag your pants and that twelve magnet cadence sensor up front and then these pedals so a lot of times with folding pedals they’re plastic and they’re just not as tough as metal and they’re not as big so this one’s actually pretty pretty wide it offers good traction and it’s still folding so you kind of push it in like this I’ve been seeing the guys kind of just like kick it in but you push it in like this I don’t want to hurt my hand and then fold it up into that position like that kind of bring it back down so they do fold up you know pretty compact but it is a fat tire bike so there are some trade-offs you might ask yourself like am I trying to save space am I trying to optimize for comfort is this about approachability and I love that the batteries you can swap between bikes so like all their bikes are using the same batteries now they’re using the same drivetrain which I really appreciate we’ve got some comfort touch points up here this is faux leather organ on it grip with a half grip twist throttle we got the rubber edged mechanical disc brake levers then I’m just gonna wheel this bike over into the little bit drier area to try to show you guys the display it is backlit so that’s gonna be kind of nice to see and highly water resistant so we are getting a little bit wet here we hold the mode button it comes to life fairly quickly like that I’m going to hold up and mode and that activates backlighting look how nice that is yeah a little light icon we’ve got a 5 bar battery info graphic so 20% increments which is kind of leave something to be desired for me it’s not quite as precise as 10 or an actual percentage readout but it gets the job done then we got odometer so we’ve got that if we press the mode button it switches to trip distance in the middle we’ve got current speed pedal assist level you can take it to zero and then it’s throttle only but I love how the throttle has like an on/off button built right in so you can completely disable the throttle if you want to if you’re worried about bumping it do be careful because basically anytime you turn the bike on you’ve got full throttle power which I like and then a wattage readout down here and get into settings by holding plus and minus if you want to as well change some of the the readouts you know miles per hour kilometers per hour wheel size that sort of thing this display is really nice because it’s big it’s easy to see it’s fairly well protected in the center and you can swivel it but it’s not removable so it might get wet like we’re getting right now it might get some sun damage over time just just kind of keep that in mind that’s one of the trade-offs the buttons are fairly easy to interact with because they’re relatively close to that left grip and then there’s a USB full-size USB type a charging port built right into the bottom so you can have a light or maybe a phone charger or something and I like to be able to do that especially with a high-capacity battery like we’ve got here and then an adjustable kickstand that’s positioned out of the way there’s just so much to say about this I mean look at the tabs it’s mounted on the inside so you’re not gonna get heel strikes there’s plenty of room right there to pedal backwards pedal forward without getting getting in the way it’s gonna support the rack weight right here you’re not gonna get pedal lock the cables are not internally routed on this bike the way they are on the new step through it makes them a little bit easier to service maybe they won’t get pinched quite as easily either but they’ve still got that support strut here keeps the bottom bracket in good shape along with that alloy guide hey Mike can you help me just do like a little fold on this thing real quick yeah of course so you flip the quickly slippery pop to you that that’s nice man and I liked how yeah there’s that support arm we were just talking about a minute ago so you’re not gonna get any pinching or anything ere we go that’s the top one and I love this look at this you guys there’s this real red button thing that kind of unlocks it there’s a lot of little extras here there to me are kind of higher quality stuff for a long time I thought of rad power bikes is just like one of the the best value price t bikes but some of this stuff now is we’re getting into like it’s nicer we’re gonna hopefully the rain will clear up we’ll go for a little test ride okay guys from here you can see that suspension fork it’s pretty cool you know it’s phat bike specific has to be a little bit wider for the front dropouts and it’s got these thicker 32 millimeters stanchions so that makes a little bit stronger we got lock out over here so you can reduce bobbing if you’re not on bumpy terrain and dive because sometimes when you brake you know you sink in a little bit and then there’s preload so if you’re a heavier person you can preload the spring so it’s not gonna be quite as soft and mushy it’s a really good setup and again this thing climbs well because of the smaller diameter on these wheels and with the knobby tires and stuff in 20 by 4 inches they work great I love the reflective stripes too because it’s you know yeah technically this is kind of set up more like a mountain bike you can take it on sand or snow if you really lower the tire pressure and that’s gonna improve comfort too but it’s it’s still nice to have safety especially when you’re riding a little bit lower probably hard to tell on camera but that was a pretty steep hill right there and this thing just looks I mean it’s it’s pretty cool okay and from here you can see that 48 tooth steel chainring up front with the alloy guide it’s gonna protect your pants and keep the chain from bouncing off slap guard 11 to 34 tooth in the rear really nice nickel-plated cassette or actually freewheel in this case so it comes right on you can you can repair or replace a little bit easier it’s just it’s it’s a great setup and the alt sister is definitely a step above tourney a little bit higher quality we got the guards so that the cable won’t get bumped and you know a lot of times these are shipped to people versus getting it in a store which means you might be unboxing it and it’s just nice to have those those extensive parts well protected and then the 12-minute cadence sensor so when I pedal it’s gonna pick up pretty quickly you know it’s it’s not necessarily immediate depending on what gear you’re in how quickly you’re pedaling but it is as responsive as you can get with those 12 magnets that I’ve seen at least so let’s give it a go I’m gonna be in the highest level of assist very nice we found this really cool cobblestone hill on our way here and it’s just it’s awesome because with these fat tires it feels pretty comfortable and these bikes are so capable that’s Mike down ere he’s gonna he’s gonna climb up with the smaller wheel diameter and the motor being 750 watts it’s pretty capable looking good I was able to do part of it and especially these like easier Hills with throttle only I only weigh a hundred and thirty-five pounds but that was sweet man and you mean you didn’t have to stand up or anything so it’s that motor really helps yeah it’s fairly effortless the small wheels combined with the gear hub motor and that 34 to chain or you can just like creep up this stuff sweet sweet we’re gonna trade it up but we’ll do the other one we found this really cool hill it’s like cobblestone II and stuff that we were riding up at earlier and I just wanted to show this because there’s such a sweet view and with the smaller wheel diameter and everything these bikes climb very effectively this is an extremely steep hill okay so they’re still he’s not gonna just throttle only but he’s not having to stand up you know he’s got pretty good speed Rocco I’m buddy sweet that’s the fun one no wheelies and stuff these guys are it’s a ton of fun and the knobby tires too it’s interesting because they both feel pretty yeah I wasn’t like sliding around a whole lot with the slicks but the knobs are definitely useful if you’re in like grass or loam or that kind of thing so you guys I’m an assist level 5 we’re doing our best to avoid the rain I’m going to pedal along and give you a view of this bike it’s interesting because the the measurements are very similar but there’s just a little bit shorter reach still very comfortable you can extend that seat I’m gonna I’m gonna ride around and just give you guys a view third-person let’s do it Mike’s on the step through with the accessories you definitely hear you know it isn’t geared motor so there’s a little bit of earn but not too much not as much as I expected and it really accelerates smoothly which I appreciate feels very comfortable very stable with those wider tires that’s one of the advantages and then the comfort you can lower these all the way to like 5 psi and you would want to do that if you’re on really soft ground or sand or something like this is that a nice lookout up here what’s this lookout caught a Marshall Park Marshall park it’s pretty I’m not shaking a whole lot appreciate that I do like the look of the the high stuff is kind of cool you got like the double tube reinforced it’s got all the same adapters got all the same lights and stuff so it’s really just a matter of its kind of like style I guess and then knobby tires can you get the knobby tires for this one if you guess so the tires will be available starting in January February so you can purchase them for either bike got it okay so yeah you can kind of like swap it out but the colors is one of the main differences it was so last year you had white on the high step and you’d know more yeah so there’s only black for the high step yep and then white for the low step okay sounds good dude okay I’m gonna close this one out so I think that’s it you guys a lot of fun to check out these bikes back to back and to show you all the accessories and stuff I’ve gone through with a fine-tooth comb with Corey’s help Thank You Corey to get all the details the specs the measurements and stuff have fun out there stay dry if you can but if not get some of those fenders ride stayed we’ll see you next time.

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