PRO Stealth Saddle Stainless/Carbon Steel Rails Road Bike Seat 142mm/152 Black

Color: Stainless 142 Stainless 152 Carbon 142 Carbon 152
List price: US $98.00
Price: US $98.00

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Brand Name:
Road Bicycles
Shell Material:
Imitation Leather
Model Number:
Front Seat Mat

Product Description

Product description

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PRO STEALTH 142mm/152mm carbon fiber track / stainless steel track road bike hollow seat cushion black brand original Product details map: PRO Stealth Cushion — Stealth Carbon saddle carbon track — Carbon fiber reinforced base structure — Lightweight EVA padding — PU surface — compatible seat cushion bracket Width: 142MM (172g) 152MM (179g) Length 25.5CM Front nose width 5CM Track: carbon rail, 7*9MM

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Review by: Mikhail K.
Firstly, I should mention that the merch is excellently made. Right now you rarely obtain something of acceptable quality for this price. The material appears good and strong so you can say that the product can serve you a long while. I consider it very significant in such items. In the internet, you can find lots of products for a crazy price but the quality nevertheless turns out to be quite low. So if you think about it, it’s no use considering the price of the product.

Another thing is that the the merchandise is quite comfortable. For me, this property is one of the first things try to keep in mind. I often happened to find something that appeared of good quality but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Sometimes you also consider the outward appearance of the thing. From my perspective, the given thing looks easy on the eye though I’m not so good at this.

If you compare it with other similar things I found on other sites, I think this one is more than good. Its price-quality trade-off is very nice. This quality is no doubt worth the expense. I don’t like to pay above the odds when there’s something of better quality for lower price.

In summary, I can say the model is for sure worth the cost. I’m glad I found it and purchased it.
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The merchandise is a definitely worth the money. The quality of the material along with good price makes this merchandise a lucky purchase.

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  • Y***G
    Verified buyer

    Arrived within a week(!!!). Haven't put it on the bike yet, though it looks like the original. Will update in the next weeks.

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