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[VidSitePro id=38 ]Hey trav a single with bike magazine we’re at sea otter classic doing a couple of first rides and I wanted to grab this guy the Norco revolver FS now there’s an F s 100 in the FS 120 and the 100 being the really dedicated 100 ml front and rear race bike and the 1:21 120 front rear and that’s not new brands do that with their their race bikes they want to give it a little bit broader appeal they’ll usually put maybe some burlier tires a broiler fork and just make it a little more Tralee this one you get one tenth of an inch more rubber on it but other than that same brakes same fork same frame it’s really just a long-legged XC bike but something about the suspension is really impressive so the pressure Iran on this is relatively low it’s about body weight +5 maybe +10 and it doesn’t have out of the box it doesn’t have any volume spaces in the rear shock so it doesn’t need any help being supportive there’s something in the bones of this bike that wants to give you a lot of get-up-and-go like it’s a really supportive feeling bike with a nice nice supple feeling off the top so for a ride when you want to be comfortable because you’re gonna be in the saddle for a long time which I think this platform is really really good for it’s it’s a really good mix so you get that XC efficiency both in the bikes geometry and it is XC I mean even this 120ml version has a 67 point four degree head angle I mean we’re talking about a bike with a CID fork and that’s where I kept getting reeled back into reality when I was trying to be unreal with it the chassis of the frame itself that fork it’s it’s not something that you’re gonna go and thrash I mean try xeam a the suspension will let you do it so if you get into a situation where you have to it’ll do it but it really just likes to cover ground and do it really comfortably and efficiently and when you want to do it quickly that supportive rear end is there for you it’s it’s a really good mix of not necessarily punishing business like I want to get between the tape and mash my legs off kind of a bike like it’s it’s a really smartly expect kind of a marathon machine which is something that I like seeing come back

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