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[VidSitePro id=71 ]Scot has today launched its all new addict RC and impressively integrated and much to my surprise disc only update to its all-round long-standing road bike safe for the addition of discs in 2016 this is the first major update that bike is seen since 2014 the original addict was launched in 2008 and at the time it is one of the lightest carbon road bikes on the market and if you were to ask me what I assume the addict would be is indeed that a lightweight bike is a hill climber special lightness is still one of the key focuses for the addict and the presentation for the bike included all the usual tropes around improving stiffness improving comfort and improving the air quality of the bike but more than anything integration is the real selling point of this new bike the heart of this integration is the synchros Creston IC SLE cockpit this impressive one-piece cockpit routes all of the cables and hoses on both mechanical and electronic drive trains all the way from the shifters through the bars into the stem and eventually into the head tube so by that I mean from the shifters to the derailers for themselves there’s absolutely no cables visible everything then goes into the fork where is route through usual kind of foam guides in the frame itself [Music] one-piece cockpits are often kind of criticized for being less comfortable than the traditional counterparts and to improve comfort synchros claims it’s basically shrunk as in vertically at the stem itself which allows a little bit of kind of fore-and-aft up and down flex which provides some damping qualities but they’ve also made it a little bit broader which is said to improve stiffness when you’re out of the saddle giving it 10 zillion watts the profile of the bar itself that kind of v-shape it makes towards the stem is also said to improve the strength of the bar is there Laos in cross to align the fibers better along the length of the cockpit a smattering of high modulus fibers are also used throughout the bar to tune feel in terms of weight the whole that is claimed to only weigh 295 grams in an unspecified size this is actually a pretty impressive figure for a one-piece cockpit and it does so while including replaceable hardware which gets a big thumbs-up from me it’s worth noting that the top cap we’re showing in these photos is not a production example it looks a little bit rough around the edges and the texture isn’t quite the same as the cockpit itself become production will look a lot cleaner and it’ll be held in place with a magnet so you won’t have that little bolt on the top so on cheaper bikes you will not have this one-piece cockpit and is instead replaced with the IC SL 1.5 cockpit which is a more traditional bar stem combination but that’s where tradition ends and this arrangement actually has a pretty nifty trick up its sleeve as far as I’m aware this is the only integrated of sorts cockpit which allows you to change the stem length without disconnecting hoses or cables now this begs the question why should you even care about these handlebars I’ve not even talked about the bike yet which i think is quite a tailing thing and Scott certainly really dwelled on this cockpit for the majority of the product presentation again I’m gonna come on to what they’ve done to improve the bike but the message from nearly every brand out there with each new generation of bike is that it’s getting lighter stiffer more Aero and more comfortable when this is the message coming from every brand something needs to be done to differ your products from the rest and in Scotts case they are pushing integration as their big thing with some impressive tech which has gone into the frame and I’m gonna come on to that but really integration is the key message here and you’ve got to see this integration on every single level of the new attic RC now onto the next exciting point yes I did indeed mention the bike is disc only the sale of bikes is now so heavily skewed towards disc brakes in the road market that it’s not really that surprising that Scott would choose to ditch rim brakes but on the other hand the addict is this really classic lightweight platform and it’s a bit of a hill climbing specialist so I kind of imagined Scott was gonna continue to service this admittedly niche part of the market with the new bike however when asked Scott why they had limited the bike to only disc brakes the answer was a little bit more nuanced than just reduced market demand basically it explained that to meet all of their design goals with the new addict to incorporate rim brakes as well as disc brakes would essentially result in designing two separate bikes now that will obviously take up a huge amount of engineering resource very valuable engineering resource which I slightly got the impression was taken up by other interests within core parts of their bike business so there you have it the arrival of disc brakes truly is an unstoppable type now and I’m sure you’re going to let me know how much that upsets you in the comments along with disc brakes undoubtedly the next big thing in road bikes is wider tires and all the new score addicts are compatible with 28 millimeter wide tires when mounted 221 linear wide rims and all production bikes from Scott will come with 28 mil tires are standard as a side note is actually really rare for a brand to quote rim would when cooling tire compatibility so hats off to Scott here for being thorough because this is the sort of stuff which can be so annoying if your consumer and don’t have this information increasing tire volume will fractionally raise the whole bike up a smidgen so to counteract this Scott has very fractionally lowered the bottom bracket height on the new addict to counteract this in terms of geometry the bike is a little bit more aggressive than the outgoing addict which is now dubbing as an endurance model which is quite funny given it was a race bike until this bike was announced but nonetheless the geometry has been developed in conjunction with the mitchelton Scott protein and rad lador which is a very famous fitting lab which has this huge database of tons and tons of data and they claim to have mined through all of this to come to the perfect race bike geometry supposedly the new bike is also built around an industry not standardized now standard D shaped seat post and this is the same shape as used on the foil but on the new addict it actually is our a lighter weight version of that post this is held in place by this really cool ultra lightweight seat clamp which is so much easier to use the wedge style seat cramps that we’re often seeing on these style of bikes this seat clamp is claimed to weigh just 12 grams and really is so so much easier to use an account stress how delighted this makes me and I really hope to see that design carried over to Scotts new bikes the profiling of the tubes and the overall construction of the bike has also been changed and in terms of aero qualities at 45 kilometres an hour which is obviously speed we all ride around at all the time the bike is claimed to save six watts compared to the outgoing model in terms of construction the overall number of parts which make up the frame itself has reduced from 6 to 3 which results in less joins which again results in a stronger frame supposedly and also reduces weight and the entire system weight for the bike so that includes your seat clamp your fork and everything else is claimed to be just one thousand six hundred and ninety five grams in an unspecified size before I get into my brief overview of the addict range it’s worth mentioning that the current generation of the addict and it’s gravel cross and women’s derivatives will still be available going forward so essentially the addict RC is best viewed is your all-out race bike the current addict is really your kind of all-day endurance bike and then the women’s cross and gravel bikes fill up the rest of the niches I’m not going to bore you by listing the full specs of the range overview I’ve already had to do that for bike radar comm and if you want that information check the link in the video description what I can tell you though is that the top is top-end bike comes with a ceramic tea table AXS group set a smattering of beautiful carbon components including the aforementioned synchroscope pick and is claimed to weight just six point nine kilograms and yes that is a claimed weight please PLEASE chastise me for forgetting scales once again in the comments because I’ll never learn otherwise in terms of ride impressions I’m actually not going to dwell on these too much riding for what 50 kilometers on the glass move beautiful roads around Scottie HQ and Freiburg was very delightful but honestly he didn’t really tell me much I didn’t know already about the bike yes it was light stiff is fast it’s relatively comfortable by pretty much could have told you that by looking at the spec sheet it’s a top-end bike with top-end components and some go fast wheels and it’s a well proven bike Scott is not gonna turn out a bad bike and none of actually come as a surprise what who really determined how the bike performs in my opinion is how easy that integration is to live with particularly on the cheaper bikes with those kind of removable fascias like I said there’s so many bikes like this coming out of the minute and they are largely the same you’re not bad bikes but they are all largely the same and what differentiates them is the kind of unique features and manufacturers build into them and again that integration is Scott big selling point with that said a will stress 50k on wonderful Swiss roads was a very pleasant experience and probably more so for being on such a lovely bike if you’re buying a very top end and it provides mashing of beautiful components it’s very very unlikely to disappoint but to actually come to a fou conclusion about what I think of it in terms of ride quality I’d really want it back here on crappy familiar roads back in the UK what do you think of the addict are you devastated there’s not a rim brake option are you delighted by the integration are you bored of bikes which all looks the same or is it just the perfect package but please let me know what you think of the bike in the comments and if you have any questions you lose there too and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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