NEW Scott Addict RC 2020 Review

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[VidSitePro id=55 ]let’s get to the business Scott 2020 and I’m starting with the new all new addict are see what the addict are see is you know I’m having more and more problems explaining to you different types of bikes each year because there are more types of bike coming and also some bikes are becoming like in between different worlds and that’s exactly what Scott are see addict RC is I think that the the most simple way to explain what addict RC is is the best of two world Aero racing bikes and climbing bikes Scott addict was a climbing super-lightweight bike Scott foil which I’m gonna show you in a second is the Aero racing bike and addict RC got features from both worlds so what it got as you can see there is no cables outside even the foil so far still has the outer cables this one has the cables rabbits in the handlebars in the stem it even goes through the upper bearing here on your headset three head tube and then down to the frame to your front and rear derailleur and of course the housing for the rear caliper brake the front one is also hidden inside the fork through axles both a front and rear more racy more Aero geometry and all the shaping is now even more Aero optimized the seat boxes are optimized is not a huge aerodynamics opposed but it is optimized it is like D shaped I think giant called their seat post D shaped but this is this this has the shape of a D so once on one hand it will flex a little bit on the other hand it should be more aerodynamic but the frame really looks much more aerodynamic and it has two areas the engineers were focusing on the fork head tube down tube and chain stays for stiffness and handling so the the this tube is massive you can see how massive it is with a massive BB which means that when you push your bike you lean the bike on the corner it will go exactly where you want to and also when you push the pedals your power is transferred to the rear wheel through the drivetrain that’s one area and then the second area is the top tube the seat stays the seat tube and the the seat post which is going to give you a little bit of compliance on the bike those who were testing the bikes say that it does work it feels great it feels stiff it feels kinda compliant I haven’t been riding this bike yet and the geometry is more racy than on the non RC addict so let me just do a walk-around of this addict and then we’ll go and see the whole range of the addict bikes and question to you guys what’s the width of the Steyr it’s not 25 C which became very popular with the road bikes 23 C is old-school already but this is 28c my friends so whether this breaks 28 standard with clear clearance for the 30 C so this is how it looks like this is massive massive massive and the change days are massive as well of course the through axles looking good looking really good of course replacing the cables will be more complicated with this system you know me you know my my approach to this so this was the addict RC this is the addict non RC this is the frameset that still continues from 2019 to 2020 this is the endurance bike more upright position but this is a racing bike so you can race on it it’s not a recreational geometry at all but this bike in the disc brake version has also lots of clearance 28c tires great endurance bike and then we’ve got the fall we’re going to compare the foil in the second and then the gravel this is the Scott addict gravel and this is not same frame set us on the addict just called gravel and with the different components and the tires this is different frame when you look at the addict this be let’s say addict 30 you can see how the front end of the bike looks like this is the Scott addict gravel different headtube more massive massive fork I’m not sure about the clearance whether it will have more clearance than the addict on the disc brakes this is known this brakes and so not that much clearance of this is the disc brakes version I think yes it has more clearance right here of course now the new Shimano grx gravel groupset and so I don’t know why is it called addict because some might feel that this is the same frame set with gravel specs but this is actually different bikes so it could be called like Scott gravel bar so we’ve got Scott addict are see the arrow climbing bike I can say so I think the endurance addict and the addict gravel now the foil the fall is the aerodynamic bike it continues from 2019 to 2020 and what are the differences let’s try to compare it in the next episode.

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