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[VidSitePro id=96 ]Oh welcome back to the YouTube channel they is gonna be incredible because I am about to drop the purchase on my very first ebike I am going for a hundred and eighty mil travel specialized wherever in the UK right now he’s so dismal stay tuned let’s see if I dropped the purchase pleasure likes very yeah the team is here today we are purchasing my very own first ebike here we other specialised can evolve medium and behind me we have a specialized can evoke small which is tempted me to be honest so I’m gonna take a seat on ball for them apparently the small tops out at five five six quite scary when you from fucks around on YouTube the small i’m 5-8 probably pushing on 5 9 if I’m lucky but basically I think the medium is gonna be the daddy I’ve got big plans for the kinivo I am very excited than you should be as well ok so we are gonna sit on both we have the medium and evil how’s it gonna feel cause are there the problem is we’ve got this one Brad the obvious for me to take mmm yeah I can get xuxa’s on the small right ok right outside so yup – it feels once highest in Sonic 4 but he feels quite simple actually the seat height smaller reach on the medium it’s a longer reach so need bedding in so on I don’t go mac-10 right now now from the first problem we’ve established desire on flex it breaks it breaks can you switch the breaks on for me oh yeah I can do [Music] spring notes not in it okay so we all just got back to the mod shop now this is gonna be pretty insane because I am trying to contain meself right now around try and be hard the stack normal but there is an e-bike in the back of my van right now that I have just purchased the footage wasn’t what I wanted it to be in larger lakes but I could not keep me cool I couldn’t I couldn’t even focus all I was doing was just staring at this a bike that’s blew my mind we are about to open the back of the van it is gonna be somewhat like an unboxing but we are unveiling the new ebike stay there Saturday the temp of august’s to be precise and I will vote to pull my very own evite how is it the van I’m losing right there I’m gonna put these down so you can see it oh my god that is mental that is actually insane we aren’t going to drag this into the mod shop right now and we are gonna have a proper look seriously seriously big big plans for this bike if you know me you would know what I did so the santa cruz no matter if you’ve watched my previous videos and that should give you an indication to what the hell we are gonna be doing to this bad boy we’re gonna find out for five thousand five hundred pound gets us and why the hell it’s so expensive and I cannot wait to ride it was in fact in yesterday’s video that I actually said that I was gonna be buying any bike next week I woke up today the weather was really bad a fort you know what today’s the day you just know when you know you know you’re gonna do it that’s just it just happens and today was the day to pick up my very first ebike I am blown away how insane it feels just on the flat ground to ride I wanted to pick up on something yesterday I did a very a brake bleed video yesterday if you tune back in you’ve perhaps watched yesterday’s video I actually did take in the end the top syringe pull out the syringe so I have actually got quite a good bleed going on on the back brake for all use worrying about the Santa Cruz no Matt do not worry I’m still riding the Santa Cruz Nomad on uplift days I’m just gonna be using this bike in the week to ride some free uplift stuff where I can just do me up lift myself on some steeper stuff that you can’t really ride in the week without any bike so today basically what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do some in-depth shots of what we are working with here rough speck on what the hell this bike is what it does why I’ve bought an e-bike it’s gonna be a very interesting diverse video so we are gonna start off with the obvious which is the frame the frame is full aluminium which is quite cool in comparison to the Nomad which is carbon I actually really really really wanted an aluminium II bike for the reason that it kind of can put up with a little bit more I know that he bites is super expensive they do get a pretty good three year warranty on them but I was a little bit nervous about cracking damaging breaking any of the parts so I wanted to opt in to get an alloy ebike the battery is somewhere in the middle of that beast there which is absolutely huge I’m gonna pull back down off this desk in a second boy I just wanted to get an in-depth look at the bottom of the bike the battery actually has 15% more power than the last Cannavale battery and it also has a ten percent efficiency increase as well at the same time which is really really cool mad mad mad mad bitter kit can Evo is a beast it is a hundred and eighty mil travel on the front hundred and 80 mil travel on the rear which is awesome I could not imagine one Anna for less than 180 on an e-bike for sure that is what I’ve signed up for on this bad boy 180 front 180 rear as you can see it looks really hefty something I actually forgot to mention as well is it has internal routing on the cables etc all the way through the frame you see some popping out down there in the corner at the back so on the other side as you can see there’s some more internal reeds and cables there we’ve got and popping out down the bottom here which is really really cool pretty high performer code brakes which are shrimp we are getting to the forks which are RockShox lyrics they are really really really blacked out I like them a lot I went for the whole block look on these Forks they’re a hundred and eighty mil trouble which I’m pretty hyped on that 27.5 you do see some be baked that I’m 29 inch wheel compatible they basically run 29 Forks with flat tires on but this is actually 27.5 on the forks we’ve just a fat tire and there to close that space and it looks really really black belt I like it a lot I’m super super hyped they’re actually boost spacing as well which is 110 mil wide and 35 mils sanctions which is quite cool so the are chunky they are ready to go and they are boost spacing that is kind of the important bit and a hundred Nathan I’ll trouble moving on swiftly to the rear shock on the bike this is an Orleans TTX coil it’s basically got a 457 pound spring on it and that is probably also gonna get replaced for a titanium spring or something else like that do the full upgrade on the bike and just get it pimped out I think the rebound is down here at the back at the bottom and the other controls are on this side and Orleans actually come from motocross as well which is probably going to mean that this shot will perform on another level the linkage is awesome as well in the middle region of the bike a really hyped on there so move swiftly on the speck both hugs like I said before boost spacing on the front this is actually a specialized hook and on the rear we also have a specialized hope so definitely a brand that I trust and a lot of people know this but I am super super hyped on specialized as a brand actually I really like the demo downhill bikes after loads of research and I really like the enduro bike so I would imagine that Knievel is probably gonna tick all the boxes for me in one go we did the rims are like really really fat they’re like pretty pretty happy ribs actually they’re 2.8 tire ready so basically if you wanna buy tires you go by 2.8 wide load tires and that’s gonna give us more grip with the extra weight of the battery in the middle I think this thing’s gonna be a pretty crazy ride wait till we get to the dropper seat that’s insane it moves two ways okay moving on to the cranks these are pretty crazy actually asked the question in the shop do the cranks actually that’s the question in the shop do you have to have special new bike cranks and the answer was yes because of the wide load on the battery a hundred sixty-five mill offset crank set they are specially made for ebikes and they are pretty awesome the names praxis that’s the brand name of the cranks don’t think it’s on the arm it is on the arm pull you can’t can’t really see it that well there you go praxis is the name of the cranks 165 mm offset they are pretty cool super quiets as well like to me apparently this is a custom steel 32 toothed chain ring which obviously only spins that’s the might think about these these spin backwards but actually the sprocket stays fully engaged at all times give an instant torque apparently which is pretty mental there’s a custom-made 32 to steel sprocket that is awesome that is insane okay moving on to the gears on the bike can’t really see the shifter but the shift that is a SRAM g XP one-click swifter shrift the shifter is a GXE one-click shifter going all the way 211 speed on the rear the rear shifters actually a GX 11 speed and Shrum and that is actually pretty cool I might get some multicolored jockey wheels for the back abyss definitely something that I’m hyped on is being back on SRAM on the bike in comparison to the Sun race cassette that I’m on on the Nomad at the moment which those perform well and those ride great for SRAM always felt amazing on the Darnell bike to support the lammeter Alia the GX derail yeah we’ve got on the rear a SRAM PG 1130 which is basically 11 speed 11:42 so that is going to give us some good pedal and poets not quite as big as the 50 that I had on this so race one which is probably like this I bought I think 42 is more than enough with the electric motor SRAM cards as I said before I am really really hyped on the SRAM codes yeah it’s great bike it’s really really cool I like the end I like the little shift that as well you’ve got like turbo mode which is this little button down on the bottom and then you’ve got plus or minus which is for the battery that’s a really cool one of the craziest things about this seat is basically when you pull the leaver this is a standard dropper post which you may have learnt about already in a previous video with me but what actually is crazy about this one is when you press the button it actually drops the nose down when it goes up and then when it goes down it levels it out so it goes like this as it goes up and up yeah yeah so without any fear of the disturbances I wouldn’t mind showing you how you turn it on I’ve enough to hold it up to me there we go four bars of battery this little kind of drinks things really cool as well quite like but only a little option toy that they give you there just to put your drinks bottle in boy just think it’s a nice you know a little addition to the bike this bits pretty cool as well actually they give you a little allen key set and the bottom here is just awesome a little kit that they give you free with the bike it’s actually got a t25 as well which is for all the little disc brake bolts and stuff like that that is awesome it’s just nice you know nice to get a little three bits and stuff with the bike like that if you grab your allen keys off your down tube down there and you then unscrew this little cap here so check that out basically this is the stem bolt and this holds the headset down nice and tight it’s actually got spare chain links in there as you can see not sure oh well you’re gonna be able to see that but basically the spare chain links inside bar and so check that out that’s basically the end of the chain tool the stem and there you have a full chain tool to fix a chain on a long ride allen key set basically just goes underneath that flap back in along the top job done so you get allen keys are in there and your chain sigil is in the top cup which is insane okay so I just outsold the video but it didn’t look as good without the bike the selfie bike on the desk again so you guys couldn’t look at it for one last time in 24 hours and this is gonna be the end of today’s video I wanted to say thanks for tuning in definitely thank you for tuning in without you guys none of this stuff up here would be possible none of this stuff will be possible so I wanted to say thanks for everybody who’s been ordering all non-official comm link is in the description and thanks to everybody you’ve used the videos and get excited we are able to ride so many bikes this week it’s gonna be insane thanks for watching smash the thumbs up button and I’ll see you tomorrow around the same time peace .

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