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[VidSitePro id=52 ]Hello and welcome to this week’s kids bikes shop so today is the greatest day of the year for any self-respecting cyclist because today is new bike day and I’ve got a new bike there it is so I’m gonna go open it now so let’s open the box what’s in the box win it whenever I get a box to open I’ve been scarred by the film seven so whenever I see that what’s in the box I always think is acquitted Paltrow’s head hopefully not hopefully is my new bike let’s have a look this is it the Scot foil premium disc and it’s an absolute weapon so why have I picked this I’m really excited by so the first thing I want to do is I want to be really transparent with you guys the audience and I feel that this is something that is really really important so we decided to look for ways that we can you know make money and I’ve talked about this before with the vlog on how we make money and so it made sense for us to try and gain sponsorship for a bike because I’m often riding a bike in videos and we decided to approach Scot with the idea and they were up for it so Scot have agreed to sponsor the vlog and as a result I’ll be riding this rather amazing machine something that I really want to get across I think it’s important is that I wasn’t prepared to accept sponsorship from any old bike brand to ride any old bike so we approached Scot and fortunately they liked the idea and they agreed it is great and the reason for this reason why we approached Scot is because you know we’ve done our own independent aero testing which I believe in and you know we’ll put a link to that video so you can watch it and the Scot Foyle has come out as the fastest aero bike we’ve tested and that’s you know a great result but also I’ve reviewed it in the past not the disc version but I’ve reviewed the non dispersion and I’ve just been really impressed with a number of areas so the bottom bracket it’s amazingly stiff on this bike I first rode it in Austria at Euro bank and the moment I got out the saddle it felt like something else it felt like the stiffest bottom bracket I’ve come across and that is a cliche and bike reviews but amongst bottom bracket stiffness for me this bike is on another level compared so many and the other thing is they’re sort of practicalities of it as well I’m a big fan of the trek Madone and the Venge vias but I’ve also traveled with the trek Madone as well I took it to Italy and packing that into a bike box having to disassemble all the integrated breaks and stuff at the it’s a bit of a faff and so I really like the balance of practicality that’s struck with the foil as well that’s a big thing I really like and it also just looks like an absolute weapon that’s got your ace di2 with hydraulic disc brakes and 160 rotors front and rear so you know can’t get much better than that yeah absolutely amazing and then we’ve got zip 303’s nsw so very Aero hoops but they’re disparate specific so there’s no brake track on there and they come fitted it’s 28 millimeter GP 4000 tyres this is great because you’ve got so much grip on offer there with the wider tire from this brace but also good amount of comfort available as well so this is the foil disc right and so the main difference here between the foil disc and the non disc apart from the fact it has disc brakes for all the smart people about to comment is the fork and the rear stays have been redesigned a fair bit as well so you now have these little arrow for a fairing built into the bottom of the fork and also another one on the other side that covers the caliper and guides the air over it so Scot originally found that this brakes are actually less aerodynamic than having calipers but by cleverly redesigning the foil they were able to make it more aerodynamic and save back those what’s lost through having the disc brakes on there so the way they’ve done this is by having leave or less through axles on the front so the through axle lever can actually be removed and that saves a watt and then also they’ve put this cover over the sort that covers the caliper which also saves a further watt and then by removing the caliper that would normally be situated here that also tidies at the front end and saves of what as well so little savings all over Beth I’m all about the marginal gains we’ve got the lever list through axle here so this little key comes off there and then that can actually be used on the headset and on the stem bolts as well with this little talk key on there and this is with something we’ve seen on some other bikes as well but it’s a great feature because it sort of makes the whole bike look a lot tidier by removing the leaver but also you know it’s making more aerodynamic so I’m all for that up front the cockpit you’ve got the synchros integrated bar and stem and also I’ve not chopped this theory yet because I’ve just got it out of the box so I’ve still got a few spaces there but you can see how nicely this all integrates in there is all nice and arrow now one thing I’m going to do is sort this is the stand of cockpit the bike comes with but I think I want a bit of a longer stem so that is something I’m going to work on in set the bike up specifically to how I have it with my measurements and stuff so stay tuned for that look at the width of these tires they’re so wide it’s not just for bad surfaces like when you’re descending and you’re going around corners at speed you just have so much more grip and a bigger contact patch with the wider tire and then just all the time normally you’re just getting more comfort as well and then just roll really nice so I am digging 28 that is good something else to point out about the foil is it has a sort of compact geometry frame shape which means you get a lot of seat post and also you’ve got the dropped stays this isn’t just Pharaoh died nameks it also adds a fair amount of comfort because the effective seat tube length is pretty long as well you don’t remember this is a bike that Matt Haman well Dan on disc version but about Haman one Perry Roubaix on this bike and you know for an arrow bike it’s a pretty comfortable bike I spotted something else cool as well we’re they all being integrated and with the new Joris you’ve got the junction box hidden in Scots bar and stopper here so much cleaner than having a junction box it’s also practical as well it’s easy to get see whereas again you know on certain bikes like you know they’re Aero bikes where it’s all integrated and the cables are all hidden in the past we’ve had junction boxes hidden away inside stuff that you have to unscrew together say that’s pretty useful but now I’ve got this pipe I’m gonna be using it in several events that we’ve got planned so I’ve got some big events planned so stay tuned for that just one of them I can tell you about which is coming up in a few weeks is I’m gonna be doing the fred wits and challenge which is an amazing sporty that happens in the late district it’s a brutally hard course I’ve done it a few times before and I really love it and I you know you know I love the late districts because I’ve put it in vlogs and stuff but if you’re doing the Fred Witten this year then let me know in the comments section and you know also come and say hi if you see me there on the day but I’m gonna be setting up the foil specifically for Fred Witten which means that I’m probably gonna have to let go of my ego and put a 32 on the back because I’ve done Fred before I know how hard it is so that’s probably gonna be one of the modifications I make to the bike for that I can’t wait to ride this absolute beast but I reckon a bike this good deserves to be ridden on some amazing roads and right now it’s just still in the UK and the roads you just cover today I’m gonna go to Majorca so stay tuned next week I’m gonna post the vlog I’m about riding this bike in New Yorker and I think I’m gonna give it give it the beans ups a kelabra I do a power test ups a kelabra and see how I get on and try out some of the amazing descents out there as well right competition time time so thanks for all you see yes and last week about underrated cycling destinations there’s some you know gap see great ones in the comments and I’ve been knowing them down because a lot of them I’ve never heard of but some great suggestions one that kept cropping up a lot was Norway and I’m planning to try and goat in them away in August so hopefully the weather will be alright but the comment I’m gonna pick is Anders ski probably completely mispronounced your name there sorry about that but I don’t speak Viking I mean Norwegian anyway Anders writes the Southwest of Norway is very nice when it’s sunny and 20 degrees or more which we have at least 10 to 40 days a year hopefully so yeah I think based on your comment there I’ll be packing my Waterproof when I head to Norway this week’s competition is a chance to win this specialized helmet in black to be in with a chance to win it and you can have any size you like as long as this medium then all you have to do is comment below with your suggestion as to a name that I should call the new bike I think all good bikes all good vehicles need a name and also you need one so that you can write it on strawberries the name of the bike that you’re riding so yeah comment with that and the winner will win the helmet but before I go something else I want to show you which is important which is that there’s a new cycling weekly out and here it is so cycling weekly has just been redesigned with a brand new fresh look and army damn Bigham is on the cover as well so down from what shop he is a GB pursuit Rider but also has been in several of the videos today with arrow testing that we’ve done you may recognize him how to get faster more speed from coach Ken areas so coach Ken you may remember from the project 49 video so coach Ken can make me faster then he can make anyone faster yeah great great feature but until then I’ll see you next time next Monday after me your canal see you later just have a thought which is that the Scot foil has a quarter-inch steering tube instead of a 1/8 inch which makes it stiffer but that means I can’t put my white stem on there it’s no good just have to go back that’s it now it’s a deal breaker.

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