Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 578 Customer Reviews and 587 Customer Ratings.

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Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Series

Legion L10 | Legion L20 | Legion L40 | Legion L60 | Legion L80 | Legion L100 | L500

The Legion L10 features a full Hi-Ten steel frame (20” top tube) and removable brake mounts. The L10 Hi-Ten steel 8” rise handlebar and 48mm stem are designed for precision riding, while the aluminum single wall 36H rims and 2.25” BMX tires offer grip and durability. The 25x9T gearing with two-piece tubular chromoly 170mm hollow spindle cranks and American loose ball bottom bracket offer a clean, reliable drivetrains.

Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line 578 Customer Reviews and 587 Customer Ratings.
  • Horizontal Top Tube Length: 508mm
  • Stand Over Height: 555mm
  • Chain Stay Length: 348mm
  • The Mongoose Legion L10 is designed for beginner-level riders and has a suggested rider height of 4’4″-5’0″
  • The Legion L10 is a great first 20” BMX bike that features the geometry and feel preferred by today’s riders. Suggested rider height is 4’4” – 5’0”.
  • The L10 features a durable Hi-Ten Steel frame, removable brake mounts, and a 20-inch top tube length.
  • The L10’s drivetrain features 170mm 1-piece forged steel crank with a 25T steel chainring and American loose ball bottom bracket.
  • The wheelset features 20” x 2.25” tires mounted on aluminum single wall 36H rims with 3/8” female axle front hub and 9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub.
  • Steel U-brake and aluminum/resin brake levers provide precision speed control, while the Hi-Ten handlebar and fork are joined by a 48mm stem and threadless sealed integrated headset for maximum steering performance.

 Customer Reviews

S. Knight 5.0 out of 5 starsSolid bike, excellent bang for buck

October 16, 2017 Style: Legion L100 Color: Burgundy Verified Purchase

Solid bike. I’m 39 and just getting into BMX, had many bikes over the years. This is a well made bike, all chromo, decent functional welding but not amazing. 21″ TT makes for a nice fit for a bigger person I don’t feel bunched up. Feels good and solid landing jumps at the park, inspiring confidence in this old wannabe. I didn’t love the stock grips but that’s a simple and cheap change out. Gyro tabs are removable with a small hex key. The stickers are easily removed too, I peeled a bunch right away. When I showed my kids the bike they said “Whooaaa, cool!” Now if I can just learn to manual…

Justin Cremer 1.0 out of 5 starsHEADS UP TO ALL BUYERS!

November 25, 2018 Style: Legion L20 Color: Red Verified Purchase

Whenever you purchase a “Big Box” store BMK bike or any other bike…just know that the design on these bikes is not very good – the reason? Because they have to dumb down the design so that the bike can be installed/setup by basically by anyone with little experience. That being the case, you’ll end up spending at least another $100 to $150 on parts and installation just to get the bike in usable condition. This is because the parts out of the box are cheap and 1 size fits all. So do yourself a favor – go get a bike at a bike store or go online to companies like “” to purchase the bike, and spend the extra $$. You’ll have a much better experience!

So, we purchased this bike and when it arrived it was already missing parts. Not a good start! Then to top that off, they sent us the wrong size back brake lines. We called Amazon and they sent us the correct brake lines, but after 3 weeks we still had not received the missing front wheel nut and washer (which is a special washer that you can’t just buy at home depot or something). We borrowed a front nut and washer from my nieces old BMX bike and by luck it actually fit. Then finally when we got the bike setup and working – my niece rode the bike for like 5 minutes and the CHAIN SNAPPED!!?? REALLY?!

At that point we took the bike into our local bike shop and that’s when they hit us with the information I mentioned in the first paragraph. They would not be able to get a chain to sit properly because the back standoffs are so short / stubby you can’t get the back wheel to sit in the right position. So, in order to get the chain to sit right, they would need to replace the peddle assembly and put a 27 tooth chain ring. This was going to cost about $100 -$150 extra dollars for parts and installation.

Overall, the parts and design of this bike are CHEAP, and installation is not easy. You WILL spend additional money (up to $150 to get the bike in working condition) The only reason I gave this review 2 stars is because the return process was very easy, and Amazon was very helpful.

STREETFIGHTER50 5.0 out of 5 stars A lot of bike for the money!

February 14, 2018 Style: Legion L100 Color: Burgundy Verified Purchase

This is the most bang for the buck you can get at this price range! The L100 has everything you should be looking for in a BMX. Made of full “4130-Chromoly” (the frame, fork, handlebars, and cranks). NOT “hi-tensile” steel. Also has strong double-wall rims, female front axle, and sealed bearings. The Burgandy paint finish looks to be high quality as well… Definitely recommend this bike. Nothing comes close to it for $300!

review image
review image

April Damore
5.0 out of 5 starsGrips were nice and lasted

March 8, 2018 Style: Legion L80 Color: Maroon Verified Purchase

I bought this on sale for under $200. Ive rode it just about every day for almost a year now. Many parts on complete bikes are cheaper than custom individual parts. Ill give a run down of what I’ve changed or had issues with. Grips were nice and lasted, but the rubber was a bit hard/rough changed them for S&M Hoder Grips. Bars are still in EX condition. Stem has been really great no issues. Frame/Bearings have been great and lasted. The headset and BB bearings were regreased(after a year) and still work well. Forks no issues.Front wheel/hub the front wheel has had to be trued twice the loose ball hub has been regreased/serviced 5 times(one every 3 months) the 15mm 3/8 nuts were changed out to 17mm 3/8 Shadow Nuts. Sprocket is steel and slips alot due to the teeth design. I replaced it twice using a Shadow 25T Kobza as 28T really wont fit well on this frame with the chain stays s-bend. Chain it comes with is a KMC z410 ive replaced 8 times, none broken just stretched from riding. have a 510HX chain now that is amazing. Rear wheel and hub the hub has the non drive side loose ball have regreased is 3 times as it stays pretty clean the cone does need adjustment from time to time.Brakes are pretty decent. Ive replaced the Lever,cable pads with Odyssey. Clear slim by 4 pads seem to be best . the calipers arewide and meant for 2.4 wide tires so nothing really on the market can replace them for cheap. I don’t use the seat but its nice quality. The pedals that come with the bike are trash, ive replaced them 3 times and have S&M GnS pedals on now. The 3-piece cranks have been good, they need adjustment from time to time and the axle is slip fit so it can squeak if no grease is on it. Most BMX axles you need to hammer threw the BB but this one is just not made to that high quality standards. Last the tires they are nice street tires, fast and no rolling resistance really but the Low Pressure and the soft compound on the whole tread area make it prone to lost of flats. One side wall was scrubbed a bit and developed a bulge. I had maybe 15-20 flats in 6 months riding them. I switched out to Primo Churhill tires in 2.4 and its a world of difference. Overall is very cheap starting point to start BMX and you get alot of things that will last. The 2018 Models have 2-piece cranks and different tires which might help the overall issues on low quality parts a bit. The Good: Frame Forks Bars Stem Rims The Bad: unsealed Hubs, basic chain/grips The Ugly: Tires Sprocket

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