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[VidSitePro id=168 ]being on bikes is a mobile bike shop and our goal is to get more people riding bikes by bringing convenience to the customer you can go online and schedule an appointment and a friendly mechanic they’ll come show up at your location of choice we started in the Bay Area with one truck now we’re up to 31 trucks across the US and we’ve serviced over 12,000 bikes to date you’re looking at bringing the bike shop to the customers so the customer having to go to the bike shop gives me an ability to interact with my customers a little more closely we’re not drawing a line between the customer and the mechanic so that’s that’s a pretty big deal we’ve got the mobile bike shop right here behind me and we use two different vehicles as the platform the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit and it’s the perfect vehicle for a bike nerd you could bring this on any bike trip that you could imagine throw a sleeping bag on the floor and you’re in you’re set to go so let’s take a look at it so the idea is to get everybody rolling on their bikes so we are a fully inventory ready to do most service so I have a selection of wheels I’ve got all the parts to do to run pad service on mountain bikes and road bikes we also have full cable sets to replace all the cabling and the shifting have the ability to replace any broken spokes so I have a complete spoke library this is a great magnetic stand so everything’s just really clung to the tool bench a complete selection of chains if I need to do any sort of tube replacement I think I’ve got it covered here truing Stan with complete with dial gauge and then I have my bulkhead mounted service stand so there you have it there’s my compact mobile shop it’s a really interesting time in the bike industry I think customers are demanding a level of convenience that they may not traditionally get in every bike shop out there and it presents a unique opportunity for businesses like ours a lot of folks out there that don’t have a lot of time you want to just be able to pull up your app you want to ride your bike tomorrow this all fits in with that I don’t know a lot about serving but I feel like I’m in the lineup and I’m getting ready for the really big way and to me this feels like it’s like a really big way the next big ride so this is the best way to spend my time for sure and I can keep spreading the love because I want to get everybody on bicycles

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