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[VidSitePro id=171 ]Welcome to Kids bikes shop know the bike man for you sometimes feels a little bit like wild E Coyote you know Wile E Coyote he’s the guy that used to chase that Roadrunner guy around me yeah exactly neat neat guy and wily coyote always went to this specific factory for all of his things that he needed his traps and his anvils and his pianos and his fulcrums and his all this stuff came from one factory now if you know the wily coyote is you know that one factory is but it always never seemed to work before we get into wily coyote in the factory I I got to come out with full disclosure on this I am NOT one to put things down and call them junk and it would have to be an extreme this possibly is one of those times I’m not gonna say anything I’m gonna let you guys be the judge you tell me what you think of the quality of these bicycles the times they are changing they are changing drastically for your independent bicycle dealer your independent bicycle dealer is dealing with so much competition between Dick’s Sporting Goods Sports Authority Toys R Us Target Kmart ah it just goes on and on and on and they’re producing these bicycles is not really putting them together that great but whatever okay but we here independent bicycle dealer is getting more and more bikes that are coming in a box and they’re saying here bike man put it together well we have a sliding scale and I’m not going to tell you how much I charge because all you guys do is beat me up when I tell you how much I charge remember I’m in the high rent district we get a bream whatever I’m not gonna defend myself I don’t have to defend myself I’ve been in business for 37 years I get what I get and I’m not telling you guys you guys figure it out on your own but just remember to charge into charge enough because it costs money to do this stuff equals money and labour tools insurance it goes on and on and on and on online so get enough so many of our viewers are followed at work in bike shops and own bike shops are checking us out and remember kinds of changes don’t fight it guys don’t fight it go with it but make sure you charge the people enough money so that you guys can stay in business we’re putting ten bicycles together they come out of a box that we’re not purchased from us and here comes the wild eat coyote part of the whole thing the Acme merchandise and apparel Acme merchandise and apparel this is the box it came from ok this is the box that he came it hit he didn’t bring in one he brought him for four bicycles two single speeds and two multiple speeds and it came from the Acme merchandise and apparel Wiley coyote here’s the other one in the box inside put together okay and then we got the other one underneath here that came in another box as well again made in China out of Toronto Bolton so let’s get on with it it’s the beer fight come on over let me show you what came from the American Acme nice who’s that for me cool right act me if I remember bringing out here on the likes my wipeout is different ok Aires all right here you go boy oh yeah Oh put it in the light bike man look at uh oh yeah I have a this is the Coors Light Silver Bullet single speed Cruiser it is steel be welding on this is just incredible and get a better look at that that’s I mean this is some fine workmanship on this I’m being facetious I’m being sarcastic people move your finger get a nice close-up of that bead that they put on that notice how nice the front stem and out you know oh yeah I said you got another great feature of this bicycle they give you two rear reflectors one to go we got to change this out this needs to be white aluminum rims it is just just making it as a bike oh it’s on the cusp I don’t know what the story there are no brand parts on this that I have ever heard of okay it’ll be interesting to see how well the head and how much it holds up but again the guy needs some I hate to use the word cheap because nothing’s cheap in this world cheap is what we look for in a girlfriend not an advisable I’m just kidding I’m just kidding ah this thing is cheap so you got the Coors Light single speed now the other one that came along with this bicycle the other quality machine was the you got a Coors Light you got to have a Corona we got Sebastian in the house on over here working on the Corona Corona oh boy full suspension mountain bike this is the other one that came in and we got to it easy to put together again what quality I’ve never heard of it’s called power index system it says so right on the power index system and on the front it just says power shrim red can compete shrim and at Shimano and SRAM they’re in trouble we got this brake system here on standard V brake the power shifter looks almost identical to some of your SRAM see I told you ah and this brake lever come in here tight so they everybody can see what I’m talking about now this is where quality comes into play this brake lever here is plastic no matter how tight I make that brake and whatnot and we squish on this you can see how this whole thing flexes so no matter how tight I make that brake it’s only going to be so good because the lever is just it’s this is why steel levers and you know metal but it’s nobody’s ever heard of this stuff I don’t know they produce this stuff for pennies on the dollar and then somebody goes out and kills themselves on it and whatnot and you know nobody knows nothing so it’s our job to put these things together as safe as we possibly can and then tell the customer hey listen don’t expect miracles out of this thing do you understand what we’re talking about make them sign a little waiver but the bottom line is these people are coming to you to put this thing together and don’t forget to get enough money so that you guys can stay in business because if we’re doing 10 of these a day 10 of these a week in a box that means we’re not selling 10 bikes a week okay so consequently you guys you know it’s tougher and tougher to sell bicycles not just from the economy but from competition out there and but the mechanics and the know-how of putting this stuff together and making it right that’s where it comes into play and that’s where your expertise my expertise and that costs money and if you want to stay in business and you want to live you got to charge the people enough money so for all you guys out there that are working at bike shops and an own bike shop don’t refuse the business work with it be you got to be able to adapt to change don’t keep change adapt to change what else can I say there’s your fear bikes I hate the beat-up of bikes but hoo boy the Acme school of bike man for you and Wiley coyote I want you guys to never fear the bike man for you is here and what do you do with this thing is suck your eat it you chew it it’s a chewy casing kind of it kind of like a gummy

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