Kids Bikes: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Child

For the longest time actually did not offer kids bikes we did offer kids bikes back in 2008 and we decided to get away from it and there's a couple reasons why we we did it went away from it and actually now we are getting back into kids bikes and the reason we got into it originally is because we want to get our rider started young aside from you know just trying to sell bikes we really want to encourage people to keep the idea of the bike alive.

I think in this day and age bike riding is something that doesn't hold as much esteem in our society as it once did although it's coming back now by way of commuting and electric bikes and things of that nature so we got into it originally because we really wanted to inspire young riders to want to get on a bike and I think looking back personally the the first bike you ever get is an incredible gift. I would say most people can remember the first time they wrote a bike or the first bike they ever got for Christmas or birthday for that matter and so.

I want to be a part of that story and I love for our brand to be a part of people's story in people's journeys and and then and then carry them with us as a brand as they move from their you know their kids bike up to their adult bike and they stay with us throughout their whole life I think that's something that made Schwinn very special as a brand is people you know had been riding Schwinns back in the 50s since the day they were five and now they still want to ride a Schwinn.

I want to build a company with that same legacy and it really starts with kids bikes we got away from it because we need to find our focus and unfortunately in the kids sector of bikes most people don't want to spend a lot of money on kids bikes and that's a very fair thing to do and say because your children are gonna outgrow their bikes at some point and a kids bike can only last for so many years you know just like a pair of shoes that you buy your three-year-old in six weeks they're gonna be wearing a different size so nobody wants to spend a ton of money on something that your child's gonna outgrow.

for six-30 we're not in the business of being the lowest price bike and unfortunately it made it very difficult for us to to get riders on to our kids bikes being that our prices weren't as low as many of the competitors and I think a lot of people turn to Walmart and Target and Amazon and other less expensive places to buy you know very inexpensive kids bikes at least until your son or daughter maybe gets to about 11 or 12 or 13 and they're at a point where they can ride an adult bike that they could have for the next five or six or seven years.

We didn't feel like at the price points that would have allowed us to be competitive we could make the product we wanted to make so we stepped away from it and we're now coming back to it because we found an opportunity and we were able to create a kids bike that we thought is going to give value back to the consumer and what we've done is create a bike that actually can be assembled with no tools and we thought this was a unique experience and something that a lot of parents would appreciate because many mothers and fathers stay up on Christmas Eve or you know the night before a birthday trying to assemble their kids their young child's bike and we all know the pains of using tools and trying to build that toy at midnight before you know the so Santa can leave it under the tree.

Our new bike is going to be something called quick assembly it will not require any tools at all you can simply snap in every component and your bike will be fully assembled and so while it still won't be the least expensive bike on the market it will provide a unique value proposition to a lot of moms and dads out there.

Our kids bikes differ from the other bikes we offer because our kids bikes are a little more simple and we have a little less selection but also the major differences is we're coming with the note tool assembly kids bike so we're trying to do kids bike as simple as possible more of a click and click and pop approach where you can get the bike click everything in whereas our adult bikes require a little bit more assembly with tools and fine tuning we've found that on the kids bikes it's not as necessary especially for the younger riders.

I mean they're not trying to ride at speeds of 100 miles an hour they're trying to just ride around the block with mom and dad or their friends so we've tried to simplify the bike make the assembly much easier and eliminate you know the maintenance of things of that nature so the bike can last a little bit longer and it's really easy for mom and dad to keep it in the garage and not have to worry about it.

On the adult bikes still simple but the biggest difference is where we're adding a lot more adjustment points and there's a lot more maintenance required on the adult bikes to kind of get the performance that generally adults want out of their bike I think six-30 well me or our brand can really help people looking for kids bikes. because number one kids bikes aren't necessarily our biggest strong suit so we as I said only really want to offer kids bikes to help encourage young riders to ride but our perspective on how to fit kids bikes is not a perspective of trying to sell kids bikes because we don't survive based on the amount of children's bikes we sell we I would simply take a step back and want to help people understand you know what are you looking for your children and the reality is is do you need to spend $400 on a kid's bike no do you need to spend 200 maybe not.

It really kind of depends on number one how long will your son or daughter have that bike for number two how fast are they going to be going number three how often are they really going to ride and to piggyback off that how many times will that bike even get used before your son or daughter stops riding that bike and so you know there's a lot of things to consider a lot of questions to answer while you price is generally a reflection of quality the more you pay generally the higher quality product you will get you know high quality is not something that's essential for a children's bike.

What is essential for a children's bike?

what is essential for a children's bike is safety you do want to ensure that there's the necessary safety requirements are met with a child's bike especially based on what type of riding they're doing so you probably don't want to buy the lowest quality if you feel like the brakes or something aren't gonna work properly you know because obviously your child's safety is number one to any parent so I would say when considering a kid's bike just you know make sure you really understand how your child's going to be riding it and don't just think about spending as little money as possible if your son or daughter is really gonna do a lot of riding and you think that they're gonna be flying all over the neighborhood and you know hitting speeds of 15 miles an hour I would say you know don't spare any expense buy a more expensive bike make sure it's got the safety features it's got a good brake system. and always ensure that they're wearing a helmet if you think your son or daughter may use it one or two times and you know maybe ride two miles an hour just down to the neighborhood park and park it there and sans gonna get all over it without compromising you know safety I would say you can look on the lower two end of the spectrum in terms of price you know you might be able to consider the Walmarts and the the target type bikes for your riders usage but don't just go out and buy a cheap bike because you think they're gonna outgrow it that's a really bad idea make sure you pay attention to always keeping your child safe so from my perspective again I'm saying this not because we're in this just to sell a lot of kids bikes I'm in it to just ensure that we get as many people on bikes as possible and they stay safe while doing it.

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