JAGWIRE Hydraulic Hose Pro Quick-Fit Adapters Mountain bike road car oil pressure brake parts Compatible with all models

Color: HFA208 HFA207 HFA306 HFA209 HFA210 HFA213 HFA311 HFA310 HFA314 HFA312 HFA401 HFA701
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Price: US $12.00

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This product needs to be used with Jagwire hydraulic house

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This product cannot be used when purchased separately. Please consult for further purchase

The following accessory models may not be in the purchase option location. If you need to purchase, you can contact customer service directly.

Purchase link of Jagwire hydraulic house: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000388550874.html

Pro Quick-Fit Adapters

Designed to work seamlessly with our Pro Hydraulic Hose, Jagwire Quick-Fit™ Adapters are the perfect way to ensure braking performance and durability. Each adapter kit contains all the components required to connect Jagwire Pro Hydraulic Hoses to popular brakes from SRAM®, Avid®, Shimano®, Formula®, Hope®, Hayes®, Magura® and Tektro®.

Quick-Fit™ Adapters are designed to work with Jagwire Pro Hydraulic Hose
Because the fittings are separate from the hose, dealers can offer more color choices without adding inventory
Each kit includes lever and caliper fittings for one bicycle

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Review by: Amy P.
For starters, I think that the thing is excellently manufactured. Nowadays it’s not easy to obtain something of fine quality for such a price. The material looks good and strong I’d say the stuff can serve you for a long while. I think many people believe it to be crucial in items of this kind. On the web, you can easily find lots of products for a considerable price but the quality in the end turns out to be not so good. From this perspective, there’s not much sense taking the price into account.

Another thing I liked is that the the item is really comfortable. To my thinking, this trait is one of the first things I take note of. I once happened to pay for something good but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

I also take into account the eye appeal of the product. If you ask me, the given merch looks easy on the eye though that is to my taste.

In comparison with other similar models I found at other web stores, for sure this one is number one. Its quality-to-price ratio is quite good. This quality is surely worth the price. I don’t like to overpay when there’s something of comparable quality for better price.

Lastly, I can tell the model is absolutely worth paying for. I’m lucky I discovered it and paid for it.
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The thing is a for certain worth the posted price. Its quality together with such a low price makes this thing a lucky purchase.

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