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[VidSitePro id=170 ]all right so we’ve been getting a lot of requests on bikes shop e for kids asking to do a shop check so welcome to my store harvester bikes will take you through first of all this is the BMX lounge over here so it’s getting a little bit colder but in the summertime this is where we like to chill right this is the shop first then you see when you walk in we got the complete bikes so free-agent united colony DK fits Radio over here we got some frames a lot of BST frames we’re a big fan of DSD over here as you can see we have a DVD playing on the TV a lot of handlebars for peace – peace old school Chrome bunch of colors this is the mini BMX section so all our mini BMX is here you can try them out when you come to the store we also have a sticker machine put a dollar and get one or two stickers next thing our tire stacks so we have one row of color and one row black there’s a couple colors in the black row but those are our tires next is the old school area so this is all old school parts from the 80s and 90s a lot of reap ops plastic seats redline crank sprockets back there we have pads down they’re all from the 80s lots of little stuff a couple little tech decks and finger bikes some mini scooters an old oh – Dave Mirra right here just little things like clear brake pads and tools that we sell a lot of Red Bull fridge we got an old xbox we got a harvester shirt over here a couple more t-shirts back here we got Adam L Z shirts BSD peep game merits we the people so then we have parts right here so we have a rockets we got stems the tidbits gyros bottom brackets all the different seats forks over here see post path link chains cranks a couple sprockets some of them we gots a little bit of safety gear up their helmets pads and then now we can move over to probably one of the most important parts of the store is the color section so we kind of have it set up like a rainbow with all the colors so blacks up here all the blacks off grips pedals pegs and then we have so start to read pretty much every red component that you need same an orange and so on everything you need for your bike to customize it is over here next is the rail so in the summer and when it’s cold too we bring the rail lads so this was some stuff before but the old schools getting really popular so I just wanted to add a couple more old school stuff here we’re gonna work on this a little bit more but it’s just more old school stuff to add so yeah that’s the front I think I got everything we go to the back now this is the repair area to all repairs are over here these are all customers bikes these are our park tools we have two of that we have our repair area just extra storage over there and stuff some vintage Beyond X’s on the wall including my bike now we got tubes and like just random use stuff this is the microwave in the fridge couple more on my own collection and then we move on to my vintage wall so this is an 84 GT Pro performer these to our 1989 putt Schwinn stylers and then we have a probably like a 2001 our old Dave Mirra kinda did like a little odd to Dave Mirra cuz he was like a big influence to me when I was a kid so this is his little section this is the work area so this is where I do all the online orders and chill out so that’s it so this is a store it’s located north of Toronto in Vaughan near Vaughan Mills in Canada’s Wonderland so if you’re interested in coming by it’s really close to Canada’s Wonderland if it’s that’s something you want to do make a trip in the summertime lots of skate parks around here too that’s it thanks.

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