Guardian kids bikes 20 reviews

Guardian kids bikes 20 reviews

Guardian kids bikes are the only kids bikes with sure stop breaking technology their breaking system makes stopping safer and easier for kids if you feel like you’ve heard of this before it’s probably because you saw it on Shark Tank the sure stop braking system is activated by a single brake lever mounted on the right side of the handlebar the single brake lever activates the rear brake the force to the rear will in turn activates the front brake this works better than a single brake lever that is wired to both the front and rear because it takes into account the positioning of your child’s weight on the bike having only one brake lever rather than two is particularly helpful for kids who struggle with coordination or who get easily frustrated on the bike it also helps prevent over the bar accidents and maintains traction better when riding in wet or slippery conditions the only kids.

I wouldn’t recommend the Guardian sure stop system for our kids who mountain bike or who have already mastered and are comfortable with dual hand brakes the guardian original 20 inch bike comes in both the single speed and a six-speed version the geared model has an easy to operate Shimano grip shifter compared to trigger shifters grip shifters tend to be much more intuitive and easier for little hands to operate and to learn how to use the Shimano drivetrain is high-quality and the six speeds provide more than enough gears for young kids to manage both flats uphills and downhills with ease the rest of the bike has a quality build as well the components include fast rolling Kenda contact tires wide grippy pedals a quick-release seat post collar and yes even a kickstand the frame itself is made of lightweight high-quality aluminum that helps keep the bikes weight reasonable.

in fact it is nearly 10 pounds lighter than many bikes sold by the big box stores at 20 1.2 pounds The Guardian original 20 is a couple pounds lighter than the popular trek pre caliber 20 but heavier than the super light room for one thing worth noting is the geometry of the guardian original 20 inch it is fairly aggressive and leaned over compared to a bike like the pillow ready while this is fine for hard charging kids it does make for a more challenging experience for children just learning to pedal or who are more timid in general the Guardian ethos is more upright.

so you may want to consider that model instead if you have a less athletically inclined child the bottom line is that the Guardian original 20 is a safe easy to operate bike for kids in the five to seven-year-old age range if your child is new to a bike with hand brakes has struggled with hand brakes in the past or if you simply worry about bicycle safety the guardian kids bikes are a Best Buy the sure stop braking system performs as advertised helping prevent brake related bicycle crashes the high quality components and reasonable weight also make the bike more enjoyable more writable and more durable than any bicycle you might buy at a big-box store learn more about the sizing different models and additional details on our website.


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SURESTOP Brake System

Safer, Smarter, Simpler

  • One brake lever controls both wheels, allowing kids to stop 44% faster with ease and confidence.
  • SureStop intelligently distributes braking to both wheels preventing head-over-handlebar accidents.

Bikes Kids Dig, Safety Parents Love

Kid specific geometryLow center of gravity, high safetyEvery Guardian bike is designed specifically for kids with safety in mind. The custom geometry puts your child lower to the ground and the extended wheel base helps to improve stability. Paired with kid specific components, riding a bike becomes safe and fun instead of a chore.Ultra lightweight designBetter control, easier startingMost children’s bikes are designed with cost as the driving factor, which is why they end up seeming more like tanks and less like bikes. Here at Guardian, our focus is safety, so weight matters. It means more control and stability for your child as they embark on riding a bike.Professional setupEasy assembly, safer setupA 34 point safety check as part of our manufacturing process may seem obsessive, but it enables us to deliver unsurpassed consistency in safety and quality. Each bike goes through rigorous guidelines before shipping so you receive a 99% professionally assembled bike.Eye candy decalsHighly visible, highly coolDesigned by kids for kids. All decal patterns are handpicked by children at local elementary schools. The striking designs not only make your child’s bike the safest, but also the coolest bike on the block!
Guardian kids bikes 20 reviews

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