FurReal Cubby the Curious Bear Unboxing Toy Review

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[VidSitePro id=32 ]Hi everyone its FurReal Cubby I am here with Cubby the curious bear by for real I do want to thank the company for sending this to me for free to open up with you guys today but before we open up this big box we actually have this little box so it also says cubby the curious bear on it and I’m really excited to open it up and see what’s inside so so cute it’s a little honey things that oh and then there’s a little like a little honey comb stick thing inside so you can go ahead and put that on there that’s look that’s really really cute and then the bottom came off and it’s like a little it looks like a little brush I don’t know if ends like this I think that is so we got I guess we got cubbies little snack well let’s go ahead and open this up here hubby you guys oh my gosh it’s like stuck alright there we go okay so there is cubby you guys look how real cubby looks like the fur color and everything even as a little robe it says a hashtag best day ever I’m really excited to check cubby out let’s see can we kiss he are they out oh he is already out oh my goodness and he has some papers and stuff oh it looks like he’s gonna have a spa day cubby is having a spa day oh my gosh there’s even stuff inside there oh my goodness re I’m gonna actually take everything out of this cool little house cubby was staying in and then we’ll check everything out we are seriously ready for the spa with cubby we got some flip-flops what furs and you can have a face mask look at you recording face mask we have this cool little headband which come you can totally wear and then we even got some nail polish we’re gonna do our nails and then we got some of that toe separators you have some nail files and we have an animal’s face mask that’s so fun it’s a little puppy but my goodness cubby is in his robe over here I love cubbies little robe I think it’s so cute oh my gosh so we’re gonna get cubbies robe untied here so look we have a little heart here meet cubby your adventure loving best friend from Hasbro cubby loves exploring snack time giving hugs cuddling through the night and so much more together you both will be able to put your feet out de-stress and enjoy a relaxing spa day company with you on an adventure that you can both blissfully enjoy writing around at home puppy brought everything you would need to treat yourself to a peaceful spa day wrap up and your puppy his robe put on your favorite movie in enjoy some self-care with tummy right by your side tummy’s just the cutest I insulted batteries and we’re gonna go through his oh-oh guide here oh I wonder if I check switch situation anyway let’s see if it works because it works and I’ll assume that we need to adjust his switch do that what’s the surname a finding games press pause left paw wait so his left arm I left it let’s try and he can raise his arms to be picked up start playing peek-a-boo or surprise you with me oh my goodness oh my goodness that’s so cute hey you guys I have to say I just love his fur he’s so super soft and the way he moves to like his little noses moving as well and I just love the colors just nice he’s almost like a fuzzy obviously except for the bottom of the feet and we it’s inside his paw pads basically and his nose isn’t fuzzy he does have a tuft of fur at the top of his head though I kind of want to take so we can see him a little better but the same time I want to leave his robe on like you let’s leave it off so he likes like peekaboo let’s see if you can do something else she’s singing that’s so cute so we can feed him where did our little bottle here is give it him his bottle or treat he makes eating sound so this is like I said I wonder he makes the same noises of this model does he maybe it was just his treat they were supposed to give him Oh jelly not bottle oh my gosh too cute he likes it when you’ve had that head and tummy he laughs at me pick him up and hug him he’ll quickly fall asleep when you lay him on his back his head I cannot handle it all right does he do anything is there any other specifics I think maybe we can get him to fall asleep but I adore him I don’t want to fall asleep I want to know I can move his legs so you can’t move his legs so we can’t stand you know it’s a little hard to say I probably should adjust the camera but you can also lay down this way I love this little robe I can’t wait to put that on my dog my cat let’s see if we can get into this a pup who’s fun thank you yeah I absolutely love this thing he’s so soft I love his movements even as I lived it soft oh my gosh this is so great I love cubby you guys I really really love cubby he’s sleeping oh I don’t want to wake him up here’s a better look at cubby further away I love his cute little green eyes his fur his fur it’s just beautiful I love the colors on it and how they blend together just it just looks so wonderful.

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