FurReal Cubby the Curious Bear Review from Hasbro

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[VidSitePro id=31 ]are you curious about playing with a bear cub for real cubby is curious about playing with you hi I’m Lorie from TV p.m. and this is for real cubby the curious bear from Hasbro I’m going to show you how this super cute toy works but first make sure you click Subscribe below so you never miss out on the latest for real friends toy reviews there are multiple activation points on cubby that cause the bear to react with more than 100 sound in motion combinations the activation points can be found on cubbies head and cheeks tummy and Lescott you can make cubby laugh sigh and wiggle his nose or even play peekaboo wait you got cubby you can also talk to cubby or blow on his nose for cute babbling or even snooping cubby will even fall asleep if you lay him on his back [Applause] cubby also comes with an interactive three-in-one accessory first it’s a bottle shaped like a honeycomb feed it to cubby for eating sounds then unscrew the top and you’ve got a honeycomb treats that you can also feed to cubby and the bottom of the bottle becomes a brush for keeping cubbies for looking mates and cubbies legs are poseable so that he can stand or sit there’s even a nighttime mode in which cubby will close his eyes and make sleepy sounds and then play soft music or ambient forced sounds for five minutes before shutting off all other activation points are inactive and this allows kids to sleep with cubby at nap time ur bedtime for C batteries are required it but not included I’ve loved cubby ever since seen him at Toy Fair earlier this year he’s just so cute and fun to play with what do you guys think is there any other animals that you’d like to see adjectives for real lion let me know in the comments my pros for cubby are super soft fur cute sounds and fun movements kids don’t often get to play with a real bear cub so cubby provides realistic interaction let’s feel like they’re playing and caring for their own bear cub it’s safer than the real thing – this is all about bringing nurturing animal play to life for kids ages 4 and up the only kindness that batteries are not included so make sure you have those handy so you don’t have to wait to play with cubby I give cubby four and a half stars for where to buy and current prices.

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