FurReal Cubby Reviews the Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy

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[VidSitePro id=30 ]hey guys it’s Mike and Holly are you ready to have the best day so we’ve got it says cubby the curious bear it’s a pro real friend we didn’t do that Hasbro for selling this free product to us thank you we did get a little hint in the mail beforehand a little honeycomb sippy cup so cute that basis I get excited because it’s coming there so I guess we’re gonna have to meet our bear and we’re just gonna have to have a tea party having it we’ve got tea I’m ready you’ve got biscuits so before we do our tea party we gotta see what he’s all about gotta see everything that he does so everything he does right now he is in the sitting position however it’s really cool to see him in the standing position and just see like how large he is on the back he is extremely soft like this is probably the softest like plush fur oh yeah because everything in there on the back is his on/off switch so you want to keep him turned off when you’re not playing with him just to conserve batteries and then there’s an on switch and in the middle there is a little moon that does like a sleep mode so he’ll go through three sleep phases and it lasts about 5 minutes each so you have an ambient forest sound we’ll show you all of this and also like a little lullaby so right now his hands his paws are over his eyes so I’m going to ahead and turn him on so his ears eyes nose and mouth and his arms move he’s gonna sing us a little song right out he’s got a spot on his tummy so you can take on this belly there you go he also has a button on his paw and he plays a peekaboo and covers his eyes Oh where’s cubby and he has a head of sensors in his head and on the sides and he just kind of like likes to have his head patted and rubbed and then also one thing that I really like is there’s a sensor in his nose and you can blow on it there it is for my kids okay and then we also have our sippy cup which also has honeycomb on the inside did you just gently press that into his mouth and he’ll eat it I can also do the same with the honeycomb filtered he really likes that honey the bottom of the honeycomb to beat comes off and I think this is meant to be like a little comb two brushes for her so you can brush him make us far look all nice okay so now let’s show you guys the the nighttime mode so you gonna get something that sounds like ocean like water kind of like a woodland sounds and he goes to this face now if you want to switch phases so if you want to go on to like the lullaby or the other sound you can press his paw this is the only activation mode that’s working right now so you’re not gonna tickle them you’re not going to make them play peekaboo or anything like that so press the spot twinkle twinkle little star you can press it again and it’ll go through the different sounds and emotions yeah I think one is maybe jungle salad yeah one’s good ones like a would sound ones like a rain forest type sound jungle found and then so cute another thing you can do when you are in that last speech each single last five minutes yes how about 15 minutes in total and then I go to sleep and you won’t make any more noise another thing you can do when you’re playing with him as you can lay him down and he quickly goes Lori’s like a little real kid that doesn’t want to go to sleep when you lay him down he’s gonna prove me wrong here Haley does the cuddle thing his nose Wiggles and his mouth opens a new snores okay so we are ready to have what as he party a tea party I think how many cups are here one two three but how many people are here I think we maybe have another guest that’s coming tea can I have the tea Thank You Chelsea some tea okay and then we’ve got our little container sugar if you’d like to that’s yours sugar in your tea guffy need some sweeten up your tea no honey for you Kubby you’ve got your honeycomb mmm we went with the minty tea and it’s Mindy and we’ve got our macaroons that is so good I’m gonna take a blue one oh you need some sugar mommy I’ll go for the green I got some sugar well he has a honey stick too and we actually got some honey sticks here too real honey sticks good time over there cubby okay so there is a look at our new buddy cubby I guess a cute Hasbro r7s to us thank you guys.

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