Furreal Cubby Makes Broken Arm Girl Happy

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[VidSitePro id=28 ]oh hi it’s really good to see you but had some bad news what isn’t feeling so good at the moment cuz she’s broken her arm if only we had something to cheer her up oh wow oh she loves these I think I’ll hide it somewhere for her right I better go and get rose just gonna be so excited see you later cause you’ve been so brave I’ve got a surprise for you go find it can you help me Mom come on then ah hey Julie get him out wow Cubby can do he can play peek-a-boo with you he reacts your voice can you say hello he responds when you feed him like that and you put him in nighttime mode okay you gonna feed him with the bottle or you can feed him some honey or you can eat them brushes awesome let’s put some in the blanket he’s very heavy this bear is something to feed him to bet on them.

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