First Review: 2020 Trek Roscoe 7 trail bicycle – Hardtail

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[VidSitePro id=111 ]hi I’m Lloyd from Bumstead bicycles that we just received the trek 2020 Roscoe seven it’s a hardtail bike front shocks and 27 plus tires in my years in the bike business talking to people about mountain bikes riding mountain bikes and selling mount bikes traction is everything I can’t tell you how many people have gone on a ride and come back and I need better tires and slip it on the climbs I’m sliding out going into turns get better tires better tires 27 plus you can tell much bigger tire it’s gonna solve that problem for me does a few things gives you better traction better stability but the tire companies are making a nice lightweight tire to do that even though this tire is bigger than what you’re running now it’s just as light and cross country riding as the tires you’re on now but with better traction Trek on their new bikes all internally routed cables so you’ve got a nice clean smooth sleek frame that way nothing to get clogged up if you’re putting your bike on a bike rack nothing to get clamped and get in the way it uses Schramm’s one by twelve system again tried-and-true wide range of gear simplicity of just a rear derailleur Shimano hydraulic brakes just a break all around if you mountain bike if you’re looking for a good quality hardtail also dropper post can’t beat it this bike just a good mid-level hardtail all the bells and whistles all the features you need to get out there go mountain biking Thanks

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