Electrek Review: RadRunner

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[VidSitePro id=129 ]hey everyone my kit here with electric and today I am reviewing the brand new rad runner from rad power bikes this electric bicycle was just unveiled today and like usual here at electric we try to get you guys the new e bikes in advance so we can thrash around on them for a while and let you know what we think i’ve spent a couple weeks so far on the rad runner and so far it has been an amazing electric bicycle this thing is part cargo bike part fat tire bike part moped part anything you want it to be and it’s just $1300 it is the most affordable ebike in rad power bikes lineup now let’s see why this bike is so awesome the red runner comes right out of the gate with great specs for the price we’re talking a nearly 700 watt hour battery rated for a range of between 25 to 45 miles or 40 to 72 kilometers of course that’s the range with pedal assist and you’ll get less range with using throttle only there’s also a top speed of 20 miles per hour or 32 kilometers per hour you’ve got disc brakes built-in lights etc etc etc this is a rad power bike so you get pretty much all of the nice features that you generally find on rad power bikes but what really makes the rad runner so special is what differentiates it from the rest of rads lineup now the part moped theme here is that it takes on something of a super 73 functionality yet at around half the price it’s got those nice fat tires which are actually the first custom tires Kenda has ever made for a specific brand it’s got the bench seat accessory and it’s got foot pegs though you do have to pay extra for that feature basically this turns it into a utility type cargo bike that’s great for hauling around everything from groceries to kids however unlike with a conventional long tail cargo bike the rad runner still has a short enough wheelbase to be easy to maneuver reach the end of the trail just turn in place and continue on your way you don’t have to make a 19-point turn just to do a 180 like you do on lots of longtail cargo bikes now to be fair the rad wagon which is rad power bikes main cargo bike isn’t that bad but it still feels like a much longer bike and so the maneuverability of the rad runner is pretty awesome in comparison these small 20-inch diameter wheels make it easy to change direction quickly and flick the bike around bends and turns now of course there are some compromises that have been made in the rad runner rad power bikes had to give a few concessions to reach that low base price of twelve hundred and ninety nine dollars for one check out that display it’s a bit primitive we’ll call it jokes aside the simple display gives you just battery charge state pedal assist level and light status if you’re the kind of person that absolutely needs to know whether you’re traveling at 17 miles an hour versus 18 miles an hour that might be a bit frustrating to you for me it’s pretty much all I need folks this is a twenty mile an hour a bike I don’t think anyone’s staring at their display trying to make sure they don’t break the speed limit next the rad runner is a single speed bike there’s no gears because this isn’t really meant to be a pedal optimized ebike of course you can pedal it that’s fine and there are four levels of pedal assist but just don’t expect to drop down into low gear for climbing hills you can just hit that throttle and power right through it like a moped instead there’s one other interesting thing here too you can drop that funny-looking seat down so that it goes flush with the bench and turns into one just really long bench though I didn’t really use that feature because it felt like the seat was a bit low for me like that you can also just sit further back on the bench I guess but again that felt a bit odd so I just kept the seat up at normal bike height and that was great for me but for short legged riders you’ll probably love the bench setup and long-legged riders can stick to the conventional style seat position there’s also no suspension here you’ll notice it’s a hardtail bike like most cargo bikes but there’s also no suspension fork either those big fat tires to help with absorbing the bumps and you can do a little bit of off-roading though if you’re doing some serious offroading you’ll feel the bumps that said again this bike is basically meant to be used like a moped and so you’ll be on the road most of the time and with these fat tires the bike just rides so smooth on the road that I don’t feel like I need a suspension fork without it rad was able to reduce the price even further and still give a good quality bike you don’t have to worry about some cheap suspension fork falling apart because the company tried to save a few bucks on it instead I’ll take a rigid fork all in all I’m really jazzed about the rad runner it’s got great features at a great price and even though it does make a few compromises they all seem like wise decisions to allow for a low base price yet still retain the good quality parts that you’d expect on any red power bike honestly it’s pretty hard for me to find anything to complain about here the one thing that has been annoying me from the beginning is just how strong the spring is on the double kickstand I love that kickstand because it’s so stable but it’s also pretty short meaning you really have to push hard to engage it and then when you rock forward it slams down like a ticked-off mousetrap it’s a bit aggressive for me but hey if that’s my biggest complaint then the rad runner must have done a lot of other things right for $1,299 the bike seems like a winner in my book thanks for watching everybody we hope you enjoyed that review the rad runner was just unveiled today so make sure you check it out over at rad power bikes if you enjoyed this review don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe either so you can check out all of electrics electric vehicle videos we’ll see you next time.

January 14, 2020
January 14, 2020

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