Did Cannondale just create the ultimate e-bike? We ride the Cannondale Synapse Neo 1

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[VidSitePro id=116 ]you’re a part of the environment not shielded from it you roll through the landscape at a pace that allows you to experience it not blasting through it in a cloud of smoke and noise at 65 miles per hour the bicycle is the magical machine that unlocks all of this assuming you’ve got the legs for it with the new synapse neo Cannondale wants to bring this experience to every rider everywhere regardless of legs and lungs the synapse neo is an e-bike using Bosh’s generation 3 active line plus crank based drive unit mated to a whopping 500 watt hour battery the synapse platform itself is ideal for the ebike treatment it’s geometry called OUTFRONT is designed to provide a stable and comfortable ride perfect for the rider looking to enjoy the journey not just race to the destination it also handles the added weight of the battery and motor incredibly well giving the bike a surprisingly nimble feel at the bars while allowing riders to venture off pavement if they desire combine all this with a generous tire clearance and the synapse neo is perhaps the most versatile a bike on the road or gravel today the bosch generation 3 active line plus provides five modes to ride in no assist eco-tour sport and turbo with turbo providing up to 250 watts of assistance the motors power comes on almost seamlessly even in turbo mode it never lurches or takes you off guard in eco and tour mode it’s easy to forget the assistance is there while turbo mode will have you climbing mountains like a pro as a class 1 e bike the Neos assistance cuts off beyond 20 miles per hour but have no fear the Bosch motor does not interfere with pedaling when there is no assistance the synapse neo can eat up the miles if your legs are ready for a quick pace on the flats the Cannondale synapse neo ones incredible versatility is complemented by an insightful build and smart features it’s the only Bosch generation 3 active line plus crank based motor with a to by drivetrain giving you the gearing to tackle any ride it’s pre-wired for lights has rack mounts and a removable fender bridge with disc brakes and room for up to forty seven millimeter tires with 650 B wheels the synapse neo can take on just about any adventure you can imagine whether that’s climbing a new mountain venturing farther from home than ever before or exploring foreign lands with friends the ideal partner is the bicycle and the Cannondale synapse neo with its power its comfort and its versatility is the ideal bicycle for more people than any other we’ve ever written.

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