DECKAS 94+96 BCD Bicycle Chainwheel 32T 34T 36T 38T MTB Bike Chainring Mountain Crown Round Oval For M4000 M4050 GX NX X1 Crank

Color: Round 32T black Round 34T black Round 32T red Round 34T red Round 36T black Round 38T black Round 38T red Oval 32T red Oval 34T black Round 36T red Oval 34T red Oval 32T black Oval 36T black Oval 36T red Oval 38T black Oval 38T red
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Chain Wheel
Model Number:
Mountain Bikes
Chainwheel Teeth:
Crank Length:
Fit Shimano:
Fit Sram:
NX/GX/X1 FAS k-force

Product Description

DECKAS 94+96 BCD bicycle chainwheel 32T 34T 36T 38T MTB bike Chainring mountain Crown Round Oval for M4000 M4050 GX NX X1 Crank

Material: Aluminum alloy 7075 CNC

Specifications: 32/34/36/38T
Color: red / black
BCD: 94+96 MM
Applicable scope: For SHIMANO ALIVIO M4000 M4050 and GX crank
Weight: about 80g
Shape:Round / OVAL
Origin: China
1 pc Round Chainwheel
PS:This product have no chain wheel nail

Expert Review

Review by: James A.
I have to acknowledge I’m a troublesome customer.

Having been taking an interest in the concept of virtual buying for very long time so far, I still can’t repel a compulsive feeling that the product I’ve legitimately got with my own fairly earned will be passed to me quite a few weeks after submitting the payment. Or it will be handed over in due time but the usage will fire up an unwanted rash on my skin. Or I will have to deal with an endless dreadful stench that stays on for weeks and accompanies me and my dearest ones any place we go. Or it will even crack in my hands making me confused, unnerved, and duped, which is peculiarly awful when the product was purchased with an intention to be used as a souvenir or stuff like that.

So I feel it’s not that confusing to figure it out how overwhelmingly lucky and contented I felt after the DECKAS 94+96 BCD Bicycle Chainwheel 32T 34T 36T 38T MTB Bike Chainring Mountain Crown Round Oval For M4000 M4050 GX NX X1 Crank I bought online was delivered to me some half a month after the payment transaction. It wasn’t damaged or defective or stuff like that, it was packed up in a nice manner, and summarizing the results of an exhaustive inspection it appears like the product is working perfectly, just as designed. It looks tremendous, it smells right, it feels well-made, so, generally speaking, the sum I paid didn’t go for nought.

Had it not been obtained as a souvenir, I would immediately find DECKAS 94+96 BCD Bicycle Chainwheel 32T 34T 36T 38T MTB Bike Chainring Mountain Crown Round Oval For M4000 M4050 GX NX X1 Crank a right use in my own apartment though I assume it makes just a terrific reason to orderan additional one eventually in in times to come.

And beyond doubt, it’s more than obligatory to admit that theselling price is quite rightful, and the purchase, generally speaking, represents best value for money. Thanks to the seller!
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To my overwhelming happiness, the product exceeded my big expectations and appeared to be a terrific thing to possess.

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Very good I liked I am satisfied with the product

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Of first

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Arrived all OK, very lightweight and excellent finish. Recommend

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Good quality, all super ....

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Product has a great quality, but the holes BCD not compatible

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Fast shipping. Quality is good.

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Great quality product.

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Good product only there was a mistake in shipping format

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Excellent product seller Top arrived before the expected great

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Arrived fast! New product, and great quality, recommend

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thanks and greetings from poland. Peter from WRC city.

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