Cubby the Curious Bear Tea Party from FurReal Review

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[VidSitePro id=36 ]hi everyone welcome TVs White house and take a look we got a huge surprise from Hasbro today it says cubby the curious bear from for real hashtag best day ever oh my gosh I wonder what is inside this looks so so big so there is a little pull tab here let’s go ahead and open it okay this is a really big box oh my gosh oh my gosh we got some tea in here some passion tea wild sweet orange and some refreshment and of course we cut our little bear this is cubby oh my gosh he is so soft he is so soft you guys and oh my gosh look at his feet oh wow this is super cool alright let’s go ahead and take him help oh my gosh she’s such a big bear oh and look there is more in this box oh wow oh we got a little box here we got a box of macaroons oh my goodness in here we got some plates oh these are like flower shape flakes it looks like there’s more under this rug oh wow we have a whole tea set and behind this table what we have oh my gosh look we have a little red hat with a feather on it and some honey sticks for tea alright everyone so we are all set up for tea time with cubby the bear and look he is wearing a cute little hat on top of his head let’s go ahead and turn him on oh my gosh oh he’s so cute hi oh he talks back hi what’s your name oh oh you growl oh my gosh this is such a cute bear I think he likes be petted oh let’s see a squeezes paw I love that his nose twitches he’s so cute let’s go ahead and feed him some honey oh my gosh he burped he has over a hundred plus sound and motion combinations oh my gosh you repress his tummy I love that he’s also poseable so he can move his arms up and down he’s articulated here in the shoulders in the elbows and also on the wrist oh my goodness okay let’s see we can move his legs back yep so he can kind of stand I think he’s singing okay oh my gosh look at him he is standing now super cool peekaboo [Applause] oh my gosh peekaboo I see ya so he has sensors here on the cheek and also on top of the head on a tummy and also on his left Paul cubby also has a very neat feature he has a night mode so here on the back you can see that he has a little switch he has an old moon on it you just switch it to that cubby will start his nighttime routine so yawns then he goes to bed with eyes closed and arms up and then he plants some jungle music for you to sleep too isn’t that nice alright everyone so what do you think of cubby the curious bear oh my gosh I think he is adorable I love his big green eyes and his fur is so so soft.

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