Cubby The Curious Bear DEMONSTRATION

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[VidSitePro id=29 ]with me I have Cubby the Curious Bear
from furreal oh it’s for ages four and older I gotta tell you I don’t know
who’s more excited about Cubby, the kiddos or me I’m usually very happy with
the furreal animals. Cubby has over 100 sound and motion combinations he plays
peekaboo he responds to being fed responds to your voice and he has a
nighttime mode for when y’all are ready for bed wow he’s a lot like our youngest
except she doesn’t have that nighttime mode darn he does require 4c batteries
those are LR 14 and they are not included now I’m going to power up Cubby
and demonstrate him for you cubby is now out of the packaging I’m going to
quickly go over the battery insertion it’s right here in the back there’s
velcro you’ll need a Philips s cross head screwdriver to install your
batteries when the velcro is on it is very well hidden compartment here is
your switch for powering him on the middle position is for nighttime mode
Cubby’s touch points are the top of his head his cheeks his tummy and his left
paw most of the action happens on the left paw now I’ll go ahead and
demonstrate he’s very lifelike with expressive eyes he loves to play games
and when you talk to him he will babble back you can also play music
he enjoys dancing let’s go ahead and give him his honeycomb can also turn it
into a bottle he seemed to like that also on the bottom of this accessory is
a little long hair see if he’s he does feel like he’s in a fun way very happy
peekaboo tummy will stand up you can’t unbend his legs you’ll hear a little
click and that’s okay and he does stand up nicely I’ll switch
it there are three different settings ambient noises press the pause for music it’s about time mugs do play for five
minutes and then cubby will shut off very nice but if we have him just wake
him up here if you’re playing with cubby and you want him to go to sleep Oh make sure he’s awake you can lie him
down come he will fall asleep he’s very sleepy now to wake him up you
would just press his left paw this has been cubby the curious bear from furreal

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