Cannondale Treadwell Bike 2020

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[VidSitePro id=109 ]Cannondale and then hit still today about our new treble platform this is a super stylish urban Fitness bike really comfortable loads of unique features on Matthew the rider you’re going to see real benefits of so start off if we specifically developed tire in conjunction with maxis it takes a lot of styling cues and inspiration from the dirt track bassist our bikes the motor bikes so you’ll see the tread pattern there here so the styling on the on the saddle and the high-rise handlebar real sort of motorbike aesthetic and nice big volume tires as well so comfortable that really fast rolling as well so if you going through town on the paths whatever it’s super capable we important lightweight aluminium foam so you know if you have to pick it up tight upstairs if you’re living in towns really easy to do so we also features in there but it’s bunk strip on the top tube so if you mean up against anything feels over it’s not going to damage your paperwork something that’s also unique to camembert is our new app and sensing that we are in these bikes and as you see it should mount on the hub there and then that does it provides you with real-time tracking of your performance data how far you’ve been how many calories you’ve burned they’ll even tell you just your co2 emissions that you’ve saved so a really neat feature there and three motives in the range and the top level one comes with a rack and mudguard so just offers a little bit more versatility there and also for 2020 we’re going to be doing an electronically assisted version so as you can see similar styling to it but with the benefits of our HUD assisted motor it really just provides you with a little bit of he’ll assist so you know if you go above or going under 16 miles an hour at the mayor will just give you a little boost to get you down there to where you need to go so really excited about these vendor bikes for model year 20 you can check them out in store online for more information.

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