Cannondale Topstone Carbon | First ride Impressions

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[VidSitePro id=106 ]hi guys David here and this is a brand new candle top stone carbon now if you remember a couple years ago the company launched an alloy top stone a modern gravel adventure bikes with clearance of wire ties disc brakes and all the mounts of accessories you want for gravel and bike packin adventures well this year they launched a carbon topstone which carries a lot of similarities from that alloy top stone but there are some key differences now this is the bike that company says it’s designed to provide this movers ride and the most capable ride where your brow racing mixed terrain riding bike packing adventure riding or just commuting there’s a really interesting stuff going on this bike because can though as you might know it’s a company is not afraid to innovate to do something a bit different from the rest of the industry and this bike is no exception let’s take a closer look and your eye firming drawn to back end of the bike which looks a bit different to anything else we’ve ever seen before so naturally the first place to start was any bike it’s at the back end because that’s where all the action and innovation occurred on a new bike and I think you probably tell it looks very different to the alloy topstone and very different to any other gravel avenger bike on the market Kandel has developed what it calls the kingpin suspension it comprises a specially shaped top tube seat tube and chain stays but most importantly of all a through axle pivot with two bearings connecting the seat stays to the seat tube this all provides up to 30 millimeters of seated compliance when you’re in the saddle which not over fries more comfort with dealing with rough roads and gravel tracks but also more traction and the rear wheel to Canda reckons it’s equivalent of going up a tire size by nine millimeters if you’re looking at their bearing singing oh my god that’s something extra to worry about to maintain the service they’re not in testing can do claims that these bearings last in excess of a year we regularly use their regular bearings cartridge bearings are sealed crushed bones like get on mounted bike full suspension bikes but the real test the ultimate test will be when I get my hands on the bike back in the UK and reap it’s through a long-term test they also say that this design of the back end with the bearings and the shape of the stage it’s also designed to ensure there’s no compromise in a stiffness of the frame but there’s a bottom bracket and the head tube which as you can see joined by a massive oversized down tube so when you’re sprinting out the saddle or powering up a steep climb there’s no flex run back in this back end not gonna wag at all especially at the bearings and just like the alloy top zone the bike is first tile and were equipped with mounting points for pretty much every accessory so you get three bottles we’re tuned the main frame and one on a down tube we’ve also got two mounted points on a down tube for a lower position for more aerodynamics you’ve got mud guard or fender mount to like come over here on the fork and wrist days and you also fit rack to the fork as well which is not something we see on a lot of gravel and veg bikes that’s nice to see also got two mounts on the top tubular well and it’s an internal seat clamp and all cable routing is internal as well and it’s also drop a post compatible the geometry pretty much the same as the Aero a top stone and it’s actually very similar to the synapse endurance bike there are a fire sizes compared to seven types of a synapse but their size if roughly comparable to a synapse so they’ve gone for that endurance road bike sort of geometry rather than anything more radical or man’s bias applied by the team from a few other brands [Music] Wow [Music] we’re riding gravel which is really one of the most favorite things that I like to do Ted has has been pretty good at doing it you may have seen him win dirty Kansa a couple times not winning dirty Kansa recently not the most recent times but coming out of the blank like this at a company that we both call home is something really special so as you’re riding it you know just know that there’s a lot of miles and kilometers in these bikes from a lot of people that also love growl three corners the way air will be on Greg Hill Road just recently graded which is like fresh cow so you could not be on a better bicycle for it and we’ll have some fun over there let’s be good stewards of bicycles everywhere and go ride bikes [Music] I got to ride the brand-new bike in Thurmont over in the US Vermont if you’ve never been before it’s a beautiful beautiful place lush green meadows dense woodland lakes and rivers one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to as we rolled out a taking this new house down his driveway onto some smooth roads I made it the first part of the route I felt right at home the fact it’s very similar to the synapse endurance bike means it not as upright nice short to some gravel and adventure bikes which are looking to man’s bikes for the inspiration and gives a nice aggressive fit when you’re on the road yeah it’s still comfortable enough they not too slammed and you can easily do long ride on this bike as we did today getting off the roads onto some sweet single track gave us a first chance to reseal with bike it’s all about and how capable it is both Road and weather Hanley was nice and stable and calm on the road it’s responsive and agile off-road the steering’s nice and light the toes in the cornice nice and quickly we also ride the bike on some spectacular dirt raised three four months wide dirt road wheelies fine dust roller coastering through the woods spectacular stuff and gave us a chance to release here the bikes all about and in particular the kingpin suspension it’s no doubt about it this bike provides a smoother ride than most bikes in the category got icy post in a lot of flexing which you can actually see between your legs which deals with smaller bumps pretty well but when you have a bigger impact there’s definitely a sense that a kingpin suspension is doing its job well trying more compliance that just the bigger tires can provide themselves as radical as a new topstone carbon is there are some really grounded details on it so you’ve got mounting points for all sorts of accessories from a third bottle cage to a front rack on the fork and even fender or mud go mounts that we know them here in UK also a mount on a top tube for a fuel cell well so it’s ideal if you’re going grand racing and you want the comfort and capability of the rear suspension like where’s that aggressive geometry both to a long distance rides over challenging terrain you can make use of the wide Typhoon’s fit some racks mud guards extra frame packs and the bike should be ideally suited to that sort of riding the type Harriet’s might seem conservative compared to some more progressive adventure gravel bikes especially compared to any open wide but my personal preference is for a 40 mil tire thereabouts so maxing out at 42 you probably why I’m at an entire every combination seems a fairly well judge move bike and though the in also fit the bike with 650b wheels if you go down that route a bit array plus alright action that’s it for a really quick first ride on a brand new candle top 10 carbon and about as much I can tell you based on a short ride on unfamiliar roads and trails in Vermont for the worldwide launch I can’t wait to get my hands on this bike back in the UK so I can really see what’s all about I really get under skin of a new kingpin suspension there’s a really interesting design a radical departure of what we’ve seen from all over gravel and Fincher bikes there’s definitely a question mark over the durability of the extra bearings but master bikes have had suspension bearings on pivots for a long time now and no issues reso it should be a reliable design but it’s something we need to test back in the UK through all the weather we have here but that’s it for now I’m showering back to UK thank you so much for watching got any questions at all put them in the comment section below .

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