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[VidSitePro id=108 ]nestled within cannibals road range between the arrow system six and the lightweight Super Six sits the sign-ups with an emphasis as much on rider comfort as there is on speed and performance the sign-ups has remained the backbone of Canon Dells endurance range since 2002 while cycling has changed and technology is very obviously moved on since then the original ethos and clever thinking behind the original signups has remained steadfast through various incarnations all the way up to this the very latest sign-ups high mod disc read eat up now obviously the sign apps range is quite extensive can you just give it a little bit of a breakdown yeah that’s right so there’s actually 18 models within the sign apps range this is one of those top three so it’s the high mods that makes the difference between them there are three and this is the middle version of those three bikes so the high mod is the carbon fiber that’s right so they all use the ballistic carbon fiber so this is Canon Dale’s proprietary sub layup of carbon but the high mod uses a lot more Ultra and high modulus carbon fibers which as we know are much lighter weight and you can get away with using much less material and less resin so therefore creating the same level of stiffness but in a much lighter package sure and you mentioned that there’s a lot of proprietary technology in a Canon Dells range and Kennedale have always been very good at creating things in-house so what in particular is going on with the sine apps that they’ve done themselves yes so they do they love their little innovations and little anachronisms and things and this is no different so the main technology really behind the signups is the save system so this stands for signups active vibration elimination so it’s all about creating a platform that helps to keep the rider as comfortable as possible but not just that to keep the bike rolling as quickly as possible as well sure and that’s done by an intelligent carbon layup I presume it’s slightly different it has key areas on the bike doesn’t it yeah that’s that’s it so it’s actually almost like it factor of different benefits so there’s three different ways that they actually do this or they produce this safe so the first way is in that as you said the lay up of the carbon so they use lays of carbon in different formations that is designed to actually effectively trap vibrations and almost like dissipate it before it can get to the rider the second way is actually about the way that the the fork and the rear stays work together so effectively creating almost like micro suspension so they Fork is so is a very brace of like a sort of clever layup of carbon on there first and foremost but then there’s a bit of shaping so it gives it a bit of like sort of added flex and then offset dropouts as well so you’ve got sort of as much flex as possible without sort of reducing the stiffness and the steering positivity and then the the rear end you’ve got the the very thin carbon chain stays so this is like a classic design for like almost like creating sort of like a flex area but Cannondale take it one step further with the the seat stays I’ve actually got like a helical shape so rather than being just like sort of flattened to give you a bit of like movement in this way they’re actually twisted as well so it’s almost effectively creating a spring so not only are they compliant in terms of like moving up and down but can also compress so effectively you’ve got a bit of movement there so you’ve got both ends almost being a little bit suspended without having any moving parts sure and I mean those are some super skinny seats though as well aren’t they so that’s probably going to happen in Flex anyway yeah in there but what you notice they’re incredibly thin from this direction but from the side they’re actually a lot sort of wider so you still have that stiffness so you don’t find that this although flopping about all over the place then the final part of this save trifecta as I said is the seat post so what we have here is a super skinny twenty five point four millimeter seat post this allows it as you can imagine to be very very compliant so there’s a lot of movement in that carbon and again helps to eliminate the vibrations they’ve also got away with the external seat clamp so they’ve kept everything internal and underneath which again gives you way more seat post so therefore you’ve got asthma compliance as you possibly can get that is true I’ve spent quite a lot of time on this bike and various sign APS’s in different videos and also just long-term testing and one of those things that’s always really impressed me is this fine balance that the bike has between endurance and performance and it does really feel very fast when you’re riding it but comfortable at the same time yeah it’s it those first thing that I was the same as soon as I sort of sat on that sign-ups and started pedaling you know you think first of all you’re on an endurance bike so it’s going to be sort of my source has certain preconceptions interests by it isn’t yeah a little bit vague but actually it it’s incredible it’s like you know sometimes you use those terms like magic carpet right but this is one of those bikes that I wrote and when my work this is very very very comfortable but it doesn’t feel like my effort is being wasted which is key absolutely yeah as I say you still have that sort of nice engaging sort of power transfer so as soon as you start pedaling you feel like you’re going somewhere in terms of its geometry how does it compare to something like the super 6 because that is cannon Devils benchmark bike it’s their performance racing bike and it it handle it’s one of the finest handlers on the market really so how much of that comes across to the sign apps or just a sign ups suffer from that kind of endurance bike it gets a bit the handling goes a bit soft and it’s just a bit less snappy yeah so it’s there are like sort of it’s very very there’s a lot of similarities between the two but when you do look at the geometry charts and look at the measurements there are obvious differences they’re the two probably most obvious things that have an impact on the way the bike rides is obviously to do with the classic endurance bike make the top and make the head tube as tall as possible and they’ve extended the chainstays a little bit as well so if we take those sort of as individual things obviously that’s all the head tube means that it is a more comfortable slightly more upright position which don’t get me wrong it is incredible like if you do a long distance ride that’s great you because you have that nice come in sort of position but I did notice that when you do ride the bike it does actually have a slight impact on the handling especially descending because you are that much taller trying to get your weight on the front wheel is more difficult than on something like a Super Six which we’d expect anyway and in a way it’s good to have that sort of slightly sort of more relaxed so of handling but I did feel there was times when I’ve tried to sort of drop this as much as possible because you’ve got that extra height in the head tube in the the spacer stack is quite sort of high anyway but what they’ve got is they’ve got this conical spacer with enormous spacer attached so it means you can’t drop it as much as you want so you don’t have that option so that I think that’s one thing that I think Cannondale really maybe need to look at is to sort of split this a little bit more so it gives riders the option to actually put that because that is quite high little bit of that yeah yeah top cap is high anyway yes out having the space or attached to it this is it you know between on this 56 centimeters a the the lowest you can get the stems effect to be a that’s 20 centimeters with that sort of like that that head tube and that spacer as well and obviously you know people will say well hang them it’s an endurance bike so you don’t want it to be as racy as possible but actually because you’ve got that height anyway dropping that stem isn’t actually that that are going to cause that many difficulties but it will have an impact on the handling I think for the better if you can do that the one thing I did sort of say which is different is the the chain stays and they are about five mil longer now doesn’t sound like much five mil doesn’t sound like a lot but it does mean that it’s super stable to send it by I love dropping down on this even though obviously as I said you’ve got that thing if you can get the balance right it just means at the end of a long day in the saddle you’ve got that stability so you don’t get that horrible sort of twitch that sometimes happens when you go into a corner and also it tightens up you know you hang on a second so you’ve got that and that that’s great I do like the fact that they’ve done that to this bike so how much does this model cost and what are you getting for that money so this particular model is as I said of the star sort of really sort of high up the range it’s like effectively second from top it’s six thousand four hundred and ninety nine pounds ninety-nine pence but for this you get that high modulus frame so you get that to the top quality frame and you’ve got a false Ram ready tap groupsets that’s the wireless group set and that was once the top of the range group set but it has now been superseded by ax s yes just do any of these folks come with an ax s no no I say the 2019 bikes surrounds the the new ax s was released after the release of these bikes so will expect to see probably next year’s version this is a 2020 version coming with that but this particular one has got the eleven speed version but she’s still a very good group set mmm I mean it’s a it’s a performance group set it’s brilliant if you have to take a little bit of time to get used to the the shifting but it’s it’s it’s very good yeah it is very good i I think I think it’s it’s not not the best I think that the new one has really sort likes of dealt with those sort of like few issues I do find the gear change can be a bit clunky sometimes on that especially at the back and if you compare that to the DI – I funded the r2 personally a little bit DHE faster what you do get as well is you’ve got sort of candles hologram carbon wheel sense so this is one of their own brand things so this is another thing that Kandel does really well is their own stuff is really top-notch and as you said like when you have the sister or the soup the system statistics those not 64 wheels the super absolutely superb nails and the same said with these that the hologram hey cheese these are obviously disc specific but there are 35 millimeter carbon clincher and what’s really good about them is they’re not super wise you still get a like a good level of compliance in there but it’s still a 19 mil internal width so it works incredibly well with these tires so it’s a 28 mile tire on there but I I think this bike would do really well even with the 25 mil there’s a great air volume in there and it does add something to the comfort but this times when you so go it could almost I it almost deserves to have like it on the second there I say it faster tyre well yeah I mean these vitória Corsa tyres are excellent they are super fast they roll incredible and they’re very supple but on a wide internal widths of rim anyway it’s chances are that these 20 April tries are actually probably measuring that wider than that yeah so if you were to spec a pair of 25 mil tires you’re probably going to be looking again 26 27 mil anyway exactly so it’s not like a lot of people always think that an endurance bike faster come with a 28 more tire and they do add comfort but if you do want to add that bit of speed you can add a slightly narrower tie expect it to still expand a little bit on the rim anyway this is it this is it so and that that’s again sort of testament to the style of bike the sign up says it is an endurance bike rider comfort is emphasized but he is still a very engaging super fast bike to ride and you know you could in the right circumstance is happily sort of get sort of your gold standards and Sporty’s easily but also you know you can turn up to a quick race or it a like a road race on something like that and people wouldn’t look at you oddly either now obviously you’ve been riding this so is there any as a standout parts of the spec that you feel deserve to be shouted about I think yeah because obviously can they all do a lot of their own parts and sometimes you know you can get like own brand parts you so go they’ve just chucked them on there to really sort of like to fill in the gaps but actually their handlebar is actually really good bar that’s probably one of the other sort of standout parts on them its carbon fiber carbon fibre which is at this sort of price you’d expect to see sort of carbon fibre and its spot on the sort of shape and actually it’s like a real decent level of sort of comfort and vibration dampening through that and I really really like liked being in that sort of handlebar position so that’s really good and probably the other standout part isn’t the kind of Dale part but the fabric scoop saddle i I just love this saddle it’s so comfortable and you know and it looks decent it looks like a nice racy saddle but soon as you sit on it you like this is good this is good so I was very very pleased to see that Canada will continue that like some relationship with this UK company and sort of speck in there on this particular model it’s the top like carbon-fiber rail one but this is super super so now do you have a weight for this bike because that’s quite Kyra’s endurance bikes because they’re traditionally seen as being a bit heavier than normal bikes but not off that’s not always the case anymore especially as these that performance orientated models yeah so this obviously as I said the 56 centimeter that I’m riding without pedals but in standard spec 6.9 2 kilos weighed that just before they’re super competitive really good that is really impressive yeah but then that is for the six and a half thousand pounds high mod version so it’s got the lightest frame and of the SRAM eat up which is a like groups and carbon wheels you can expect that weight to go up obviously the further down the range you get of course I mean that is impressive yeah yeah you don’t find that you’re sort of like having any added so likes of a weight or drag when you’re actually on the climb so it’s actually sort of pretty you know it’s it’s it’s a very very nice engaging bike to rides so that was my review of the sign ups hi mods discs ready tap version as six thousand four hundred ninety nine pounds and well if there’s any other bikes you’d like to see it review then please put it in the comment section below and don’t forget to Like and subscribe to keep up with our latest releases but until you then we’ll see you again.

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